On the Road Again: Next Stop, Berlin (Eventually)

Berlin Train Station

I’m heading out to Europe and taking a small side trip to get there. The first part of my itinerary is:


Portland, Los Angeles, Narita (Tokyo), Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Doha, Berlin

On the outbound I’ll be finishing up a Round-the-World itinerary I began in Johannesburg earlier this year—and then I’ll be beginning another one from there.

For the most part the Asia transits (Tokyo, Hong Kong) as well as the African and Persian Gulf ones (Johannesburg, Doha) are just quick stopovers. I’ll have a night or two in each of them before continuing on. I used to do this kind of trip non-stop, but then I got old.

There are certainly more direct routes to Europe. But I like this kind of travel and it will help me requalify for my OneWorld status.

I’ll be settled in Berlin next weekend for this event, which looks like it still has a few tickets available.

On the way back I’ll continue the Round-the-World ticket, with another few quick stopovers en route:


Berlin, Vienna, London, New York, Chicago, Portland

This is my last big trip before WDS in July. I’m excited to hit the road!


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Image: Helmut

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