In an interview, Warren Buffett was asked what superpower he would like to be granted. His response: “I’d like to have the ability to read faster.”

I loved this answer, but when I shared it on Twitter, a few people said something like, “That’s dumb. If you read faster, you won’t retain the information.”

Ah yes, but it’s not about speedreading per se—since he’s a fairly smart guy, I’m pretty sure that Mr. Buffett understands the concept that we don’t retain everything we read. It’s not usually nice to assume, but in this case it’s a safe assumption that he’s talking about actually learning faster—the ability to consume and apply more information in a shorter period of time.

Here’s my response to the same question. If I could have any superpower in the world, of course I’d choose the ability to fly. Wouldn’t everyone?

A close second to flying would be the ability to become invisible at will. I’m not the only one who fantasizes about those superpowers, right? Both of them would have no shortage of fun applications.

But if I can’t fly or be invisible at will, I’d like to have this superpower:

The ability to always know exactly what to do next.

Harnessing this superpower would be of immeasurable value. I would be unstoppable. Instead, I sit at my computer for hours and think, “What’s next, right now? What’s most important at this moment?”

Sometimes—no, often—I get stuck. I have plenty of ideas, but I’m not sure what to do right now. Exercise or taking walks can help. Coffee helps. But I spend a lot of time staring at the screen, going from brick to brick, back and forth on things that are only somewhat related to what I really need to do.

When I do find the next step, I feel like I’ve stepped into a phone booth and emerged in a cape. I can fly! I can proceed with absolutely certainty. I’ve become unstoppable. And if you had this power, you would be unstoppable too.

When building a legacy project, or a business, or planning anything, the ability to have complete clarity about the next building block (not necessarily the whole plan, just the next step) would be a true superpower. Alas, like learning to fly or become invisible, this ability is elusive. That’s why you must periodically withdraw and ask yourself, over and over:

What’s the next step?

It doesn’t come naturally to most of us (that’s why it’s a superpower), but if you respect the process, you may find yourself endowed with this ability more often.

Then, fly!


Image: Dashu

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  • Ashley says:

    Yes to everything you are saying. i feel the very same way about the “next step”. if the inspiration and movement is not organic sometimes i feel quite stuck, or as if i am forcing creativity and progress out of me (sometimes that’s probably not so bad).

    thanks for continuing to speak the truth and be an inspiration for the rest of the world to follow their dreams

  • Mark says:

    “The ability to always know exactly what to do next.”

    Pretty sure my mother thought she had this power to use on my behalf.

  • Matt says:

    My first choice would be to be able to learn faster. Too fast would probably overload the human brain.

    Otherwise, control of localized gravitational fields would let me fly, bend light around myself (become invisible), stop bullets, and move objects around.

  • Brett Kelly says:

    In my experience, the best way to give yourself clarity about the next step is to have as clear a picture as possible of what success looks like. If I’m sitting at my desk and I decide that I want to be generally happier, deciding how to get there would be a great deal more difficult than if I had decided that I want to spend an additional hour per day with my kids.

    Also, the next step should be as small and straightforward as possible (again, in my opinion/experience)

  • Allan says:

    Lately I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, not that I actually think I’ll ever get one, but sometimes I’m bored and my mind wanders. There are so many to choose from: to be able to fly (without the help of mechanical contraptions)…now there’s a good one. I could get from point A to point B without taking public transportation, avoid all the traffic, just go for a spin when I feel like being somewhere else, fly on over to visit a few overseas friends. Yes flying would be nice.
    How about the ability to read minds? Dangerous. I’m not sure I want to know what’s on the minds of most of the people I know. If I could read someone’s mind, would I make different choices? If I could have read minds, would I be able to read my own more easily?

  • Dane Homenick says:

    Yeah flying and invisibility would take the cake but you’re right… What’s next is a tricky bugger.

    I’ve been studying Pareto’s Law and it’s fascinating how making the right decision here can either just have us continuing to spin our tires or really take off.

    So if 80% of our results come from 20% of the work, then a good question to tack on would be, “what task next is going to account for max results?” – whether or not it is something you want to do or not.

    Always good posts mang keep em coming!

