Where Airplanes Go to Die: High-Res Photos Show An Airline Graveyard in the Mohave Desert

Photographers Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer went to a desert in the American Southwest and found an airline graveyard.

They call their project Decommissioned, and it features images of many of the planes long after their useful life.

Looking at the photos (see larger file sizes on their site), I feel a range of emotions: awe at the miracle of flight, wistful at the decline of these rugged aircraft, and—I’ll admit—a slight concern in wondering if there’s enough room in the desert for all the dying airplanes of the world.

How do these images make you feel?

Decommissioned2 Decommissioned1 Decommissioned3 Decommissioned4 Decommissioned5 Decommissioned6 Decommissioned7 Decommissioned8 Decommissioned9 Decommissioned10 Decommissioned11 Decommissioned12

Hat Tip: This Isn’t Happiness


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