I Have a Book! (And I Need Some Help)


The day before leaving on my final international trip of the year, the FedEx guy showed up at my door.

Unfortunately, he did not have a package with my passport from Washington, D.C., which led to my just-barely-made-it excursion to Algeria. Too bad—but it all worked out in the end, as it usually does.

Instead of a passport, I received a small package from Penguin Books. I get review books all the time, so I assumed that’s what this one was. But then I opened up the package and saw my name. At first I thought it was an impostor, but no impostor would choose the name Guillebeau to write a book. (He would probably choose a name like Godin or Grisham instead.)

Yes indeed, somehow my ADD brain and continent-hopping body managed to write a whole book. And now it’s almost ready to go… in just 19 days from today.


And here are two important announcements …

First, the Unconventional Book Tour Is On!

As promised, I’m hitting the road to meet readers in all 50 states (all 10 provinces in Canada will follow in January). We’re confirmed at some good locations—a mixture of big-name bookstores, independent bookstores, universities, bars, pizza places, Pilates studios, and so on. There are also a bunch of places I don’t have a venue for yet, but there’s plenty of time … right?

The goal of the book tour is twofold: first, I want the book to do well, so I’m taking matters into my own hands. Authors should be responsible for the success of their own books, especially these days with the publishing industry changing so much.

But second, even though I believe in personal responsibility, I probably wouldn’t visit everywhere just to promote a book. That’s why the other goal is to live adventurously and tell good stories. The story here is to redefine what book tours look like. Plenty of authors go to major markets, but how many go to every state and every province? Let’s step it up, people.

Second, I Need Some Help! (or: “99 Free Books”)

Just as I get review copies of other authors’ books, my publisher is sending out review copies to a bunch of other authors and media contacts. That’s all fine and well, and I definitely hope to receive their support.

BUT … the entire AONC network is the result of a Small Army of remarkable people telling their friends. The vast majority of site traffic doesn’t come from famous people; it comes from other bloggers, social networking links, and all of you spreading the word one person at a time.

When I was discussing the book launch strategy with Penguin, I told them that I wanted to involve the Small Army as much as possible. In addition to sending review copies to media folks, I asked, could we send them to a selection of my readers?

Sure, they said—how many copies do you want? Ha ha. Foolish question! I told them that 44,000 would be a good start.

Alas, that request was turned down—apparently they want some readers to actually purchase the book!—but they agreed to give me 99 free copies to send to the Small Army. Penguin is even paying for shipping, and the 99 people will get the book at least a week in advance of official publication of September 7th. It’s not 44,000 free copies, but hey, I do what I can.

So … do you want one?

I want these books to go to people who care about AONC and want to support the mission. That’s the only real criteria—I don’t care if you have five followers on Twitter or five thousand, or if you even use Twitter. Presumably you know someone who could benefit from our message, and that’s what matters.

If you’re one of the 99, I’ll need some help—you’ll actually be a part of the launch process, and help to get the word out in September … which is only a few short weeks away. I’ll say more about this to the people who get the books, but for now —

If you’d like to be part of this campaign, all you need to do is let me know in the comments. That’s it.

I can’t pick everyone, but Libby the assistant and my usual biased judges will make a list within 36 hours and contact 99 people for their mailing details. Cool?

By the way, I’ll be going full-tilt into “shameless promotion mode” for this book, but the goal is to make it fun. Most of my limited royalties are going to Charity: Water, and I’m actually spending more on the (self-funded) book tour than I was paid to write the book in the first place.

In other words, it’s not a money-making endeavor for me, but I do want to reach a lot of people with the message.

Can you help? Let me know why you want one, and tomorrow we’ll pick 99 people to receive FREE BOOKS.

99! Really!


Update: Thanks for all the interest! Comments are now closed, and the biased judges will get to work on the difficult task of picking 99 people. If you don’t hear from us, you’re still amazing and the book will be available throughout the universe soon.


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    • Samsabug says:

      Pick me! Pick me!

    • Julie A. says:

      Love the thoughts you bring to the table! I must have the book! 😉

    • Konrad says:

      Ooo, Ooo, pick me! See you in Seattle…

    • Cathy Luders says:

      Thanks so much Chris! I would love to have your book!

    • Lisa says:

      I want a book…and I want it because it is probably fantastic! I am constantly sending people the link for A Brief Guide to World Domination… 🙂

    • Maneesh Sethi says:

      Chris! I’d love to review a copy of your book! I have a newsletter list of lots of people that I can share it with!

    • Gabriel Novo says:

      I’m game and would love to get my hands on the new book.

    • johnscottfoster says:

      oh, i live in such a conforming region of the world, i need the book. badly.

    • Mark Simi says:

      I’m buying it regardless, but hey — I’ll take it as a gift too.

    • Dave Gambrill says:

      I’d love a copy, especially since I’ve bought just about everything else you’ve done. Thanks for the consideration!

      Empire Builder Dave

    • Eric Rogers says:

      I would love a free copy 🙂

    • Eric says:

      I am a blogger and would love to review your book on my site!

    • Julie Guthrie says:

      Would love to be one of the 99. I can tell everyone about it!

    • Noreen Blanluet says:

      Me! Me, me! Pick me!! 🙂
      Pretty please?
      PS – One day, I will actually be on the same continent at the same time as you and somehow our paths will coincide and I will be able to say Hi in person. In the meantime, much love and have fun on the book tour! x Noreen

    • Mike Fischer says:

      Ditto. I would love to see your book too, if there are enough to go around!

    • Caitlin says:

      I started reading your blog because of the travel (I’m in love with travel as well), but now I read it for inspiration about what I can do in the world. I want to review your book because I’m excited about the possibilities and the roads that my life can take and I believe in your mission!

    • Laura says:

      I would love to have a copy, and if you send me one, I will promise to actually read it AND write a review of it for my website (which no one reads) AND I’ll talk it up on Facebook to all of my 135 friends. Maybe one of them will have some actual influence…!

    • Aglaee says:

      I have discovered what you do a little while ago and I love it! I’d love to have the change to read your book! =)

    • robyn says:

      well, you KNOW i’d love a review copy of your book! since we’ve got that thing already scheduled for the day after, i can easily turn much of that week in to “promote AONC and Chris!” week without much problem!

      i was going to snag the book anyhow, but then my review would have taken a bit more time to get out there, so if i’m one of the lucky 99, i’d be overjoyed!

      plus, if it were cool, i’d do a giveaway of the book along with the review!

    • Oliver Twist says:

      I would love to review your book and give everyone a shout!

    • Mackenzie says:

      This is a great idea to get the word out. I love your website here, and I would recommend your book to all of my 200 hundred bestest facebook friends. Heck, I have good writing skills, I will even write a review. I love books, and to get a free one would be some cool beans.

    • Ingrid says:

      Oh Chris- would love to preview yr book to be able to alert my network of another great voice that should be heard. Love your words and mind-set in this ever-intense crazy world. Now send me your book! <3

    • Ryan says:

      Going off to college and I’d love a copy to take into the dorm!

      Good luck with the tour too!

    • Reggie says:

      Chris, I’m really excited to read the book. Do you know if there will be a Kindle and iBookstore versions of the book? If not, I guess I could settle for one of the free ’99.

    • Meagan Mathews says:

      I have been devouring your webpage and I would LOVE a free copy!

    • Craig K says:

      I’ll give it a read, and I’ll loan / give it to at least 2 add’l people. I’ll try for more than that but think I can honestly get at least 2. Good Luck!

    • Laurie says:

      I would love to read your book!

    • Allison says:

      Hey Chris,

      I’m currently doing EBK, and I would be thrilled to read and talk to people about your book. The course is wonderful, and I am sure your book will be too. Looking forward is seeing you in Minnesota!

    • Sheila the Wonderbink says:

      I would like a copy of your book because sometimes I just want some inspiration that I can pick up and read from without needing a WiFi connection or even a power source.

    • Sue says:

      Love your newsletter, love social media & I love the concept of helping other as well…peace!

    • Mary-Elizabeth says:

      Chris, I love what you do and the way you do it. Just starting a travel website and will be referring lots of people to your posts, plus have a monthly travel newsletter. Would love to help spread the word. Good luck and see you on the tour in LA.

    • Anne says:

      I’d love to have your book! I am inspired by your ideas to invent your own life, I enjoyed completing the annual review, and I love to hear the travel stories!

    • Marion Spronk says:

      I want to know what’s going on in this world
      as a poet I write about what I see
      of course I am curous about your vieuws
      noncomformity open windows

    • Esther Crawford says:

      I’d love a copy of the book – I’ve been reading for about two years and am continually inspired by your message. While I’m generally stingy about what I write about on my blog, I’d be happy to talk about the book and help promote your work because you’ve got a great message to share.

    • Jes A says:

      I’ve been following your blog for a few years now, and you’re always an inspiration! Would love to help spread the word about how awesome the book is (cuz I know it is). Best of luck with the tour!

    • Mark David Jones says:

      First of all, congrats on the book. Having just published MY first book, I can identify with your journey.
      Having been a leader at Disney for 26 years (in charge of organizational transformation efforts for many of those years), I have been a voracious appetite for fresh insights about human nature and organizational dynamics. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and think your insights are extremely relevant to people and businesses. I would be very motivated to spread the word about the WOWs and AH-HAs that I’m confident are in your book. Thank you in advance for your preview copy!

    • Rachel says:

      Pick me because I’m an “early adopter” of big ideas and great books. And I use Twitter like its my job.

      Thanks for the consideration!

    • Tim says:

      I’d like to be involved – I’d love to review your book!

    • Michal Till says:

      I’m thrilled to get a copy! Thank you very much!

    • Richard Nielsen says:

      I’d like to be one of the 99 🙂

    • Courtney says:

      I love your website and read it every day. It inspires me and helps me get one set closer to my goals every time I read it. I’d love to review your book!

    • Elaine Huckabay says:

      As your un-official OKC partner in world domination, I would love a free copy of the book. I’ve already created some ideas to get all of my friends here in OKC to attend the event. A free book would be greatly appreciated.


    • Mary-Elizabeth says:

      Oh yeah… and I frequently review other author friends’ books and help spread the word, would love a free copy and to do the same for you.

    • Norbert says:

      Oh wow… Feel free to send me one if I get picked… Would love to read and review your book on my site. I’m sure it’s going to be as good and helpful as the rest of your eBooks. 🙂

    • Chiwan says:

      I’d love a copy of your book! Love the blog.