  • Emily says:

    I would want the ability to not need sleep and not get tired. Imagine how much you could learn and do and earn!

  • Tim says:

    I feel like you took the thoughts out of mind right in this moment in this blog post.

    I have a rough idea of the ‘end’ I want, so why can’t I just quickly get the stuff done, right now, in order to get to the ‘end’?

  • meg says:

    I’ve always wished for the ability to pause time.

  • Austin L. Church says:

    I would love to fly. I’d also love to focus on exactly one thing at a time. Cross it off the list. And move on to the next item. Forget multi-tasking. I’m less worried about knowing what to do next because even my mistakes help me get where I need to go. I want super-singlemindedness.

  • Phranc Lamm says:

    Excellent post, there are always too many options. Knowing exactly what to do next would save a lot of wasted time. A lot of times when I can’t make up my mind I just do SOMETHING just to get started, I usually figure I can come back and fix it later if it wasn’t the right thing to do, at least I’m moving in some direction. More often than not it doesn’t hurt anything…

  • Matt Gartland says:

    Flying of *course* is #1 🙂

    Beyond that, I would choose the ability of omnipotent healing – not just of flesh wounds but emotional scars and psychological damage.

    The world is rife with much hurt. And many amazing people live half-lives unfortunately due to the terrible situations they have unwittingly found themselves in.

    The world would be a better place, and we would be better individuals, if we could heal the damage we’ve done to each other.

    Just imagine the possibilities if you had omnipotent healing…

  • Debra Russell says:

    Isn’t the essence of this superpower the same as being a brilliant time management guru? That’s what I want as a superpower. I’ve been working on a goal: I manage my life like walking the labyrinth. A big piece of the labyrinth experience for me is that the path is so clear. Just one foot in front of the other. That’s all I need to do.

  • Kathryn Hall Allahyari says:

    But consider the BEST superpower of all: the ability to converse fluently in any/every language! I may not get there as fast, but when I do arrive, I will be able to understand, learn and discuss whatever.

  • Kyle McHattie says:

    I would choose teleportation. Even better and faster travel than flying. And if I want to fly, I teleport up a few thousand feet 🙂

    And actually, studies have shown that reading faster actually increases retention and focus. So I choose reading faster as my number 2 (cause everybody gets 2 super powers, right? 🙂

  • Denny Henderson says:

    People mainly get stuck for 2 reasons. One, there is not a clear picture for where they want to go or want to produce (Reminds me of Cheshire cat’s advice from Alice in Wonderland, ‘If you don’t care where you are going, it doesn’t matter which way you go’) or two, they are waiting for more information before making a decision. Creating a clear outcome or destination along with milestones to be produced along the way will help avoid getting stuck for the first reason. Having the courage to make decisions without all of the information will help avoid getting stuck for long with the second reason. That all said, knowing what to do next would be great, just need to figure out the solution to all the times where I knew what to do but didn’t do it.

  • Shanna Mann says:

    What I’d like is the ability to see to the heart of the situation. Something about really “seeing” tends to cut through a lot of bullshit.

    But if there was like, a ‘universal sovereignty’ violation in that superpower, I’d like the ability to fast forward after the initial implementation to see the results. I get really bored when I’m waiting for results. Especially when tweaking is counter-productive.

  • amanda says:

    Someone asked me the other day if I’d rather have the power of The Force or be able to teleport. I said teleporting hands-down…I’m a woman, I already harness The Force.

    I understand wanting to always know what step to take next, but I’m not sure I’d actually want that power. If you’re sure to know what to do to succeed, where is the risk? The fun? I just can’t imagine having the same satisfaction where I ended up if I was completely sure I wouldn’t fail. And then how often would you experience happy accidents?

  • Nicola says:

    The process is the thing – living, trying, failing, succeeding, whatever that means to you. You know when it happens.

    I don’t want to know what comes next ahead of what comes next. Where’s the fun in that? The fun – and the agony – is in finding out as you go along.

    Damn. I think I’ve done myself out of having a super power, which is in other words, a way to cheat the process.

  • Jed says:

    Interesting – but to what end would your ability to ‘know what to do next’ be operating?

