2013 Annual Review: Reader Roundup

Reader Roundup

Hi, everyone—the 2013 Annual Review continues! All posts will be open for comments from readers.

In this post: links from several of our readers who are also undertaking their own reviews. Over at World Domination HQ I’ve come down with post-review bronchitis (yikes!), but not to fear—I’ll be back on Thursday with one final post in the series.

Note: this is the first batch of trackbacks we found in the blog archives for the initial review posts.

Are you still writing yours? Don’t worry, you’re not late! We’ll update this post with more additions next week.


  • Benny took his wife to Asia and Australia in First Class (all on miles!), became a Udemy instructor, and created more than 20 mobile and tablet games.
  • Lena called 2013 the Year of Change—she sold her house and moved into an RV. Coming up next year: the Year of Growth.
  • Budgets are Sexy managed to raise his net worth, declutter and grow a handlebar mustache this year. Yeah!
  • Skye Coleman didn’t requalify for his elite status with Hilton and Southwest (shock and awe!) but began a new job that includes employee ownership, and also started saving for retirement.
  • Belle shares her three big takeaways for 2013, including stretching her storytelling muscles.
  • Jon Swanson talks about unsquandered opportunities.
  • Jess Moran wants to get more comfortable in her own skin in 2014.
  • Joel shares his own plans for goal setting in 2014.
  • Lik launched his website, crossed the Atlantic to attend WDS, and reached out to his local community.
  • Scott discusses the challenges of honest self-reflection in the annual review process.
  • Robert had a challenging year: one in which he challenged himself, and one in which he was challenged.
  • Raul starts the annual review with the topic of love.
  • Living for Monday starts the review with a detailed post on site statistics.
  • Philippe Lazaro became more disciplined about writing, traveled to more places than ever before and made a big move.
  • Neil paid off a mortgage, swam across Seneca Lake and completed visiting every state in the lower 48.
  • Yael had her best year ever professionally.
  • Jarric bought and took over a business and made 2013 the best year ever.
  • Maria paid off all her debt and installed solar panels on her house.
  • Scott offers a detailed overview of how he uses the Annual Review to set personal and professional goals along with his brother, who is also his business partner.

Want to see your post in this list? Be sure to link back to one of the originals—our system will see it and we’ll add up another batch soon.


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2013 Annual Review: Travel Roundup
2013 Annual Review: Lessons In Independent Work

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Image: Kirsten Alana

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  • Carl says:

    My 2013 recap is up here:

    I love the idea of this!

  • Scott says:


    Thanks so much for including me on your reader round-up! Your journey has been a big inspiration to me and is one of the big reasons why I’ve been able to set out on my own adventure (and also why I’ve chosen to blog about it). Have a happy holiday and good luck in the coming year!


  • Benny says:

    Thank you Chris for adding mine. I never did an annual review before. Only started when I read you did one. Been fun and helpful.

    Get well soon!

  • Lucy Chen says:

    I’ve conducted my first annual review this time. 2013 is a year of discover and loss for me.

  • Jess Moran says:

    Oh, so THIS is where all my hits have been coming from. 😉

    Thanks Chris! Here’s to 2014!

    P.S I’m stoked to read how all your readers are rocking the universe in their own ways.

  • Elisa says:

    Got my 2013 Review post up with a few days to spare. I’m considering this a win.

  • Jennifer Bland says:

    Love reading what others have accomplished in 2013 in the Annual Roundup. It inspires me to make 2014 an incredible year. Based off your example I created my first Annual Roundup at

  • Aske Christiansen says:

    Great project. Inspired me to do one as well – actually I realized that 2013 was the best year of my life so far!

  • NicMaybe says:

    I agree, reading annual reviews from other bloggers is such an inspiration! For me, 2013 was a year of ups and downs, but in the end I came out stronger. Here’s the link to my annual review:

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