    • Jeff Mueller says:

      Thanks for doing this, I’d like to get in on the non-conformity

    • Gordon says:

      I am long-time subscriber of your blog. I am probably a handful of subscribers from the good ole state of North Dakota. I have the desire not only to see the world but transform it with unconditional love.

    • Pam says:

      Hi, I live in the UK and am a follower of your blog. This year i quit my job and travelled round South East Asia for 3 months and it has been the best decision i have ever made. I wasn’t sure i was making the right choice but have never felt so happier since doing so. Now i am home i am still unsure as to what path to follow next in my life and cannot wait to read your book for some inspiration! I would love to help spread the work in the UK and have already told friends about your blog.

    • Randi says:

      I would love to have a copy of your book. I’m a high school literature teacher and am constantly trying to get students to think (and live!) outside society’s pre-formed box. For me, the best way to break out of the mold is through our youth, so they don’t get to be forty or fifty years old and wonder what happened to their lives. You are the perfect example of how I am trying to get them to see the world.

      I would also happily review it on my blog after I have finished reading it.

      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Liz says:

      I paid my student loan off this morning. The last 47 cents owing from 3 years @ $15,000+ interest 11 years ago and I paid with all of my own money. I am now back working at the same place I was when I went off to college. I make sandwiches. I’m an artist. Not a starving artist. But I still feel really hungry. Got any books I could chew through?

    • Vicky says:

      I’ve been following your blog for a few years and I’d love the opportunity to review your book for my website.

    • Jay Brock says:

      Hey Chris,

      I started reading your blog, and within 3 months I’d quit my job, gave away all my furniture, and hit the road. In the past 6 months my wife and I have traveled to 17 countries and lived in 3. We’ve climbed active volcanoes, explored underground waterfalls, and met some amazing people. In September, we’re moving to Vancouver Island for a year.

      I partially “blame” this on you!

      I’ll be bringing cupcakes to your Vancouver meetup, and if you ask me, I’ll do a book review on my blog too.

      All that to say: “Pick me Chris!”

    • Jessica says:

      Woot! How exciting to see a tangible finished product for all that hard work! I’d love to continue spreading the word to everyone I know … I don’t have a blog or Twitter account worth anything big, but I do have a big passion for your writing on AONC and already talk you up to nearly everyone I meet!!

      Of course, I’ll probably do that anyway … as I’ll also be buying your book anyway … but maybe now the copy I buy can be given away instead!! Way to go Chris!!!

    • Erin Friedman says:

      I would love this.

    • Ryan says:

      My wife and I are in the process of saving for our round the world trip. We have 2 kids, 3 and 5, and hope to quit our jobs, sell our house, and leave the US in 2 years.

      We also stared a web biz and we’re officially making a good part-time wage off the income.

      I think we’re the perfect people to get a free book as 1) we need to save some money, and 2) we will use the lessons from the book!

      Thanks, Ryan

    • Devin says:

      Love the site, love your pie expansion, would love to read the book!

    • Julie Prescesky says:

      I can dig it.

    • Chuck says:

      I would like to be involved as well!

    • Lani says:

      I’ve very much enjoyed reading your blog, it’s been really inspiring.. i’d love to read your book!!

    • Zach says:

      I will read it 99 times! Send it to me!

    • Jamie says:

      i would LOVE to have your book!

    • Peter Serven says:

      Pick me! 8)

    • Laura Adams says:

      Hi, Chris! I would love to review your book. I also have one coming out in December. Maybe you’d consider a review swap? All the best for your upcoming travels!

    • Fernando Hesse says:

      My work takes me to some remote or pretty unaccesible places in the world and your comments and insights of your travels remind me that we are not alone seeing the world from particular perspectives… it will be cool to get to know more of those stories.!

    • Melissa says:

      Pick me, Pick me!!!! I would LOVE to have a copy of this book.

    • Dawn Andreas says:

      Would love a copy, and would love to spread the word… my friends call me the “passionate evangelist” and I just can’t help but spread the news, about anything I feel passionate about and that I think would really benefit others. Love your message, and have been following for some time!!! So glad to see someone, (you) standing for what they believe in and going for it, and encouraging others to do the same. Best to you!!!

    • Kyle Constantin Canton says:

      after reading your blog for over a year and taking part in the $100 biz forum I am very thankful for all the wonderful advice and motivation you have provided me with. That being said, I would LOVE to have a copy of your book. I can only imagine the awesomeness contained inside, and I’m very anxious to find out!

    • Sharon says:

      I’d love a copy of your book. I’d buy one anyhow but free is good too. I’ll tweet and comment on Facebook if I like it (and why wouldn’t I, based on your blog). It may be just the kickstart I need to get back to my own blogging.

      By the way, I admire your unconventional approach to promoting the book.

    • Monique says:

      Also would love to get a free copy of the book, and I’d be happy to review it on my blog too. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      I have just started my company and one of the goals is to have multiple “bottom lines.”

      I am a believer in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and so I am thrilled that so much of your royalties is going to a live -saving cause. (As someone with publishing experience, I know that barring a big advance, royalties is the way that authors make their money on the actual book itself.)

      I would love to promote how “good business” can make “good deeds” happen!


    • ryan says:

      I would be honored to review your book, as I have been following your story since the beginning.

      I also have some clients that I work with that could benefit from the message, as I try to help people pursue their true calling.

      Plus I could fill your Midwest US demographic.

    • Karen says:

      life saving cause!

    • Baz Clark says:

      Would love a copy, I’ll post a short review. Looking forward to the NYC stop of the tour 🙂


    • christine says:

      this butterfly is almost out of her chrysalis…..the book might help me break free the rest of the way! i will share it…….

    • Sarah Joyce Bryant says:

      I would love the opportunity to read your book and spread the word about it!

      Thank you!


    • Magda Vince says:

      I’d like a free book, I can add it to my collection of free books (so far just one.. but if I get this one that makes two.. and I say that’s well on the way to a collection).

      Besides I like books, blogs and such like are nice, but I never really get into them the same way I do a book. I do live overseas, yay Taiwan have you been?, but I have mailing addresses in the USA and Canada if shipping to Taiwan is a no no. mmm Should I mention what I would do to ‘get the word out”? Probably blog (although I have been neglecting my poor blog recently), Facebook, and the like :).

      Go on, you know you’d like to give me a free book 😀

    • Grey Perkins says:

      I would love a copy, and I’d be happy to write a review!

    • jerri husch says:

      aaah, Chris, it must be in the DNA—and it keeps our feet dancing, eyes absorbing and hearts open to the wonders of the planet! A great friend of mine told me about your work when I telling her that my inspiration was flagging and I was feeling those feelings of “why don’t I fit”….and she told me about you and reminded me of all that I had experienced from my adventuring the planet.

      So, this is a really long way of saying that I would LOVE to get a free copy of your book (which I will make sure begins to travel on its own when I have read it…), and when you come to DC in October (yes, there is already a sign posted in BnN announcing your talk) I will be there hea your story(ies)……and, now, thanks for helping me get my backpack back on and my shoes all laced up….


    • Erin Friedman says:

      Oops – I forgot to tell you WHY I’d love this.

      I’m turning 50 in a couple of days – and 50 years of conformity is enough already. I intend to be inspired and motivated as a songwriter by your new book.

    • Tracy Walton says:

      Signed up for your OKC stop on the book tour the second I found out about it. Looking forward to sharing your mission with a wonderful, active community here!

    • Jith Joseph says:

      I have been reading your blog and have been taking the lessons to improve my life and those around me. Would love to receive a copy to read and share with a whole bunch of people here in Singapore. All the best!!

    • Caleb Hicks says:

      Well, I’ve already got the book pre-ordered from Amazon. But I’d love an extra copy to give away though!

      I don’t have an A-List blog (or even a Z-List blog), but I’ve been reading for over a year now and have applied much of what I’ve learned – namely, to think different about my life and take steps to become what I want. I was in the $100 Biz Forum, and I’m currently working through EBK. Your work is much appreciated here!

    • Kevin M says:

      only 98 more to go!

    • Deepa says:

      this site and the thoughts you share bring a lot of hope and happiness to me, I am sure there are others like me who’d love to learn to LIVE on their own terms and conditions.

      I wish to be a part of spreading this joy 🙂

      I am just so glad u wrote the book, if its on the same line as ur site and blogs..well then…. heres the review even before i read it….dude, it rocks!!!!

      keep spreading smiles chris 🙂

    • Patrenia says:

      I hope I haven’t missed my chance. I would love to get a copy of the book! You’re the best!

    • Michelle Sadlowski says:

      I’d love a copy of your book to read on an upcoming trip. I really enjoy your prespective on the important things in life. Looking forward to seeing you in Montclair, NJ:)

    • Idara says:

      I would love a copy (waving hand wildly) – congrats on this great milestone!

    • Ryan Whiteside says:

      I’m a big fan of your site and would love to review your book. I’ll be sure to consider it for my ever-growing book recommendation list.

    • Joe Sweeney says:

      Chris I have been moved by your works especially “A Brief Guide to World Domination” which I have passed along to numerous people in my network. I own a business, run fitness bootcamps, run a charity, and have a vast network of people both online (FB, FB fan page, 4 active 1,000+ user Twitter accounts) and off line that I will let know about your book. Upwards and onwards, stop waiting for tmw today’s the day.

    • Wendy says:

      I’d love a copy of your new book! I’ve enjoyed your blog for about a year now and I really enjoy hearing about your adventures.

      Wishing you love and luck on your next adventure! =)

    • Danielle says:

      I am in need of some more inspiration! Can’t wait to read the book!!

    • Sam says:

      Well, pick me, of course! While I don’t have a blog or even a website from which I can spread the word, I have and will continue to “talk up” AONC and, how that it’s becoming available, the book.

    • Casey Friday says:

      I would be thrilled to get and early-release edition of your book! I loved FFM and Travel Ninja, and they have already motivated me to acquire 100K FF miles, and I have another 100K on the way. I’ll be taking a year-long RTW next year, and I’d love to take the tools from the AONC book with me!

    • Marc says:

      I would LOVE a book, and definitely could help promote it. I have been following you for a while and want to make this kind of change in my life…also wish I could follow you around the globe..mostly…

    • Kimmie says:

      I began my adventure about 6 months ago, quit my day job, sold my car, rented out my house and hit the road… I’m still figuring out cash flow… and for the moment I’m getting paid a decent salary as a personal assistant… with the use of a car… I’m in an unfamiliar city and look forward to becoming acquainted with many more unfamiliar places during the next several years. I’m facing the second half of life, and I don’t want to live it in a box, or behind a fence, or be contained and controlled by circumstance. I want to live an outstanding life, full of adventure and incredible experiences. I am dismantling, bit by bit, many of my life-long habits… trying to shake off my shell and find freedom from self-limiting ideas. I think your book would be inspiring and help me to find my way as I travel this road.