    I think you intend to mean that the ‘knowing what to do next’ is aligned with your overall life goals, what you’re currently producing, what your mission is.

    However – how would it differentiate between your short-term and long-term goals? What if it formed a completely different plan for how you’ll get to your long-term goals but that didn’t jive with your short-term? I question if we ever truly know that we’re in line to meet our long term goals because humans are so short-sighted.

  • Sue Alexander says:

    I’d love to be able to fly through the air AND fly underwater… my favorite superpower magical dreams.

    But I also love what Matt wrote ~ the ability of omnipotent healing ~ that would be amazing.

  • Regina Marie says:

    Yeah, I can totally agree about flying being #1 on my list… though #2 would be time travel (I’m a total Dr Who junky, and would love to be able to zip around in time and space)… and #3 invisibility…

    And being able to know what to do next… that would be amazing. It’s something that I’ve been working on for a while…

  • Sketchee says:

    That’s a good answer. The redhead from Glee had that power on Heroes. I wouldn’t choose it, myself, though. I think some variation on social engineering as a power would be more useful. What good is great ideas if no one appreciates them

  • Andrew Shepp says:

    I’m sure he meant “to read more”. And he’s getting a little old, so faster wouldn’t hurt.

    There is a school of psychology that claims they can know everything about you that they need to know when you answer the question:

    “Able to fly or able to be invisible” ?

  • jon says:

    Would’nt being able to teleport be better then flying !

  • Chea says:

    The ability to know what to do next! YES!! 😉 But it would be important to be able to turn that ability off at times. Some of the best experiences come from not knowing what to do and just taking a stab at something or going with the flow… or doing nothing (which of course, is doing something) Hmmm… Perhaps all of these things ARE about knowing what to do next.

    I’d like to have the super power of healing. Especially of animals. Just, put the energy out there and POOF! All well, no pain, no suffering, no disease. Or maybe the super power of waving my hands and PAFF!! Instant JOY! Now that would be so much fun, don’t you think?

  • Peter Paluska says:

    I think I would want the superpower of having a feeling of happiness and peace with whatever choice I make.

    Thanks for the provocative writing, Chris!


  • Regis Chapman says:

    Reading Chris’ super-power idea made me think. As a spiritual person who lived in an ashram for several years, I read Chris’ idea a little differently than maybe some others would, but for me my answer is implied in his.

    I would like to be Self-realized. To my understanding, this dissolves the barrier between myself and other people and everything else also. In Sanskrit, it’s Sat (that which does not change in the 3 periods of time), Chit (Knowledge), and Ananda (Bliss). Where the knowledge, knower and known become one.

    In this way, I would always act (or not) appropriately given the circumstances, with a greater understanding of the context of my actions. In other words, to live dharmically.

    What is more is that I know it’s possible to realize this in my waking existence at any moment- superpower or not.

  • Sarah Russell says:

    “The ability to always know exactly what to do next.”

    I’m sorry – but wouldn’t that get pretty boring? Half of the fun of running your own business is experimenting with new ideas – trying and failing and then fixing. Many of my best moments in business have come from blindly leaping forward into things I didn’t think I was capable of (and certainly didn’t know how to do!).

    But then again, if I could have any superpower, it’d be the ability to wake up with perfectly styled hair every morning, so to each his or her own… 🙂

  • Judi Knight says:

    Knowing what to do next? That would be a great super power to have. I have to really watch myself that I don’t fill the time with what needs to be done for everyone else. I have started to carve out at least one day a week where I work on my business. This time is what catapults my business forward though it is the hardest to protect.

  • Joshua says:

    I seek the power to see: To look at someone and understand the world through their eyes. To comprehend circumstances and problems and know how to respond. To see myself.

    But flying would be nice too…

  • Unka Dave says:

    Douglas Adams is one of my favorite authors (the six books of the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy) and he talked about flying… all you have to do is throw yourself at the ground and miss. That’s stuck with me. He felt that the proper distraction at just the right moment was critical to the process. I’m often distracted.

  • Antonet says:

    I’ve always wanted to be able to read people’s minds.

