Video Update: Whole-Wheat Bread and 8 Olympic Gold Medals

Friends and readers, in celebration of the Phelpsian (this is a newly created adjective; Google returns 16,000+ results for it already) achievements that you and I are on track for, I thought it would be important to show how winning eight Olympic Gold medals in nine days is still not enough to please everyone.

Check it out in the three-minute video below.

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If you can’t see it for some reason, try using this direct link from Google Video.


The last time I posted a video update, I got good reviews from everyone who was able to view it, but naturally some readers with slow connections were not able to do so. There’s really no easy way to fix that.

The reason I make videos is because it’s a different medium than writing, and different people like to consume different forms of media. Think about podcasts, books, magazines, blogs, etc. If you can use one more than one form of media in your army-building, so much the better.

With the help of Ken the professional videographer, I’ve recorded one more update like this that should go up in a couple weeks. After that, we’ll make more based on how you all like them.

Oh, and speaking of Michael Phelps, have you all heard the news about how he has been returned to his tank at Sea World?


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  • Betsy says:

    Hey Chris, I’ve been reading you for quite a while, and appreciate your efforts to provide good content and live your dreams.

    This message came along today at the exact moment I needed it: after a potential vendor (not existing, mind you) suggested we modify our business model, one that has been successful internationally for 10+ years, to fit their needs. While I might applaud the chutzpah behind the idea, and no doubt they’ll continue to look for someone who’ll give them what they think they want, we declined.

  • Chris Nakafevo says:


  • Nathan says:


    Great take on that Phelps issue. I’d never thought of that reading the story, but you are absolutely right. People like us trying to take the world by storm meet more resistance than we realize and it is important to stay strong and confident.

    Also, I think you did a great job on the video. Very professional style; I hope you keep doing them.

  • Elliot Webb says:

    People will always have something to say regardless of if they’re an expert or not, sometimes you just have to take it with a pinch of salt, or as in the Phelps case, they should ask the people with the negative comments just how many Olympic golds they have won?

    My problem is when you’re at a younger and more influential age, this is the time when negative comments can really change your thoughts about certain issues. There must have been a time when Michael himself was asked, “Why bother with swimming, it wont get you anywhere”, but probably a strong will, passion, and that mother of his kept him going, and just as well it did.

  • Morgan says:

    I think you’ve got a really great platform here, and utilizing different formats to convey information (pictures, videos, essays, etc) is effective in getting the finer details of your manifesto across. I really admire the positive way you respond to the world as well as your own place in it. The “water off a duck’s back” approach to feedback is a great addition to your repertoire.

  • Shayna Walker says:

    What great insights and a terrific medium. I needed both reminders today.

    One true measure of success is how much criticism and negativity people target you with, and it’s important to reframe your thoughts and take it as the compliment that (in a twisted way) it really is.

    It’s also important not to act the same way towards successful competitors (something I remind myself about frequently). The natural inclination is to see their success as diminishing from your own, when in fact they are doing something right. Their gold medals should be incentive for you to train harder or keep doing what you’ve been doing so well.

    Thanks for the inspiration to make it through a tough day, Chris.

  • Chris says:

    Thanks, guys! I’m really glad you enjoyed the video.

  • Metroknow says:

    Thanks for the video Chris – I really do enjoy the format. And great subject matter as well. As my wife and I watched his races, I must have said several times how it is difficult for me to swim a couple of laps _period_ much less with such speed and precision. I had not considered that there may be a residual benefit from watching – that of inspiring me to work toward speed and precision in my world-changing efforts.

    Thanks again for connecting the dots. We’re listening!

  • Saravanan says:

    What you spoke is the truth. There are millions of guys sitting somewhere and thinking they know everything. They might know something, but still it is not of any use to other fellow human beings who are competing in their own contests.

    The video is great.

    I look forward to more video posts.

  • Nomadic Matt says:

    great video. TV is addicting and it’s bad like crack…don’t know if it is worse though. I do advocate people watch Lost…NOW THAT IS AS ADDICTING AS HEROIN!!

  • Al Brown says:

    Don’t know the exact context of the remarks you’re referring to, but could the criticism of Michael Phelps’ diet have more to do with the long-term health effects of the diet than how good the diet is for performance?

  • Michal Mitrega says:

    The same is true for everyone.
    You shouldn’t let other people telling you what you should do, primarily if they didn’t do the same thing you want to do.

    BTW there a way lot of medals for swimmers at Olympics.

  • Ashwin says:

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  • James Willey says:

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