    • ABCcreativity says:

      pick me! pick me!

      i have been telling people about you, people who would be totally into aonc but they are not bloggers and don’t really understand blogging. if i could show them your book, they’d be on board and i think they’d start reading your blog even without knowing that they are “reading a blog”.

    • Janet C says:

      I would love a copy and to help promote it!

    • SusieR says:

      It’s sincerely been a blast following your adventures, and I love the message. Free or not, I’m feasting on a copy of your book!

    • Brenda says:

      Would love to review this book for from the perspective of productivity and organizing in the workplace. Sometimes the best way for an individual to be productive and organized is to do so unconventionally!

    • Dieter says:

      I’ve been following your blog for the last couple years now and have implemented little ideas here or there. Your posts and writings always give food for thought, so I look forward to nourish my mind a bit more with a copy of your latest penmanship.

      You (Godin, Ferriss and a host of others) did get me out of the easy chair and assisted me in starting a few small business ventures. Not much right now… but I see slow and steady improvement.

      Thanks for that!

    • Johan Nortje says:

      I would love to get a copy of your book (which I will buy anyway if I don’t get picked). I only recently joined your mailing list and started reading your articles, but they really struck a chord with me! I’ve been looking to get out of my corporate day job for a long time, and do something truly purposeful with my life that benefits myself, my loved ones and people in need in truly beneficial ways. I’ve purchased your Unconventional Guide to Working for Yourself with this in mind, and I’m now trying to implement some of the strategies and shift my mindset to think a bit less “unconventionally”. Thanks for sharing with the world!

    • Andrei says:

      I would really love to get a copy and I promise I will pass it to all my friends to read, so more people for the army 🙂

    • Azarethroy says:

      I’m in 😉

    • Candace says:

      I would love to have the opportunity to read and review your book. Thanks!

    • Sarah says:

      Hey Chris:

      I’ve been following your blog for about a year and a half and it, along with the $100 Biz Forum, has inspired me to become a social entrepreneur in 2011. Your collaboration with charity: water also encouraged me to give up my birthday this Sunday. I’m looking forward to the best birthday ever.

      I’m definitely buying at least 3 copies of the book for me and a couple of my fellow office prisoners and will see you at the Tampa Meet Up but I’d love to have a copy to review for Amazon in line with the official publication date.


    • christy douglas says:

      i-have-eyes-and-i-need-something-to-read. i think it’s awesome that your proceeds are going to charity: water. i met the founder a few years back after an event for mercy ships in albany, ny.

      i’d love to help get the word out about your book.

    • Nola Palmer says:

      I get your blog and heard you speak at SCOOT in Seattle on the Virginia V. Mind blowing “maybe”, life changing “maybe” but certainly a great message and I’d love to help you get the word out.

    • Andrew says:

      I would like to review your book.

      Good luck on your tour.

    • Andy McGarry says:

      I’m planning on buying a copy and bugging relevant bloggers and writers I know about it in UK & Ireland. Get yourself on some morning telly shows 😉

    • Sha Whit says:

      Oooh! Oooh! About to use some miles (and my free upgrade to first class) on a multi-stop trip to Europe. I’ll need something to read!

    • Andy Mann says:

      I’ll see ya in New York and Houston. I don’t really need a free copy, but I am stoked for you.

    • Brian Garbisch says:

      I plan on purchasing the book to support your cause Chris and I’ll spread your message anyway, especially to those that could benefit from it.

    • Sonja Gossett says:

      I need a book. Need to feed the soul!

    • Eric | Eden Journal says:

      Like everyone else, I’d love to recieve a free copy to read and review on my blog. I love the hands on approach you have to marketing this book, and I hope I can make it out to one of the stops on your book tour.

    • Hannah Zending says:

      I’m in South America- Suriname. Pick me, it’ll be an excellent way to improve my Englesh (See, I can’t even spell ‘english’ correctly)

    • Kristine says:

      Chris, I will promote you and your book whether I receive a free copy or not! I LOVE the way you are turning the “how to be a writer” rule book on its head (along with plenty of other rule books) and I look forward to the success of the book and the continued expansion of your awesome platform. Keep livin’ the dream and showing the rest of us how it’s done. See you in Raleigh 🙂

    • Alli says:

      I’m very new to all things social media and also dipping my toes into the concept of location independence. If you could use the perpective of a very enthusiastic newbie I would love to be part of this! If it helps: I read fast!

    • Donna K. Hughes says:

      I just joined the small army – I am currently planning a RTW trip and am so excited that there are so many others that want to live outside the box! Would LOVE a free copy of AONC – isn’t that the whole point? Doing things differently??? I will continue to spread the message and tell everyone on my social networks of your book and your awesome website!
      Much luck to you and the success of your book!

    • Alex says:

      I’d love to read your book and share what I think with my friends. I’ve already gotten a couple of people hooked on your site *grin*

    • shauna says:

      I am super excited for this book! Your philosophies inspire me and I can’t wait to read more about them. Also, looking forward to your stop in SLC.

    • Rob Orr says:

      Count me in as one who would like to be on the review list.

    • Dena says:

      I would absolutely love to be one of the 99. I am a huge advocate of you, your art, and The Art of Non-Conformity. Although, I do not have a huge following (just over a hundred Facebook fans & about 770 Twitter followers), I do have a devoted, loyal group of readers at my blog, evolution you. The main purpose of that blog is to show people how to create the life of their dreams. I can think of no better way to accomplish that than by reading your new book & sharing its message with my readers.

      It would mean so much to me to be a part of this journey with you & your team! Either way, I look forward to meeting you on the tour.

    • Vincent says:

      An english message will follow:

      J’adore ton objectif de faire un monde meilleur en restant nous-mêmes! Ça rend le quotidien motivant et inspirant!

      I love you goal of making a better world while remaining ourselves. It makes everyday motivating and inspiring!

      Live from Montreal, I’d spread the word to my 5 followers with pleasure! 😉

    • Kailos says:

      I don´t know if I am in the 100 but I will like to make a review of your book in my blog (

      Thanks from Spain!

    • Jude Boudreaux says:

      I’ve been following the blog for quite a while now, and it has inspired me to set off on my own entrepreneurial adventure (my last day at the day job is 9/8). Oh, and we are having our first child on 9/15 so it would be great to have your book to read during all of the sleepless nights I have ahead!

    • Sam says:

      I’d sure like to get a copy 🙂

    • Candace says:

      Wow, what a great opportunity! I’d love to read and review your new book. Love your site and your insight into life!

    • Adam says:

      Can I get one?

    • Mike Piper says:

      I’d love a free copy! Though to be honest, if you don’t choose me, I’ll just end up buying one. :-I

    • Laura says:

      i’m about to graduate from college, and i am really digging what noncomformity can do in my life right now. i’d love a copy!

    • Mud Puppy says:

      Love to help get the word out.

    • Eileen Fleming says:

      I would love a copy of your book and would definitely help promote!! My twitter account name is plaidnboots and I’ll keep people posted on everything!

    • John says:

      I would love to read your book and help promote

    • J Doucet says:

      I would love to have a copy, it’s site like this one that have made me decide it’s time to soon quit my “real” job and get a real life. And I am need of a book to read on the trip. But I am in Canada so they probably have some fineprint that prohibits shipping it here, if so just give a shout when it can be purchased and shipped here. Thanks.

    • Lindsey Sparks says:

      If you send me a review copy, I’ll review it on my book blog! I’ll also spread the word through Twitter and Facebook. I know a lot of frustrated people right now who are searching for something different, and I really think your book could help them!

    • Andrea Schmitz says:

      What about having some publicity to Europe? I am a small army in Germany… and I hang with Germans as well as the large international crowd in Frankfurt area… loads of reader’s clubs and I even have connections with those international people who have moved onwards from here… great reach!

      I would love to read and promote your book!

    • Dylan says:

      I’d love one please. Will defo help spread the word, back home in London or on the twitter-sphere!

    • Amy Oscar says:

      Waving my hand wildly! And I’d love a free copy but I will still buy the copy I’ve pre-ordered from Amazon. I love your work, Chris – keep it coming and I will keep buying it and supporting you.

      And whether or not I win a free book, I’m in – let me know how, when and where to support the launch.

    • Renee Lynn says:

      I’m college bound in the Fall and I’ve been keeping up with your blog and website since my Junior year of hhigh school. Your incredible wisdom has inspired me to continue being me in such a fast-paced world. I would love to have a hard-copy to keep in the dorm with me! Thanks for considering,

      Renee Lynn :]

    • Francisca says:

      Hey! I’d love to help you out!

    • Eileen Fleming says:

      I’d love to be a part of your campaign and I can definitely help spread the word!! I can’t wait to read your new book!

    • Rose says:

      I write about the art of cultivating a creative life. I’d love to review your book, Chris.

    • Steven says:

      Sign me up! I’d love to do a review of it on Hundred Goals!!! 🙂

    • Nate Croft says:

      I’m in. Let’s do it!

    • Sholeh says:

      Very much looking forward to your book! Happy to write a review on my blog, and I hope I get to see you when you come to Chicago (though I might be traveling at that point!). Good luck with it all.

    • Laurel-Anne says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’m looking forward to reading the book, and early and free sounds great! Thanks CG and Penguin for the generosity. Please consider sending one my way.

    • Eric says:

      I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months now, and it has become one of the inspirations for my current vocational transition that I am in now. For the last 7 years, I have been working for a small, local nonprofit helping homeless families achieve financial success. But I am currently leaving that steady paycheck to launch a family ministry program in affiliation with my local church that will help families build better relationships and begin living out a greater story for themselves and their kids. The catch — I’m raising my own financial support for this one.

      Would love the book — I can’t afford the empire building kit, but have benefited from the inspiration and practical advice on your blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Mike Gothard says:

      I’ve conformed for 46 years. Time to change.

    • Vivian says:

      I’d love to help promote this book! I first discovered AONC by reading some travel blogs, but I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the passion and networking displayed in your writing and travels.

      I’m located in Oklahoma, and can’t wait to speak with you when your tour stops here!

