Spring Cleaning (In Late June)

Spring Cleaning

It’s been a jam-packed week here at World Domination HQ.

We have thousands of people coming to town in just a few days, a sentence that sounds odd even as I type it here in the WordPress interface where this blog is published. Nevertheless, it’s true!

Next week we’re also attempting to set a WORLD RECORD. Our team is doing a great job and all systems are go!

I’m working on some big changes to everything I do and create and work on. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes, but not a lot to share just yet.

I’ll be back with a real post on Monday, then I’ll be back (live in person!) next weekend with a small army of remarkable people, and then after that I’ll be back for everyone else. Wherever you are, thanks for reading AONC.


Image: Russ

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