  • Todd Herman says:

    Sorry folks but by far the best superpower is “ability to tele-port”. It kicks flying’s butt.

    Go ahead, fly to wherever you want to go. I’ll just tele-port. And when I do want to get into the sky, I’ll just tele-port there.

    Or, tele-port into the ocean and ride a great white shark…run out of air… tele-port to the beach in fiji.

    Ahhhh… the freedom. 🙂

  • jermaine lane says:

    If I could choose a superpower, I would be bathed in gamma rays and become the Incredible Hulk and smash evil. Then in my human form I can help people and travel from place to place with my brown bag while the piano plays in the background…

    I like what you said, knowing what to do next. Not only would that be useful personally in our quest for non-conformity, but it could help people also. If there is an emergency, I know what to do next. If someone is going through a hard time, I know what to do next. Thank you for the insight.

    ps. Nice picture of Avalanche when he was in Freedom Force. Viva la comics!

  • Hannah says:

    Tim said it for me, and, I would like to know what the inside of Chris’s mind looks like. He has the most interesting thoughts.

  • Patricia says:

    Even though at this precise moment I would really, really need the one you chose, I always said and my pick goes to the ability to fly through space and time in a split of a second.

    And time and several events have made me want it each day even more!

  • Cindy says:

    Not knowing what to do next is, for me, an indicator of fatigue or anxiety.
    Fatigue – not necessarily the drop dead in my tracks fatigue. Sometimes it’s mini-bouts of weariness because I’ve just come down from one of those creative/productive superflights and need recovery time (walk, lunch, billpaying, fun reading or other non-demanding activities) to wind down and re-wind in order to perceive what’s next. This teaches me to working by cadence instead of drive. Sailing, rather than speedboating.
    Anxiety – sometimes so subtle I fail to recognize it, anxiety shows up when I’m uncertain of the outcome that “what next” may produce. For this I need calm and confidence. Helping a another with their “what next” can put me back in touch with my core competencies. Patience to let what’s next unfold and present itself to me, rather than chasing it is another way to move from anxious to creative thinking.

  • Andrew Ferguson says:

    Agree. “What’s Next?” is the core question, and I reckon one of the best ways to get clear is to express your provisional answers in a small focused group. You get insights from each other as you each attempt to answer the question … and more often than not the best answers arrive on the train home. I’ve put together a structure for this (I call it ), which all of you are free to use (it’s a free franchise, so if you’re not in London UK, you can still gather a few mates and try it out).
    Short term steps should always lead to longer-term intentions; and if you prefer serendipity, a clear focus INCREASES the chances!! … or so I find. Great site!

  • Sheila the Wonderbink says:

    My sister once expressed the wish for the superpower to slap people through the Internet for being stupid.

    As for the superpower to figure out what to do next, I’m relieved to think of it as a superpower (and a potentially cultivatible one at that) instead of beating myself up for not having that naturally. I suppose in the same way that we have airplanes, there are ‘devices’ that can give us that superpower if we know how to use them.

  • Pierpaolo Frigerio says:

    Psychokinesis would be my first choice.

    Teleportation would be a close second…

    Not to be too technical here, but Invisibility would be a bad thing because you would essentially be blind. We see by light hitting our retina but if light passes through it…blindness…Of course clouding peoples minds to make you appear invisible (a la “The Shadow”) would also be kinda cool… 🙂

  • wilson usman says:

    I don’t if you know this Chris but you do have a superpower, and you might not know it.

    “writing posts at the right time” man it’s like you read my mind. I wasn’t feeling the flow this morning and I just could not focus on putting a post together.

    But anyway, I like the idea of superpowers and all, but life wouldn’t be life if we we what to do next or know everything. Life would be easy. Life would not be life.

  • Jihan says:

    Hi Chris,
    I just thought I would drop by and leave a small thought saying how happy I am to have stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago when I saw your blog on Kurdistan. After viewing your page and seeing how much I could relate I decided to follow your blogs via email. Each email I have recieved thus far has been very inspirational. You have been consistent in the way you carry your thoughts out about the world – which is what I like most – no matter the circumstance. Keep at it! -Jihan

  • Paul says:

    What about the power to convince anyone of anything?