    • Colleen Clifford says:

      Well, if you’re picking the first 99 it looks like I’m already sunk… 😉

      Free or not, I’ll be reading the book one way or another. I’ll even help you shamelessly promote it — you’re a good guy with a good heart and a good message. I like spreading around positive stuff. 🙂

      Good luck with the book tour — let me know if you need any help on the NJ leg.

    • Stephanie Rexroth says:

      It took me quite a while to scroll to the comments:) If you’ve got one extra spot, I’d love to read, review and promote via my blog, Fb and other social media outlets. It’s got some good readership in the Pgh, PA area.

      Congrats on the book, narrowly making your trip sans passport and to this great idea to involve your Small Army to helping you to success!

    • Susan says:

      I’d love to spread the AONC word. I’m a huge fan of your work! I’d definitely review it on my blog. 🙂

    • Leah says:

      I live in England and if I have to order it, it will take AGES. So please do choose me!

    • Paulette Rees-Denis says:

      I would love your book, to read it, and to help you out and tell others…
      Thanks and good luck!

    • Mike Harris says:

      I would love a copy. I am a big fan of your blog and think that what you’re doing is fantastic

    • Rachel @ Suburban Yogini says:

      Sure, I’d love to review it for you 🙂

    • Qweexel says:

      I would love a book…

    • Shannon Steffen says:

      Oh how I would love a free copy of your awesome book…

      Why should you send me a copy? Well, I am unconventional myself. I’m a Mick-Guinea (Irish-Italian) and am totally passionate about life and experiencing everything there is to be had. I also use both sides of my brain and refer to myself as the artistic scientist.

      I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Plus, I am a huge book devourer that will plaster your book all over the Internet as I love to help other passionate people get the recognition they so deserve.

      That’s a peek into my brain… so now it’s up to you – do *you* think I’m worthy of your unconventional book? 🙂 Hope so!

      Irish smiles!

    • Carriann Horstead says:

      I would love a copy too!

    • Gillian says:

      As an ‘Empress In Training’ (Day 64 today…), I can’t wait to see what is in the book. Your writing and encouragement keeps me thinking about my goals every day…always in the front of my head…not hiding in the dark recesses any more. I would love a free copy so that I can tell my world about you. Cheers!

    • Samuel John Klein says:

      Why not me?

      Doing something insanely unexpected for me couldn’t hurt.

    • Ananth says:

      I would love to spread the good word about the book.
      Thanks for the great articles and good luck.

    • Thom says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’d be more than happy to review your splendid new book and dedicate a page or two to it in an upcoming issue of the In Treehouses magazine.

      Best of luck, speak soon,


    • Craig Grieve says:

      Been following your blog for two plus years. Always interesting stuff. Only now starting to implement a number of your strategies. Also know several people I would love to expose to your ideas with a copy of your book you propose to send out. They’ve already been given verbal recommendations as well as e-mails with links to your site. Think following up with the tangible item would be great. Cheers,

    • Kelly Port says:

      I’m a big fan, and would love to read the book and spread the word. 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      I would love, love, LOVE a copy of your book! I found you through a number of sites and Danielle LaPorte’s FIRESTARTER SESSIONS, and find you very inspiring. I’m launching some new online ventures, trying to turn my life around, and this could really help. Also, I’ve got a sizeable network on FB, decent #’s on Twitter, and I’m a big mouth connector with a lot of friends. Please sign me up!

    • Trish / CotR says:

      I have been following you and your activities for a month or two now. I have been on the fence about plunging into entrepreneurial endeavors for years now. I am so close, and need a kick start. I also LOVE to read & write and would be happy to review the book and promote to my friends/followers. 🙂

    • Ollie Queen says:

      Hello I want a book to help accompany me on my adventures in my comic book journey around the world. Starting December I’m travelling round the world documenting it as a comic book and your book could be great help to help get in the swing of travelling!

    • Michael Armentrout says:

      I have been following you for quite some time. Common sense, applicable information time and time again. Keep up the great, inspiring work and if I am one of the 99 chosen, that would be outstanding. Just tweeted the above article.

    • Susan Mulder says:

      I am DYING to get my hands on a copy of the book!! AND, I promise to blog my little heart out about it too!!!

    • Marie says:

      “I want these books to go to people who care about AONC ” ——-> SURE

      I would love a copy!

    • Diane Edwards says:

      Yes, I want one! I do marketing, am a painter, work in a gallery…I would spread the word!

    • Stephanie says:

      As someone who lived in and backpacked Europe during college and then did the (almost) nonconformist thing by buying a house on my own at the age of 23 (out in the Gorge– what’s shakin’, Oregon friends?), I’m itching to get out and see the world again as I near 30.

      Now I have an intrepid partner and he and I have some big dreams. I would love, love, love to receive your book, devour it, and preach its gospel of world domination to anyone that would listen, from social media outlets and my blog, to quite a few friends and family members I know who could use a good kick in the pants.

      This is exactly what I’ve been needing. Please and thank you, kind sir! Cheers.

    • Olga says:

      Acceptance speech: “I am so honored to receive a copy of your book about the art of non-conformity. I have been living these tenets for the past year and a half and I am glad to teach the Austin community about how to live a more fulfilling life. I joined the non-conformist movement.”

      I would be glad to use that speech and hope I get the chance to.


    • Michele McGraw says:

      I would love to read and review your book. If I’m not picked, I will purchase the book. 😀 But would be great to get my hands on it soon!

      Thanks for this opportunity!

    • Carolyn Cochra says:

      I would love to review your book–I’m also in love with travel and have just made the jump from “corporate slave” to “self-employed.” I love your newsletter and would like to learn even more about how to make this self-employed thing work for me–I want to travel and would love to take on some volunteer projects!

    • Mary Adams says:

      The first question someone asks me when they haven’t seen me for a while, is “where is your next trip?” I’ve been leading the unconventional life secretly while being an upstanding citizen in my day job. This book might be the tool to help me convert others before it’s too late in their lives!

    • Brigitte says:

      I would love to help you launch. Here’s my pitch.

      I’m starting a new series on my blog meant to inspire and incite. Why? I’m working my way to a business launch at the beginning of the year, and I want to tell the world that they can be equally fearless! I’m a relatively new member of your army but an incredibly passionate one!

    • Margo D. says:

      I am really looking forward to your book launch. I’d love to be in the first 99 lucky people who lay their eyes on it.


    • Alexander says:

      I know a whole school who would benefit from your book(s), my art school to be exact. All eager young minds trying to make the world a better place by making new music. So bring it on 😉

    • Audrey says:

      I’d be really honored to receive one of these books and be part of the launch party and review the book. I don’t know whether the fact that we’ll be in Berlin in September/October disqualifies me…but I really hope it doesn’t. Think of this as a consolation prize since I won’t be able to see you on the Unconventional Book Tour 🙂

    • Myrtle says:

      Ooooooo, I would LOVE to be on the list!

    • Alan Zoldan says:

      I do hereby non-solemnly promise to:

      > Read your new book
      > Mention it in my Linked In and various copywriting/freelancer
      groups if I can honestly recommend it
      > Recommend it to my mailing list (if I feel I can honestly recommend it)
      > Provide a pithy testimonial blurb at your request

      As a longtime freelance copywriter, I definitely feel I have chosen a non-conformist
      lifestyle, so I am probably already quite in sync with your message — but I love being told what I already believe, so please bring it on!

    • Shauntelle says:

      I’m just starting on my own journey to a nonconformist life and would love to have your book as a guide. I’d be happy to blog, tweet, and FB about it too!

    • Tara says:

      Pick me! Pick me!
      (begging will get me everywhere? Or is that flattery?)

    • Kristine Socall says:

      Hello! Been following your blog for a few years….would love a free copy, but definitely more so interested in helping put on an event in Chicago.

      I help coordinate events like this all the time thru some local orgs I work with (just b/c i love to – it’s not my FT job – no $$ involved for me)….I travel a lot too – love to lead teams of Americans overseas doing sustainable development work (in the hope of “awakening” the travelers to another kind of life) – am an entrepreneur and lover of inspiring people.

      I currently am undercover in Corporate America as I try to cure (awaken) zombies to what life can be like instead of living like caffeinated-numbed robots (while working on my MBA and doing event coordinating on justice/health/spiritual issues). Yeh…and sometimes I get to sleep! haaha 🙂

    • cathyling says:

      Would love a copy of the book – times are hard so free is terrific! I like your spirit and your sense of adventure Chris. thanks for all your efforts.

    • Jeanette LeBlanc says:

      I would love to be one of the lucky 99 🙂

    • Barbara Moore says:

      I love your work and philosophy and have shared it with others. I would love to be part of this particular small army.

    • Kari Wolfe says:

      I would love to help in any way I can. Let me know–I’m also a pretty fast reader and I’m eBook-savvy if that helps! 🙂

    • Jim says:

      Would love to have one.

    • Everyday Kathy says:

      I will be buying your book in any case but it would be great fun to offer one to my blog/twitter readers… as part of my blogversary which is coming up in September.

      Will you also be doing an Amazon “Buy the book on this day and time” kind of thing that some authors do? If so please let us know so our purchases can forward the world domination!

    • maverickstruth says:

      I follow a lot of blogs, on a lot of different topics. Most of the bloggers I read have published books in the last year or two, but I’ve never felt compelled to purchase any of their books. But this one? Ever since hearing about it, it’s been on my “to buy” list. Your World Domination Manifesto got me thinking, and it’s been an incredible ride since then.

      But, what’s better than one copy? Why, two, of course! A free copy would be a perfect copy for my “library” — by which I mean, it’ll be part of my “library of books that I loan to everyone and anyone, because they’re must reads”.

      Looking forward to seeing you in Alberta this winter; bring your snowsuit!

    • Adam says:

      I’d love a review copy! And Penguin Books? Awesome. One of my favorite book publishers.

    • Heidi @ debtfreecharts says:

      It seems my first entry was eaten – database error or something. Anyway, I’d love to be chosen as one of the 99!

    • Kaleigh Somers says:

      That’s so exciting! Your blog and your thoughts in general are inspirational and keep me writing. Hopefully the 99 books spread the word. I’d love to be a part of that 🙂


    • G @ Operation Backpack Asia says:

      How bout this, dude? Not only will we give it a good ol’ honest review and if we love it tell our peeps who would love it, we’ll ALSO get some pics of it for ya with the following: Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, Mount Everest, baby tigers, Mt. Fuji, the Himalayas, a panda bear (holding it even?), and a number of other adventures that are coming up in the next few months for us. It would be fun! 🙂

    • Todd says:

      Thought I would throw my hat into the ring for a copy.

      Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to the tour when you come by. It is two days before my daughter is expected to be born! Good luck with the tour, I’ll hope to meet you some other time.

    • Ellen Holbrook says:

      Hey Chris – I’d love to read your book and review it on my blog, the Positive Thinking Diet.

    • Gustavo says:

      I just started reading about lifestyle design and lots of people reference your work. I also just started my online business and have plans to soon start a blog. I will certainly be buying the book, but getting it for free would be even better, and I’ll surely advertise is as much as possible.

    • Rhonda says:

      I can’t wait to read the book! I was just sharing your travel story with a new friend on campus this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Tara Sroka says:

      I just recently started freelancing and living a nonconformity existence but would love some guidance. Your book sounds perfect for that! Good luck with the tour!

    • Rob Cosman says:

      Chris You NEED Canada TOO!

      Chris, here is my quick pitch to review your book.
      1. I will review it on my website (which is small business advise), twitter and Facebook.
      2. I will offer you free room and board if you are coming to Toronto for the tour, and I’m sure you are since its one of the largest markets in Canada (and one of the longest average commutes for people in North America so people NEED this book)!
      3. If I’m selected, I will buy a couple copies of the book anyhow, and give it away both on my site and to friends.
      4. I use to live in the Cayman Islands and if you want to tour there I’ll have my friends show you around!
      5. I’m a really nice guy and I love your work!

      PS. I’ll pick up a copy anyhow. Best of luck with it!

    • Margie says:

      I sadly have to admit I’m too busy having fun to help, but will buy it. Our family of 5 is RVing the USA & I’m tired of hearing I’m so lucky when luck has nothing to do with it! Simple planning, saving, & giving up things we don’t need, aka not conforming. I’m hoping to make a tour stop, but never know where we’ll be the next day. Love that!

    • Jennifer says:

      Due to my own reading constraints starting in september (grad school!), a copy delivered earlier would be greatly appreciated. I like the work you do, and the adventures you inspire in others. keep up the good work, and we will also.

    • Jessica says:

      Chris, I have been reading now for about a year, and I am really looking forward to the book. It will make a great read for the campaign trail in the run up to the November elections. I would love to help in any way I can.

    • Jennifer Fong says:

      I’m new to your site (got a tip from my friend Sarah Robinson on Twitter) but your concept intrigues me. My “tribe” is very interested in entrepreneurship (direct sales…I do a lot teaching direct sellers, and direct sales companies, how to use social media appropriately without spamming.) And as a former social entrepreneur, I also love your commitment to doing good. So if you send me a book, I’ll do a review on my blog. (And if you don’t send me one, I’ll probably buy a copy and do a review anyway!) 🙂 But would love the free one.

    • Karen Talavera says:

      Hey Chris, I would *LOVE* a book and if you send me one, I promise to review it on my Huffington Post blog and my own blog, The Accidental Seeker. I love reading about your life travels and lessons so please send me a book! Also – have you given any more thought to heading further south in Florida on your tour? I think you’ll draw much bigger crowds in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale than Tampa. I’m tapped into several groups in South Florida that would be really interested in you.

    • james says:

      Hi Chris, In a market awash with books by ‘gurus’ promoting books about how they gave up work, the title and method of promotion of your book sounds both promising and refreshing. Would certainly be up for reviewing a copy.

    • megg says:

      If it will help you to have someone in the UK, I’d love to be part of the launch!

    • Rossana Malxhuk says:

      Hi Chris and congrats on your new book. I would love to get one of the free copies because I’ve been waiting for it since you mentioned it on the blog. I live in Chile and would love to spread the word on all the valuable information/thoughts that you always share with all of us.

      Either if I get it or if I don’t I will still read it, but I would definitely love to get a free copy 😉 So good luck and have an amazing book launch!!


    • Linda Odette says:

      Turned 50 this year. Convinced I’ve still got crazy potential that could change the world even though it’s getting late in the game and I spend way too much time with guilty pleasures. I guess I’m going with the Grandma Moses late-bloomer plan. Expecting to make those changes in the world by reading your blog and books. (No pressure). Already signed on to volunteer at your tour.

    • Alex says:

      I’m all over it. Love everything about your work and would happily continue to promote it by spreading the word about your book (which i’ll do whether you send me one for free or not) via both of my blogs, twitter and facebook!

      Best of luck and thank you for creating magic!


    • Lisa Hart says:

      Well I love reading and have been looking forward to this book for a long time! Your writing inspires me so much in my life and I’m sure the book will be inspiring as well. The “What you don’t do doesn’t matter” article has been handed out to basically my entire office as it was a life changing read for me, it also hangs in my cube for as needed reminders. Anytime the topic of favorite websites or traveling comes up, I tell everyone about this site because I love it so much! I’m currently working/saving/planning for my future long term travel adventure around the world. Would love a copy of the book :):)

    • Jaimie Field says:

      So up to this comment you already have 165 people clamoring for book. Here’s my promise. If I am sent a book I will be brutally honest. I have been following your blog for a while and like your message, but I not going to blow smoke. And if you wish, I will run my review by you prior to posting anywhere else. If it is good you will know; if not, I promise to tell you as well. Isn’t that more helpful then just having the masses googly-eyed just because you gave them a free book?

    • Ergin Bozün says:

      Well, maybe I could be bothered with helping you out with the launching process in Germany – just mayber 😉

    • Gretchen says:

      Hey Chris,
      I actually already pre-ordered a copy of your book when you started getting things rolling for the tour a while back. Im anxiously waiting its arrival from Amazon, but I would love a free copy so that I can share this with someone else who would be interested but may not be aware or take the step to make a purchase.

      I hope to see you in Boston soon for the tour and would be glad to help in any way I can with the tour in the NE area!

    • tara - scoutie girl says:

      Hey Chris! I have a copy on pre-order already – but if you pick me, I’ll giveaway the copy you give me on my blog. My readers totally dig your message of non-conformity so I think it would be a great fit.

      THANKS! And, congrats!

      I’ll be at your Philly stop on Sept 10 – my birthday!

    • Heather says:

      I would love to receive, read and review a copy of your book! I am constantly looking for inspiration and ways to share said inspiration with people in an empowering and encouraging way. Your blog does so much for me in this respect so I can’t wait to read your book too. I’m in England and network with other workshop facilitators and speakers (not to mention clients) too. Thanks – and good luck!

    • David Greville says:

      Send it! NOW!

      If you need some help pushing the book in Africa, I’m your man – I can use a bunch of local blog sites. Having escaped the clutches of Big Business about 12 years ago, I have been living a much more unconventional life, and trying to contribute my unique skills where it makes a lot more sense.

      I have probably passed you in the air over some unusual place. Let’s keep it going.

    • Barry Morse says:

      I would consider it a privilege to read your book. I have been inspired by your outlook on life. I’m sixty-one years old and still have a lot to offer this world, and you have encouraged me to do just that. I hope to meet you on the tour.

    • Red says:

      Would be great to see what you’ve but down on paper. Been stopping by for awhile now and think your book would resonate with many people I write to…would be happy to read it and give it a plug.

    • Betti says:

      I would love to get one of your books for free… (Though if not I will probably buy one anyway!).

      Many thanks for doing what you do.


    • Deb says:

      I have a business and I would love for it to reflect the AONC philosophy! I am ready to kick “typical” out the door. Going for passionate and purposeful. I would be grateful to be one of the 99.

    • Erica Douglass says:

      I’m interested. I read a lot of biz books, but I want to hear your perspective.


    • Steve Stillwater says:

      Would enjoy reading, reviewing, and sharing your book and story.

    • Sabrina says:

      I would love a copy of your book because you have been an inspiration to me since I discovered your blog last year. It was right before my first trip out of the country and your articles encouraged me to work around my fear and believe in myself. I am looking forward to your visit to KY for the book tour!

    • Chris Cloyd says:

      I’ll be on a 3-country bike tour with my non-profit this Sept. and Oct., and I would love to have a copy of your book for reading material. What better time to read about the wonders of adventure travel and living adventurously then while on an adventure!

    • ericka hines says:

      Um, well, I put the words Social Change and Diva together in a name, an emerging biz and a brand–I want to totally live outside of the box. I am a big fan of yours and follow you and your pals ( pam slim, danielle laporte, charlie gilkey, gwen bell) somewhat religiously.

      I can read your book, give it an honest review and if applicable, put the mission based/ social change spin to it.

      So, yes, plz pick me, plz, super plz.


    • Val says:

      This is great fun, I’d love to have a copy of the book. I’m also a voracious reader, so would be glad to share thoughts on the book to others, before it comes out.

    • Pascal says:

      hi Chris,

      I’m following you since more than a year already. You’re an inspiration and I would like to be in your first 99 lucky people to get the book.

      Any chance you visit Quebec city in January?


    • Kristen says:

      This Labor Day, I’m launching an online magazine for solopreneurs & similar folks who may be small entities, but are doing remarkable work. The goal is to simply build a community for sharing insight and inspiration. I was already planning to include your UnGuides in the “book shelf” area, and would love to include your book!

      Thank you for your ongoing inspiration.

    • Courtney says:

      ooooooooooooh I would love to be one of 99!!!

    • Amanda says:

      Free or not, I am going to read this book and tell my circle of friends, many of us who do work in very “conformed” careers, who think in uns on a daily basis. We desire that unconformity, trying to make a new leap in life. I know I will get a lot of out of this book, and I will be sure to spread the word on this launch either way, but a freebie book is always appreciated!

    • Brennan says:

      Hi Chris! I am from the Philippines. The possibility of Penguin sending a free book across the pacific is a little far-fetch indeed. But that piece of literature would have an adventure of its own even before I could even start mine. And that would make a great storyline indeed.

      I expect to be changed by this book. I may not be able to pull-off everything you have done, but I’d still try to conquer the world in ever context possible, and then leave it a little bit better to accommodate the adventures of the next generations.

      98 books left… 🙂

    • LaVeda H. Mason says:

      Hi Chris!!

      Congratulations on the new book! How exciting!!

      I’ve registered for the Columbia, SC meetup [and I’ll even bring donuts :-)… I have a donut connection].

      I’ll be happy to review the book for you and your legions of fans… let’s see if we can do more to make the ANOC Army a bit larger, shall we?

      Failing to conform in SC,


    • David McGregor says:

      Chris i would love a copy b/c I want to see how you put everything together in one product. Plus I now live in Thailand & will promote it w/all the expats plus friends back in the States.

