What Happened at the World Domination Summit


I’ve been having a hard time writing up my experience at the second-annual World Domination Summit last weekend.

I feel exhausted, but mostly in a good way. Our team did a fantastic job, with more than 80 volunteers working together to put on an epic weekend adventure, complete with block parties, dunk tanks, keynote sessions, dozens of workshops and presentations, and … so much more.

I’ll be going away for a few days to reflect more on the experience, but I don’t want to keep you waiting on a recap—so I’ll send you to a few of the 100+ reviews and writeups that have been published by others in the past few days.

I’m presenting these writeups in no particular order. There are also many others you can read by searching for “world domination summit 2012” in Google or “#WDS” on Twitter.

Several hundred photos of the weekend are also online, courtesy of our great media team Armosa Studios.

In short, world domination was indeed achieved! More news next week.


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