    That’s some serious power. It’s not what you know, but who. Take that to the next level, and you have supreme control. No need to teleport, to know what to do next, to read faster. The whole world is yours.

    Don’t know something, convince someone else to teach you everything they know. Need to get to Paris? Convince the TSA to let you through checkpoint, gate agent to let you on the jet way, the flight attendant to let you sit in a jump seat… voila!

  • Gwyn says:

    I have to go with Chris. As a nonstop generator of ideas I’d like the power of knowing what is next. I also agree with Sheila this may be something I can cultivate! So beyond that would be the power fix anything with a gumwrapper and some rubber bands ala MacGuyver.

  • Claudia says:

    LOVED this post Chris!

    Flying for sure is also #1 on my list and time travel a close second.

    But ‘knowing what to do next’ is surely a somewhat/almost/deceivingly reachable superpower that would serve one immensely in all situations.

    I like it!

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas says:

    I’d choose teleportation too, like Kyle.

    I’ve got family in Australia, United States and the UK, so it would be fab to just teleport there, see them and come straight home.

    It would be handy to travel between client meetings too!

  • Itai says:

    Nice super power! I always thought I wanted teleportation as my superpower and I still do….

    I like your idea a lot though, I’d slightly alter it:
    “The power to know what can I do that would have the most positive impact on my life goals right now”

    Personally, I feel life is an endless deluge of things that demand to be done. Without really knowing what’s truly important and which of those will lead me to happiness and life-goals, I still feel lost.

  • Living the Balanced Life says:

    It would be so very helpful to know which thing to do next. The thing that would have the most impact, that would make the biggest difference immediately, the thing we may be able to complete right away. Yes, knowing those things would clear the mind for dreaming up new dreams!
    Great thoughts Chris!

  • Alanna St Laurent says:

    This is a timely discussion for me about next steps and knowing which direction to go. I get easily overwhelmed with the amount of choices I have and not knowing which is the “right” one. If I could have a power, it would be to stay young genetically and be able to live for 500 years! Then I would have enough time to do it ALL.

  • Tia says:

    My superpower would be the ability to speak and understand any language I come across. That seems to be of key importance to me at the moment. 🙂

  • romina puno says:

    people say that they do not want to know what will happen next because it prevents them from living.

    i disagree. i’d like to have that superpower as well. knowing what to do next makes me an efficient person. it would mean helping more than the usual and learning more from others. : )

  • Peter Mis says:


    As I mature (sounds better than getting older), I have discovered that there is a process and that sometimes it’s best if I don’t get in it’s way. When I get stuck sometimes I try to force the process, and I usually just end up straining something instead of getting the answer I am seeking. I trust in the flow, even if that means shutting myself down and getting out of the way for a bit.

    Thanks again for sharing your gift!


  • Mark says:

    I want the ability to do whatever I fear the most.

  • Sue says:

    Being able to teleport would save a lot of time–and money, depending on where one wanted to go. How about leaping over or vaporizing walls of writer’s block in a single glance?

    Here’s another idea for a superpower. Since most superheroes have some version of kryptonite that knocks them out, how about the ability to detect and neutralize the kryptonite before it neutralizes the superhero?

  • Maya says:

    1. reading others’ mind. (I always wonder what Bush was thinking when he heard the 9/11 news)
    2. I don’t usually meditate. I don’t know how to. Few months ago I did a little OM and after a while I heard a cry from the animals, the mountains. There were no space left for the animals. We eat them, we use their skin, we claim world as ours. superpower for the animals
    3. I like JED’s long term-short term goal contrast. I wish all my short-term goals matched my long-term life goals. I’m a mother of 2 and most of my tims is consumed for cleaning, cooking etc.
    4. ability to read faster. I read at turtle’s pace. I wish I could change that
    5. I like Matt’s healing power of psychology and body.
    6. Denny Henderson’s “clear picture of where you want to be”. I don’t want to be in my current situation. But I can’t visualize where I want to be.
    7. Flying would definitely cut the crap of all the oil wars and the hassle of paying gas companies for natural resources.
    8. time-travel

  • Aaron G Myers says:

    Leo Tolstoy’s short story “Three Questions” speaks to the desire to always know what to do.