    • Nqo says:

      I’d totally appreciate a copy – I live in South Africa and have like 3000 friends on Facebook from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Hawaii, all over the US, Uganda, Botswana, most parts of the UK, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and other parts of Africa. I’d actively punt the book and the AONC philosophy for a full week to my network! How’s that for tapping into a new market? Huh? Huh? Not bad, hey! 🙂 I’ll be checking my mail with a spirit of positive expectancy ((hugs))

    • Crissy says:

      I would love a copy of the book, I’ll even review it on my blog as I have done with the books I paid for 😉

      Thanks for the great work you’ve been doing.

    • Stephenie says:

      Hi Chris,

      I love what you’re doing and what you stand for. That said I would love to help you promote the book and would love a copy.


    • Susan Mulder says:

      PUHLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSE pick me! (pretty please?)

    • Gilly says:

      If you give me a book,
      I’ll take a good look,
      And I’ll spread the word wide
      From the ocean this side
      To where continents slide
      And mountains collide.

      I’m a fan of your blog
      And I promise to slog
      To write a review
      And create a long queue
      Of people who’ll pay
      To read what you say!

    • Christina says:

      I would love to win your book, read it, and spread the word! You/AONC have been a major inspiration to me! You’re a big part of the reason why I now have ALL my irons in the fire at once…maintaining a cooking blog, starting a freelance legal practice, writing a screenplay, selling a television show idea, creating a retail product (oh, and raising two kids…well, you didn’t have too much to do with that!). Thanks to you, I am tired…but also very happy and more productive than I’ve ever been! 🙂

    • John Bedosky says:

      As someone who has been on the leading edge of unconventional thinking and transformation, I have a reputation with friends in conservative, conventional professions, for being perceptive and controversial and ultimately right about where life and business is going. I can get this message out there to people who would not ordinarily see it.

      Either way, I’m buying multiple copies of the book to give away.

      Thanks for all you do.


    • Sean says:

      Wow. A chance to be part of the elect 99…

      I think Libby would agree I’d make a great candidate.

      Free or not, I’m promoting your book Chris because I strongly believe more people need this message.

      Thank you!

    • Heather says:

      I would love to have a copy of your book- if it is as good as your website and blogs I will recommend it to my friends and bookclubs. I have enjoyed your writings and message so far. Good luck on your book tour and I hope to get to see you when you come to KY. Thanks.

    • Mandy says:

      I’d love to be considered and to be part of what you do~ love it!

    • Sarah Walker says:

      I would love to have a copy of your book. I may not comment often, but I love reading your posts. They bring a small bit of inspiration to my very heavy day. I will be recommending it to my friends regardless. If I don’t win, I will be sure to purchase at least one copy.

    • Adontai says:

      I would love to be a part of your Army of 99 and help with the promotion of the AONC mission. Namaste!

    • Mike Chlanda says:

      Chris, if I get a copy of your book, I’ll hold a discussion group/workshop based on your book here in Yellow Springs, as well as get the word out for people who want to thrive not just survive in this economy.

      Thanks for the chance, Chris! mike chlanda

    • Laura says:

      I am a connector, love sharing and promoting great things such as this, so I would be honored to spread the word in Sydney and with friends around the world. I wish I could come out to your book tour!

    • Jan Jenson says:

      I have been following your comments and trips and books for YEARS! I would LOVE to review your book and promise to publish the review in my Wellthy Choices magazine. I’m working on the Sept-Oct issue right now! Since I read over 150 books a year, this will be a PERFECT to share with many reading friends too!

    • Traca says:

      Count me in! I’d love to pay it forward…

    • Robin says:

      I am a crazed fan of you, your blog and your mission. I consider myself a member of your Small Army anyhow, but I’d surely love the chance to share a first-run review of your (obviously remarkable) book.

      But don’t worry; even if I’m not one of the 99, I’ll buy it anyway. See you on the tour!

    • Vicky says:

      Chris, I’d love to review your book – I will do that anyway, but I’d love to be one of your 99!

      I’m in the process of creating a location independant lifestyle for myself and I work with women in midlife who are asking themselves ‘Is this all there is?” I help them discover and live their passions – which most often includes travel. As a single woman in midlife my passion is to inspire other women to get out there and see the world. I figure I’ve been to about 50 countries so far. I’m a Kiwi living in Vancouver, Canada – can’t wait to see you up here.

      Your book, free or not will inspire my readers and clients, I just know it!

    • Elizabeth Harper says:

      I’m an American Expat living in Cornwall England with decent following of folks most of whom have blogs of their own. It’s a pretty good group of readers and writers and I was honest to goodness thinking just this morning ( my morning time not yours – you were likely still sleeping ) that I was going to have to do a blog post about you based on all the good stuff of yours that pops into through my email everyday. Having a copy of your book to review and share with my readers with be just about perfect.

    • MsRedmond says:

      I would love a free copy of your book, because I am very poor and would be unable to buy it, and because I love to read and review things and discuss them with my friends. Some of my friends are less poor then I am, and all of them are good listeners. Thanks!

    • Jerry Brown says:

      Have it
      You surely see
      Is me!

      And not to choose me could be a travesty that might just lead to hours of thearapy.

    • Hassan says:

      Hi Chris,
      Many congratulations on getting the book and word out. I am based all the way away in Ireland, Europe. I am already spreading the word but if you need any further assistance in spreading the word about your book, do let me know. Regards.

    • Paul says:

      Please send me a book. I think an old guy like me matched with your youthful, genius-laden zeal makes for a powerful combination to speak absolute truth.

    • Sonia D. says:

      I would love to get your book! Like all the guys above me 🙂 Why? Because you are awesome and I wanna be too.. Because you have taught me that I can actually break off the rat race and live an extraordinary life. I don´t know exactly how yet, but the most important thing is that you gave us all hope that WE can make a difference, each and every one of us. And your book will be my manual, my personal “Chris on the phone” 🙂

      If I wouldn´t be picked, I will buy your book anyway because I know it´s time to invest into my life… (Just wanted to let you know even if I’ve probably ruined my chance to be picked..) You´re doing extraordinary job, Chris! Thank you in the name of every man and woman whose lives you changed!

    • S.V. Macías says:

      Count me in Chris. I’d be happy to spread the word here in the Bay Area.

    • Dominic Jodoin says:

      Great idea Chris!

      It will be my pleasure to be an ambassador for your book in Canada.

      Hoping to be selected else be assured I’m gonna buy AONC when it comes out in September.


    • Tawnia says:

      Well since I love reading your blog and have also been enjoying the Empire Building Kit, I’m sure I’d also be inspired by your book!

    • Erica Gott says:

      Add me to the list of people who would like to help you get the word out, Chris (I’m #221, I think). You have truly inspired me, and I’m finally getting off my butt and getting on with my life. I’ve simplified my life and downsized, and this fall I’m taking off on a nomadic trek around the world. Thanks for this site, your book, and all you’ve done for me and others.

    • Daniel Andersen says:

      Well I’m never considered joining the military but this could be the closest I come to being part of an army!
      Please pick me, I’d be honored!

    • anne m bray says:

      Of course I want the book! If I don’t get the review copy, I will pay for it. I prefer reading from books more than the computer screen so can’t wait to read what you’ve written. And to really absorb the message. Looking forward to the meet-up in Los Angeles.

    • Lou Chmura says:

      Chris, I have been following your business development for years and I’d love to review the book. I think your ideas of non-conformity are applicable not only to those who choose alternative professional paths, but in many traditional occupations also. I’m an orthodontist and I use the principles to help me be innovative in my practice. So, if you’d like an alternative opinion, I’d love the opportunity.

    • Margaret says:

      Yay! this is very exciting. And of course, I would LOVE the book and to help out anyway I can! Good luck Chris!

    • Chris says:

      I’ve recently quit my staring-at-spreadsheets-all-day job, making money for a huge corporation . I’m now starting two people-oriented businesses, as well as shooting a video to use in my search for a doing-good-for-others type of job that takes advantage of my A-game social & sales skills. I refuse to continue making my life all about the money, and I insist on creating an extraordinary life. I would love to add your book to my growing library on the subject.

    • Dax Ross says:

      I have been looking forward to this book and would love an early chance it The truth is, If I’m not lucky enough to be in the 99, I will buy it anyway, but I would love to have the opportunity to read it sooner.

      Thank you for the consideration,


    • Mike says:


      What a feeling it must have been to see YOUR book for the first time! That’s huge!

      You are a regular inspiration to this old (55) guy. Thanks for that. Now you’re inspiring me to get MY book out there. Guess I need to write it first,

      A free book would be good but I’m sure I’ll buy it anyway.

      All the best,

    • April says:

      Count me in! Now I’m off to go check the schedule to see if you’re coming to Omaha…

    • David Crandall says:

      Chris, I’d love to be able to read and review your book! As a husband and a father, I’m approaching lifestyle design and location independence from an entirely different perspective…as the bootstrap dad.

      I think being able to review your book would allow me to convey your message to a market that is not yet fully tapped in to. What you’re doing is fantastic and I’d love to be able to share it from the family man’s perspective.

      Regardless of whether you choose me or not, thanks for rocking out this offer and letting 99 people in on your plans. Way cool!

    • Greg says:

      Hi Chris, I would love a copy of your book. I have followed you since Seth Godin, brought you to my attention. I have always played by the rules, and for years, I was pretty successful. Over the last 10 years, I got lost. My career tanked and I have been having a rough go of it. Since the back-slide, I have been searching, reading, testing, and more so than not -failing. I have found some interesting people along the way. For example, you, Seth Godin, Hugh Mccleod, and Steve Chandler. For this, I am extremely grateful. Yes, I would love to have a copy of your book. I can’t promise to hang onto it because I share everything of value that I read. If I don’t make the cut, I will probably purchase your book and share it, just the same. I hope to meet you during my adventures. Good luck with the book.

    • Sean Giorgianni says:

      I’d love to help. Looking forward to the opportunity!

    • Kristin Haffey says:

      Yay! I hope I can get one. I’d love to help. And I’d love to read it! 🙂

    • rachel says:

      Pretty please! I would love to read your book!!! And I would like to say I would buy it anyway, but unfortunately I lack the money to do so. I will either way, read or unread promote the hell out it and add it to the TOP of my ‘as soon as I build an empire and have the money wish list’ on Amazon.
      Thanks you for all the high value free content you share!!

    • Shauna says:

      I would absolutely love a copy of this book!!! I’ll also gladly buy a couple copies to give to others who I know will appreciate it!

    • Benjamin Manns says:

      Hey Chris (or whoever has to actually go through all these comments – sorry!),

      I’ve been reading your blog and mailing-list emails, and I’m looking forward to reading your book. I’ll share it amongst my friends and family.



