“Your Time to Build for the Future Before the World Descends On You”

I’m not very good at all the things you’re supposed to do to be more productive. I check email first thing in the morning and then continually throughout the day. I jump from task to task and I read the news five times a day.

But I do try to be outcome-focused, and I appreciated this perspective from Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics who’s been blogging daily for a decade while also writing books, teaching students, traveling the world, and eating good food:

“There is always time to do more. Most people, even the productive, have a day that is at least forty percent slack.

Do the most important things first in the day and don’t let anybody stop you.

Estimate “most important” using a zero discount rate. Don’t make exceptions. The hours from 7 to 12 are your time to build for the future before the world descends on you.”

That last line is so great. Are you building for the future?

Link: Do I wish To Revise My Time Management Tips?


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