Escape for a Life-Changing Weekend or Build Your Small Business: Two Upcoming Events

2014 Camp GLP Full Set 48

As mentioned a few days ago, WDS 2017 is sold out, but you can still register for Academies. These are half-day workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from productivity to wellness and everything in between.

We’ve noticed that Academies are one of the most popular parts of the WDS experience. You’ll learn new skills and make new friends. Oh, and if you’re traveling in just for Academies, you won’t be the only one—every year there are a lot of folks who make the trek.

–> Check out the lineup and join us in Portland next month!

Looking for Something Else? Here Are Two Great Options

If you wanted to attend the main-stage events at WDS and didn’t get a ticket, these other events are worth your consideration. (Or actually, they’re worth your consideration even if you’re already attending WDS.)

1. Come to Camp GLP with Jonathan Fields (I’ll be there too!)

Jonathan Fields is a longtime friend, a fact that’s probably reflected by his having more mentions on my blog than anyone else. A few years ago, Jonathan and his wife Stephanie started Camp GLP, an extension of the wildly popular Good Life Project (a podcast, community, and more).

Here’s how they describe it:

Camp GLP is about connecting, playing, lighting up on a deeper, more meaningful level. One that bypasses the normal superficial yadda yadda yadda and makes a beeline to the soul. Last year, we had everyone from CEOs to musicians who played Wembley Stadium, world-shaking entrepreneurs to soccer moms and local artisans. And you know what, nobody really knew or cared.

Because, in the end, we’re all connected by something bigger. We’re human, and we want to be seen, heard, held and supported just for that. Without it being about what we’ve done, accomplished or who we’ve impressed.

Camp GLP is held a short train ride from New York City. If you’re in the area, that makes it easy to attend—and if you’ll be traveling in like me, it’s a great opportunity to spend a couple days in the city before or after camp.

–> I’ll be at “Camp” this year and would love to see you there. Sign up and join me!


2. Head to Boise for Craft & Commerce, a new event focused on building your small business

Another good friend, Nathan Barry, spoke at the first Pioneer Nation event several years ago. (Oh, and come to think of it, we went to Norway together for the end of the world.)

I’ve been impressed blown away at how he’s built his business, ConvertKit. I use the service myself, as a paying customer, and last year moved more than 100,000 subscribers over from the company I previously used.

Here’s how Nathan describes the new event:

Barrett Brooks and I started Craft + Commerce because we wanted a place where people building great audience driven businesses could get more than just inspiration. The focus on tactics was one of my favorite things about Pioneer Nation, so we wanted to bring it to a new conference in the northwest.

On the other side, a lot of the tactical conferences focus so much on making money that they miss that we are hear first and foremost to serve our readers. So Craft and Commerce is the intersection of those ideas: honing your craft to deliver amazing value to your audience, but also learning the tactics to earn a solid living from your work.

I won’t be at this event, but I know you’re in good hands with Nathan & co. Oh, and I see that Seth Godin, one of my longtime inspirations, will be speaking. It’s definitely worth looking into!


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