A Magic Broadcast Channel That Will Help you Reach the World


Imagine being able to share your thoughts with anyone at any time.

From this broadcast channel, you can say whatever you want … no matter how unusual or unconventional, or even no matter how boring. In your channel, you make the rules.

Geography is no object. You can reach people in Kazakhstan or Kalamazoo with no greater effort on your part.

Language is no object—or at least, not an insurmountable one. (Most people who come to your channel will be comfortable with the English language. And of course, if English isn’t your first or only language, that’s great. You can broadcast in other languages from your channel, too.)

Imagine as well that people would actually listen. You wouldn’t be speaking into the void, but rather to people who care about what you have to say.

It might not be a lot of people at first, but that’s okay. Sharing for ten people isn’t much different than sharing for a million.

What could you do with this power? You could recruit allies. You could forge lasting friendships. You could take over the world. Or maybe not—but even if not, you could share your writing, thoughts, and ideas with anyone who was interested.

Oh, and what if there was essentially no cost—or at most a very low cost—for doing this?

All of this is, of course, now possible.

You can access this magic broadcast channel by starting a blog.


There are a few simple steps to access the portal:

1. Get a hosting account (here’s my recommendation, where you can save 56% and pay less than $5 a month)

2. Set up a very simple website (key point: keep it simple. There are many off-the-shelf WordPress themes that will work just fine in the beginning)

3. Create an About page (don’t skip this! be sure to tell people who you are)

4. Start writing (or podcasting, or uploading basic videos, or some other medium)


That’s pretty much it. It’s really okay to start where you are, with whatever you want to say, no matter how unpolished or imperfect it seems. Will everyone pay attention? Probably not. Will everyone care? Definitely not.

But some will pay attention, and some will care. And if even a few people connect with the words or ideas you share, then what you have to say matters.

Starting a blog can change your life and maybe even create a new career. Best of all, the barriers to entry have never been lower. If you don’t end up loving it, that’s fine too—you won’t lose much by trying.

We live in an incredible age. Put it to good use!


Images: John & A440

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