    • Mike Smith says:

      I’ll review it and post the review. I like your stuff. Hey, I’m 60 years old and you inspire me. I’ll also pass the book along to someone else to share.

      At any rate, thanks for the inspiration you’ve provided me over the last few months.


    • Karen says:

      Hey Chris & Team, I’d love to read & help promote. I’m a pro at the relationship business of global direct sales – well networked with top sales reps and corporate office teams across multiple companies in this networking industry. I equip people to build a business to create a life to love and often use your words for my own inspiration…and refer people to your site to understand the attitude needed to be successful in direct sales.

      May it go well with you,

    • Tamara says:

      I would love to have a copy of the book. Your blog has been so inspiring to me. I’ve set out on my own path to creating a life of non-conformity and I could use all the advice that I can get on how to create the life I want. Please pick me!

    • Kelly E McClelland says:

      I am a life long conformist who has recently found your site while on sabbatical and am currently making a leap of faith to non-conformity. If you’d like to help me on my journey to becoming a practicing non-conformist, then please send me your book. I’ll be sure to apply all the good stuff and break the chains of normality and become one of the regular AONC gang as well as being evangelistic with my friends. Congrats on hitting another milestone with the new book.

      THANK YOU for the opportunity to receive a book and for the good stuff you share with others! Blessings!

    • Christina says:

      Congrats on having your book published! It would be awesome if you could send one of those copies my way. I am really excited to read it after I discovered your blog only a couple of months ago. I have some time to help you spread the word as I’m currently on a sabbatical, and in my previous life I worked in marketing strategy and communications… so would love to contribute to spreading your vision in that way. Would love to attend one of your book tour stops but am currently in Europe. 🙁
      Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world!

    • Joesphe says:

      Wow… it didn’t take long for some awfully good competition to develop! I get titles sent here from time to time; If you feel included to send me a review copy of the book, I will give my honest assessment (but I am sure it will be great) to the lists with Gen X national reforming leaders of my fraternal organization, as also look into submitting a review to the state magazine. I look forward to seeing you in Lawrence, Kansas, home of the KU Jayhawks, on your tour!

      Best Regards, J.

    • Claire says:

      Oh, perfect! I am quitting my job in the next month to go travel the world and *fingers crossed* work to improve our planet’s environment. I want to stir things up with some unconventional approaches that get action happening. I have a feeling your book will have a lot of inspiration in that direction. Definitely put me in your 99 books drawing!

    • David Bourbon says:

      I’ve already pre-ordered your book from Amazon, but I’d love to get it earlier so I can read it and spread the word. Good luck on your tour!

    • Haider says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’m your humble soldier in Kuwait, and would love to do my bit in promoting your book.

      Wish you all the best with the launch! 😀

    • Jay (uk) says:

      Would love a copy and, as I blab alot, I’ll definitely tell everyone I know about it!

    • Barbara says:

      Having recently discovered your website, I am sharing it with friends and colleagues around the world. Having previously lived in Portland, I’m now living in Geneva, Switzerland and working for a United Nations (UN)organization. Even with the extraordinary experiences that come with this work, it is way too easy to get “stuck” and forget to live life to its fullest. So…your website came as a wake-up call, and my goal now is to (in my spare time) re-launch my life-coaching business to help others (and myself) live an extraordinary life according their own rules (or lack thereof). I am convinced your book will be amazing, so I have plans to “launch the #%#! out of your book” with great reviews on all of the the social and professional networking sites in Geneva! Other ideas are already brewing…

    • M Ryan Taylor says:

      I would love to help spread the word (and would love to see a copy of your book surprise me in my mailbox).

      I’ve been on my own adventure to reclaim/change my life and have just re-skinned my main site to start releasing posts about it. I’ve done about 40 hikes this summer in the Wasatch Mountains and managed to whittle off about 40 excess lbs at the same time. All while going organic, trying to simplify my life, and getting involved in my community to a higher level.

    • Asha - 13 Years Later says:

      Hmm…what are the odds that the 259th commenter will get to review the book? Well, it can’t hurt to try! I’m thirteen years into living the conformist life and getting more desperate every day to find a way off this treadmill. Pick me, and you could help rescue me from conformity a whole two weeks faster!

    • Kate Courageous says:

      I’d like to participate because I enormously admire anyone who, as I put it, “claims their choices.” I think that the kind of work you do is this up-front, complete and total contradiction to the idea that our lives have limitations. I’m jazzed about supporting anyone who walks the world that way, excited about collaboration, and a reliable participant (aka, I don’t say I’ll do it and then not read it/do it/follow up/pimp it out/write about it/review it/speakup). Finally, I have been known to give people donuts (and or other baked, sugary confections of their choice) when we do something together. Who wouldn’t want that?

    • Victoria says:

      I would love a copy of your book to review. On top of following you and your adventurous (admittedly with a lot of jealousy and envy), I also work at a bookstore, so would happily promote it there too! Sadly, you’re not visiting where I live in Canada, but I’ll do anything to help out 🙂

    • Yassir Islam says:

      Would love a chance to read this and spread the word on a new blog I am about to begin–have just finished your ‘world domination’ guide which as given me the kick I needed to get this going. And since you’ll be giving a chunk to charity in LDCs that seals the deal. Someone mentioned at you’ll be in the B&N here in DC–there is also another venue that would be ideal for your book here–contact me if you want more info.

    • Kevin Ross says:

      I’ve re-tweeted your giveaway… Good luck with the book tour… Hope to see you in Ontario, Canada !!!

    • Esther says:

      I’m looking forward to reading your book!

    • Dave @ A Writer's Look says:

      I’d love to help out. I plan to buy and review a copy for my website anyway, but having the book a week in advance sure wouldn’t hurt. The Art of Non Conformity has helped me in a lot of ways, including getting my website off the ground and get me started towards my mission to make a feature film.

      All the best,


    • Karen says:

      I really, really want this book. I want to be able to show the 50+ crew that we can do what Chris is doing. And besides I’m making cupcakes for the Vancouver tour. That has to be worth a book and a review and an update on my journeys.

    • Mike Dixon says:

      Love your thoughts and ideas. I would love to get my hands on your book. See you on tour. Thanks

    • Sarah says:

      I hope you pick me! I would love to help spread the word about your awesome book!

    • Gip @ So Much More says:

      I’d like to throw my hat into the ring for a review copy. My first writing assignments when I started out were book reviews and author interviews — and I’ve loved doing them ever since.

      My blog has modest and consistent traffic that’s proven it at least considers what I say, and I don’t write nearly enough reviews these days. And as a regular reader of this site, I know the book has to be great.

      Gip Plaster
      So Much More Life

    • James says:

      I am a civil servant (conformist job!) having a bit of a mid-life crisis. I have already become a Buddhist, which is a bit non-conformist for a civil servant, and I feel that non-conformity about to spring out in other ways too! Furthermore, I am facing the risk of redundancy (it is not good for UK public sector workers just now!), in which case I may need to start thinking about earning my living in very unconventional ways.

      What can I do to promote your book, if I am sent a copy? I can write an Amazon review!

      Whether or not you send me a copy, good luck with your book promotion!

      Best wishes, James

    • Giovanna says:

      I would love to have the book. LOVE!

    • Kate says:

      I cannot wait for this book to come out! I’m only 26, but I already feel so trapped. I love reading the blog and am trying to use some of the info to jump start some changes in my life.

    • Luc says:

      As a constant reader and proud part of the small army, it will be a pleasure to read the book and give good word around about it!! 🙂

    • ottertri says:

      I’m on my way to Alaska to sit back and figure out my empire-building strategy and do a bunch of reading and writing, so would love to add your book to my reading list. (Pamela Slim’s book is being sent to me there already.) I’ll pick it up anyway, but free is good when I’m not working for money at the moment.

      Will miss you on the tour, since I won’t be anywhere near anyplace you’ll be for any of it.

    • Patrick Brown says:

      I enjoy the way you look at running a business. I’d love to get a copy of the book.



    • Sudha says:

      I did love a copy of your book.
      I want one because not only can I spread the word but I have been putting your book to immense use – using it to start my own business, trying out few unconventional ideas (traveling too!!).

    • Katie Lou Who says:

      Columbia, SC can’t wait to see you. I can pick you up at the airport if you need a ride. Let me know if you still need a location and I can make some recomendations.
      PS – I’m about to request the local public library purchase a copy of your book. We need all the help we can get down here.

    • Devin says:

      Clearly, you will have no problem 99 enthusiastic people who will be happy to help promote you and your new writing (congratulations by the way). I would definitely be another one willing to do the same.

      What I offer is reading. Not saying that anyone else wouldn’t, but I promise to read the book cover-to-cover. Because I am a bibliophile and think you’re a good egg, but I would be honest if the book isn’t the best. If all goes well I would add something to my sites, which are popular. I am also now writing for the Huffington Post and about to start with Technorati.

      No matter who gets the books, I wish you much success in your tour. To be honest, you seem to have this down and make it look easy — even though I know its not.

    • tony says:

      Glad to help.

      What I can do:
      – write review
      – post review on my blog and link to it on facebook

      I am traveling myself. Book would have to go to my address in British Columbia.

      I will be back in the US, and traveling the West Coast (Seattle, Portland, SF, LA) in late September.

      Good luck with the book tour. Sounds like a brilliant effort.

    • Steve says:

      I have just recently discovered and started to explore AONC and location independent living. Just saw @leawoodward tweet about you giving out 99 copies of your book and would love to get my hands on a copy. Will definitely be exploring your site more. Hope you consider me for a free copy. 🙂

    • wen says:

      Hi there!

      I work in marketing, do copywritng and pr, and am in the niche travel field. I’ve also run my own company. I enjoy your site and newsletter, and so I’d like to read your book and help you get the word out. If I like what I see (and I bet I will), I’ll be happy to help you with some out out-of-the-box (or in-the-box, you can choose) marketing and PR.

      Regardless, best of luck for a successful launch!

    • mike says:

      Hi Chris,
      Firstly-BIG THANKS for the mail
      Secondly-As you seem to be initailly promoting in USA/Canada and I’m in South Africa…where the vuvuzela has now been installed in the English language today- I’d appeciate reading it as an antidote to suduku
      Cheers from 27c Montagu SA…worth a visit

    • Annainportland says:

      I would love to review your book for you. I have been following your site for almost a year and I love the ideas you put out there. My family and I have been off the conventional path for years and I would be glad to spread the word about your book.