    My superpower of choice: The ability to run super fast.

  • Diane says:

    I have always wanted to soar like the birds, swallows come to mind right now. I’d also like to be able to get more time, not necessarily go back in time, just make more, or stretch the time I have.

    What’s the next step is THE question for me, too. I agree with so many who say knowing where I want to go can help define that next step, and I will break them down into baby-steps. But first! Where do I want to be? Yup, that’s the one question.

  • GutsyWriter says:

    As I mentioned in my ReTweet, knowing what to do next is a great superpower, but not knowing is what expands our mind.

  • Julie Daley says:

    to be completely present and receptive to every situation that life presents, with an open heart and a genuine appreciation for the mystery at the center of everything.

  • Vincent says:

    It seems like they’re wrong. Speed reading doesn’t mean that we can’t retain information longer. In fact, it can help us to retain information longer while taking it in faster.


  • Wyman says:

    This is why a goal with no written plan (step-by-step) is only a wish. I didn’t have time to read all the comments first so I hope I didn’t copy someone elses thought.

  • NomadicJansen says:

    I would like to be able to understand, speak and write any language. Combined with my travel hacking skills this should be pretty useful. I know that language is a natural skill that could be acquired over time, but it would be SUPER if it is happened while I’m busy dominating the rest of my life.

  • Alex Blackwell says:

    Knowledge, clarity and a clear sense of purpose are indeed superpowers. Buffett as known for many years “what to do next,” probably because he has used his experience to provide the answer.

    I think we can do the same.


  • Spooky says:

    This is a good one, Chris. I never really stopped to think before how satisfying it is just to have a plan and know what to do next.
    Regis, I really like your take on this. It puts everything in a broader perspective.

  • Akshay Kapur says:

    Haha, this is wonderful! What a power to have.

    I like your explanation of what you go through WITHOUT having that power though. You keep working and working to figure it out, but when you feel just comfortable enough that you know the direction you want to go, you go at it full-fledged, unburdened and with confidence.

    It’s that transition from uncertainty to certainty that so many of us struggle with and the ability to “just do it” is a superpower in and of itself.

  • Ilina S says:

    Ha! I always had the same desire – to know what’s the best thing to do next. I think that would depend on being clear about: 1) all you currently want in life, 2) the order of priority, and 3) what will take you there.

    That’s why I started building a web application that could help me do just that. It would help me design my ideal life by setting priorities, specifying my vision for each life area… then creating an action plan to take me from here to there, and finally, an ability to actually commit my action plan to my schedule.

    I felt that being able to see all my life put on one page, in order of priority, can help me feel less overwhelmed and more sure about what the best next step would be. What do you think?

    If you want me to let you know when it launches, drop me a note!

  • David says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Chris — especially for those of us who are not only self-employed, but building a platform from the ground up. How many times have I wished for a small group of like-minded persons in the same situation to walk this path with. In the meantime, we keep the vision always before us!

  • Karen says:

    I’d want the ability to stop the over breeding of unwanted animals… we can end the millions of euthanizations and killing of millions of animals around the world! And then I want to teleport ;-).

  • Matthew Thomas says:

    Ever since I was a child, my superpower of choice was perfect retention and recall. In other words, I would be able to remember everything I have had as an input (having read it, heard it, seen it, etc. once) and be able to find it in my memory instantly.

    Then I would be king! Mwahahahahahahah! Um, I mean, that would be nice.

  • CountryDreaming says:

    “The ability to always know exactly what to do next.”

    Wise choice.

    Prayer is what helps me with this.

    “(not necessarily the whole plan, just the next step) ”

    This. Again wise.

  • Maggie Dodson says:

    Now if I were headmistress of the world………………!

    My superpower would enable me to remove all despots, dictators and desperadoes from power immediately. Off to another planet for retraining!!!

    Let the people choose.

  • Hans says:

    Nice post!

    I’d go for the same thing as you, Chris, in a broader way though : I’d go for always knowing where I want to go in life. Once I knew that, I’d could bother with the ‘next steps’ 🙂

  • Dannielle says:

    That would be the one super power I would have.

