Side Hustle Workshops Start Next Week! Join Me in Your Choice of 4 Cities

Link: Side Hustle School Workshops

Next week I’ll be debuting my Side Hustle School Workshop series in four cities: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix. Come out and join us!

Not in one of those cities? Well, we already have people flying in from several other places, so you won’t be alone… but of course, you can also suggest a stop for your city in the future. To do so, just add your location in the center of that page. You’ll get an email if we schedule something there later.

So anyway, what’s the new workshop all about?

It’s a 2 1/2 hour intensive workshop where I’m teaching a specific method. Everyone who attends will go away with a workbook, a set of tools & resources, and best of all, a specific plan to start their hustle within 30 days.

Specifically, you’ll learn:
  • Discover profitable ideas using the skills you already have
  • Go from Idea to Action: a proven process to get started quickly
  • Master a simple tool to help you choose between multiple ideas
  • Divide your limited time to work only on what’s essential
  • Understand all you need to know about business licenses, bank accounts, and taxes
  • Make more money once you’re up and running (without spending a lot of extra time)

This is a bit different from the free book events I’ve done before. It’s a very small group and everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Not for you? no problem! Feel free to send this on to someone who might need it, and I hope to see you another time.

To your success,


Chris Guillebeau

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