“The only reason to be in business is to be great.”

A conversation with David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker.

Interviewer: The role of an editor is much broader today. Is there anything you feel uncomfortable doing, or is there anything you’re doing that you hadn’t expected to enjoy?

D.R.: I enjoy all of it to one degree or another. There are days when you might enjoy it a little less, due to one crisis or another. It is absolutely vital, to me, in a period of technological evolution and sometimes financial stress that I and my colleagues not only put out a fantastic magazine and Web site and all the rest, but also that we are smart enough about what we are doing in all ways and lucky enough so that X years from now, when I’m a physical wreck and it’s time to hand this ship off to another person and staff, that it’s in healthy shape. I don’t just mean financial shape. I also mean that, ethically and morally, it’s what we want it to be.

The only reason to be in business is to be great. That’s it.

Link: Media People


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