    It is what trips me up, not knowing what to do next.

  • Anthony says:

    Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at it from another perspective and then you can think about your options more clearly. Exercise does it for me. all I need to do is go for a run and I can think clearly about my future steps.

  • A. O. Moss says:

    Definitely flying for number one. The ability to control time second–stop time, move back and forth. Then to control exactly how much people notice me. I could make myself practically invisible, or turn every head, or somewhere in between.

  • Jeremy says:


  • Brent Sears says:

    Well said! There are so many distractions and options in life that it is hard to narrow it down to what is important – staying focused on what to do next. It is a superpower to stay focused!

  • Gene says:

    “…I’d like to have this superpower:The ability to always know exactly what to do next.”

    I believe the super power to which you refer is known as wisdom. King Solomon had a mega-dose and is considered (by many) the golden standard against which this power is measured.

    As I see it, wisdom is a knowledge multiplier. Apply wisdom against even a little bit of knowledge and the result will be more gain than could possibly be gotten compared to even volumes of knowledge without wisdom. The one who posses this super power will gain knowledge and understanding.

    I too crave this super power, ever since realizing my utter lacking. It is a daily quest. Like a treasure hunter, I know it’s out there, I can smell it, it’s near.

  • Melissa McDaniel says:

    I agree with Wilson – you do have a way of posting the right posts at the right time. Just yesterday I was feeling like I’d lost direction because there were so many things I wanted to work on at the same time and I couldn’t make a decision over which one was the right one for my business at this time. Making the decision about which way to go can seem monumental – one way may lead to advancement and the other may be a step in the wrong direction. Indecision over it is crippling though, so I’ve learned to make decisions faster, no matter how painful the process is.

    As for superpowers…I’ve always envied Aquaman and Marine Boy. Scuba diving is as close as I will ever come.

  • j says:

    I think it’s funny that when I read this, I thought, “Okay. If Chris Gillebeau sometimes feels uncertain (for hours!) about the next step, maybe it’s okay that I feel like that so much of the time.”

    Right or wrong, thank you for that bit of reassurance.

  • tak says:

    Once again Chris, you are very insightful and wise, i agree with everything you said. Everyone has great ideas but whats the use, if you dont act on their first step…….

  • Jim Greenwood says:

    I would like to be able to heal the sick.

  • Jeff Martinez says:

    I wouldn’t want to know what happens next…it sounds like a good idea but I think that makes life good is the not knowing.

  • Michael A. Robson says:

    Reading faster, eh? Hehe… Cool.
    Don’t forget, Buffett has a jet. He CAN fly. 😉

  • Gunhild says:

    I would just love to have the superpower of giving inspiration to people (including myself). Inspiration to see the fun in the things you and I do and experience in every day life, inspiration for subjects to write about and how to write it, inspiration for how to help people in need around the world or how to build a business that provides something valuable for other people (and a fun income for me). I guess this superpower includes being able see the goal of an action more clearly.

  • Kevin Miller says:

    Love you Chris.

    My cape’s been in the closet for a few days. This is brilliant.

  • beth says:

    I don’t know what super power I’d pick but I think this is up there in the top 10 of the most comforting things I have read ever.

    It is so easy to believe that all the people that you follow, admire, and try to learn from have it all down pat. That they know exactly what they want, what they are going to do in the long run, and exactly what they are going to do next to get it.

    It helps to be reminded that they are all muddling through too. It makes it easier to keep on muddling yourself.

    I guess my superpower would be to never forget that we are all making it up as we go along and to help everyone else to know that too. And to find courage in that knowledge.

    Via the Jan 19th, 2012 post “An Academic Confession”.

  • Maria Thompson says:

    Reading your blog is like reading my thoughts… I have always admired people who knew exactly what they wanted, and knew exactly what to do step by step in order to get it.. They are not influenced by anything around them, and just focus on their goals.
    I wish i could do that more easily! I have many dreams and goals but often don’t know where to start from and how to make the necessary steps to achieve them.

  • ChrisS says:

    I just found this–over 3 years since your wrote it. I loved every word of it. Thank you!!!

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