A Few Things In the Mix

The Waiting

“Before beginning, prepare carefully.”

Over the past year I’ve been rebranding and beginning many things anew.

We’ve done some decent work so far.

1. In March we launched an all-new event for independent entrepreneurs. The first iteration brought several hundred people together, who are all still learning from one another and launching new projects. (Afterwards, our team agreed to take a series of long naps before planning the next one.)

We’ve been posting one or two speaker videos from the event each week on my Vimeo page. Here’s Chris Brogan:

By the way, check out Chris’s new book—it’s as good as you’d expect, and it has the best title I’ve ever seen for a “business” book. Hint: it’s not really about business.

2. We produced several new Unconventional Guides—first on legal matters and then on freelance writing, then on building a creative business, and two weeks ago on personal finance. More are on the way.

3. A brand-new site for WDS launched last week—and I’m so proud of it.

The team, especially the guys from Jolby, our genius developer Nicky Hajal, and production manager Isaac Watson did a fantastic job of putting it together.

Shiny New WDS Site

Speaking of WDS, this year we’ll be welcoming a record number of people to Portland for the greatest adventure of all time, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Final ticket sales take place tomorrow, May 6th starting at 9am PST. All tickets are offered through Eventbrite on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yet there’s so much more to come! I feel like we’ve just barely scratched the surface.

For a long time I’ve been troubled by the fact that there are many, many amazing people who are part of this community in addition to doing other awesome things—yet we don’t do a good job of telling their stories.

Just as we’re actually making Unconventional Guides now instead of just saying that we should, I’m finally working on addressing this problem.

Tomorrow’s a good start, but there are so many good things beyond tomorrow.

The battle is between wanting things now now now and building for the future.

There’s more to come… now and always.


Image: Brett

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