    • Chelsea says:

      Congratulations Chris! I’m a newly minted follower of your blog – I found it several months ago in a fit of dissatisfaction with my current work-path situation during which I googled ideas about how I might make a change. I’m a writer too – mostly plays and fiction – and your ideas on this blog have helped inspire me to find not only more creative ways to approach my career, but ways in which I can give back to my arts, social and global communities. I’d love a chance to review your book 🙂 Good luck with the tour!

    • Steve Dunham says:

      i want one!!!! 🙂

    • Robert says:

      You seem to be concentrating all your promo activity on the North Americas, so I reckon you need as many European ambassadors as you can to spread your message worldwide. I look forward to reading the book.


    • John says:

      Please pick me to receive an advanced copy of Chris’ new book! Thanks to Chris, I have recently amassed the necessary courage to start my own blog (yesterday). Chris’ insights and practical tips have been a source of inspiration and encouragement as I seek to build my own “empire”. Keep up the great work Chris! We need more voices like your own in our culture today.

    • Kathryn says:

      I would love the privilege to read your book!

    • MarisaO says:

      I would love an advanced copy of your book. I’ve really been looking forward to it. I only recently found your work but have been profoundly moved by it.

    • AJ says:


      Congratulations on the book launch! I’d be delighted to receive a copy, review it and spread the word. I enjoy your writing and advice and am sure the book will be a hit.

      Thanks for the chance to get an early copy.

    • Connie McGinnis says:

      Pick me! Pick me!

    • Matt Madeiro says:

      Seems I’m pretty late to the game, Chris, but I’d love to help you launch the book in any way I can.

      Keep up the great work, man! I’ll be grabbing a copy of the book regardless. 🙂

    • Cardon says:

      I have 400 some Facebook ‘friends’ that I don’t communicate with on a regular basis, no Twitter account and whenever I’m redirected to a MySpace page it scares me.

      The blog I kept for a year while living in South Korea was primarily an expressive outlet for me and far from an Empire Building venture. I just thought it was fun to let others know what I was up to!

      What I do have is an incredibly diverse group of friends, family and acquaintances with whom I enjoy nothing more than sharing this great experiment that is life.

      Since graduating from university in 2008 I’ve taken it upon myself to read any and all books that I so choose rather than those that were assigned to me for the prior 20+ years!

      I’d love to see what you have to say about what I can do to help you help me help others!

      Happy Thursday from New Orleans!


    • Dawm says:

      I want to read it!

    • Arturo Revilla says:

      Thanks for considering me as a reviewer. I signed up for the Toronto stop of the tour and it would be great to have read the book before the event. I have referred all of my friends to the site (non-conformist and conformist alike, specially the latter, since they need the help the most 🙂 )

      Keep up the great work and see you in a few months in T.O.

    • Sophie says:


      That’s what comes to my mind when I read your blog and I’m really grateful for this. 🙂
      I think more people should think the way you do, and that’s why I would love to contribute by spreading the word.

      I can’t wait to see how inspiring your book will be!

      Merci pour l’inspiration et la motivation!

    • Kevin Penner says:

      Chris…I really enjoyed reading the Brief Guide to World Domination. I have begun to go through some of the exercises and have been considering the questions. Plus, you should choose me because I live in PDX also.

    • Sarah Dylan Breuer says:

      I’d love to get a book. I do have over 1K followers on Facebook and a heavily trafficked website. I also need advice I think I’ll get in the book. I’m a freelance theologian/progressive activist who works extensively in and with Africans, and every time I get on a plane I lose tons of money. I’m living much as you describe, but am having a hard time making ends meet doing it. I’m determined not to go back to cubicle-land, so I’d love to read what you have to say about the Art of Non-Conformity, and I’m sure that my readers will be interested in what I think of the book. Thanks for your ear!

    • beth says:

      Congratulations Chris! I would love to help you promote your book because you totally speak my language. I have travelled to every continent on earth, and many countries along the way, and it is here I have learned all my most important lessons. This time last year I jacked in my job, set up my own company and committed 100% to doing what I love. My blog is called ‘Do What You Love’ and I know my readers would love to discover you and your way of living

    • Norma Vela says:

      I just pre-ordered your book on Amazon, but would also happily review an early copy – I own a regional magazine for horse owners (with website, Facebook page, Twitter following and blog to go with it). A good friend/author is also doing most of his own marketing like you (I got him a great quote from Dr. Temple Grandin, plus I run an ad in my magazine) and his book “A Dog’s Purpose” is now on the NY Times and LA Times best-seller list. So pick me! I’m good luck.

    • Lynna G says:

      i would love to review the book on my blog. I am new to your site and am definitely a fan so far.
      I am an artist and I write about my creative journey.

    • Marilyn says:

      Pick me, please! I’ve been reading your site for years and you’re a major inspiration in my own journey towards non-conformity, a rtw trip I’ll be starting next September!

    • Jason Gill says:

      Chris, I’d love to help!!!


    • Scott Lenger says:

      Hi, last year i read your blog and ended up taking a trip to Tokyo!!! 🙂

      (and told all me friends/family/neighbors/coworkers/enemies how)

      After that, snagging a copy of the book would be icing!

    • Kent Green says:

      Since I’ve been turned onto your work, it’s been an inspiration as I’ve turned free from the beaten path and hacked into the wild jungle of world travel / non-location-based work /generally helping people. It would be great to take your words to a coffee shop and not need a laptop to ponder them. But then, of course, I could go to my laptop and spread the AONC message on my highly influential* blog and twitter feed.

      *influence may be limited to my mom

    • Lynna G Smith says:

      Love to write about it on my blog. I am a fan–a recent member– Lynna

    • karthikkamalb says:

      Congratulations Chris! 🙂 I am from India and I am a recent follower of AONC and in love with it.Further, I would like to get a copy of your book, for the love I have for AONC. I believe this would be my first step along with millions of known/unknow NC’s!

      Anyways All the very best for your movement. God Bless!

    • Walt says:

      I’m part of the BIG Army (US) and travel all over the world evaluating Army units. I’m usually on the road 3 out of 4 weeks a year. People are always asking me what I’m reading…..So please share a book with me so I can share the book and your great message with all my fellow Soldiers !!


    • Rhiannon Bacon says:

      Would love a free copy of the book! Otherwise I’ll have to ask for it for Christmas, which would be OK too and get more money to you and the charity.

      I’ve signed up for your meeting in B’ham, Alabama (hopefully to take photos, and bring cupcakes). If you get a hankering to see more of the great southern state, my shop will be open by October and we’d love to host you in Huntsville. Just an offer — I’m sure you get many.

      Keep up the wonderful inspiring work in any case!

    • The Global Traveller (aka Kiwi Flyer) says:

      Hi Chris

      As a long-time fan, I’ve been impatiently waiting for your book for a while now. Unfortunately I cannot make your book tour and Amazon shipping to here is up to 30 business days. Hopefully Libby appreciates it is hard to wait that long.

      As an avid traveler I don’t like hoarding stuff so once I’ve picked through the book I’ll be passing it on to someone else who will also appreciate it, so 99 really is 100 or more.

    • Jeannette says:

      Congrats on your book! I’m super inspired by your website and your unconventional way of living! So why do I want a book?? I would love a book b/c I my dream is to travel the world helping women and children worldwide who lack the resources to live happy, healthy and sustainable lives. These are women/children who have been abused/victimized in some way and need a foundation on which to have a second chance at life. Plus I want to spread that word that living a life based on your deepest desires is possible!

      So…I have these incredible ideas but need help in thinking creatively to get them in motion!

      Thanks so much for reading and looking forward to your book! YEAH!!!

      Love to all-
      Jeannette 🙂

    • Thomas Franz says:


      I bid $100 for one of the free copies of your book.


    • Vince says:

      Hello! I am embraking on my first trip overseas next month (Minneapolis to Germany and Netherlands)! can’t wait to experience a new country! I would love to review the book on the flight over and share it’s novel concepts with those I meet on my adventure. I can promise exposure that will span the great beer halls of Bavaria to quaint countryside villlages scattered across the Alps to cozy coffee shops that line the streets of Amsterdam. I’ll even make sure every picture I take features the book cover in some fashion!

    • Anita C says:

      I am a guitarist/ singer/ songwriter who has a decent enough day job but aspirations to be a full time musician/ writer and have in the last year began reading and putting into action some ideas from entrepreneurial/ inspirational blogs like this one. I would like a book. I can promote you on our Facebook page (500+ fans) and on my personal Facebook page. More tools = more ways to succeed! 🙂

      Regardless, thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

    • A says:

      I’m am she, the one with 5 twitter followers. But I am also the one that emails and talks to the people around her with passion and ferocity about the things she believes in. And Chris, I completely believe in your messages of BEING that change in the world no matter if it’s just you or a small army (not to mention the message that traveling is Awesome). Please let me get a book (and if it’s as good as I think it will be), I will spread what messages, techniques, tales you provide and promote you, your blog, your book to those that will listen and benefit as I have.

    • Jean-Christophe says:

      I’ll be more than interested to review your book. If that matters, I’m in that small part of North America french-speaking but with a strong english-speaking community, and would love to talk about the book around me and to attend your Montreal session when you get there!

      Anyway, I have embarked in that wonderful new world of building and conquering my world, which is no small feat in itself. Very happy owner of your (unconventional) guide to the social web and faithful follower of your blog

      Cheers and thanks and all the best,


    • Chizone says:

      Hi, I’m from Peru and I’d love to win a copy of your book. I’m sure it’s as good as your blog…

    • Megan says:

      I would love to receive a copy of the book! I’ve only been a follower for a short time, but I’ve been hooked since day 1. Chris, you’ve actually become sort of an “icon” amongst me and many of my friends (plus, it doesn’t hurt that lines from your blog entries are so quotable- it really helps when enlightening people about AONC via Facebook statuses :]). While we’ve always known we could create our own paths, it’s nice to see someone out there living the dream and taking action. Hope to see you while you’re in Texas!

    • Nedra Rezinas says:

      Hi Chris,

      Being such a fan of yours, I’d love to help promote your book, I’m constantly sharing your blog and ideas with colleagues and friends and it’s changing how they live their lives!

    • Jennifer Hunter says:

      Hi, Chris, if you want a reader in the UK, I’m here…:) Would be happy to read it and pass it on to my blog friends…

    • Mary Evelyn Hammond says:

      I would love a copy!

    • Jason says:

      Chris – I’d love to take part. Count me in!

    • Brianne Zwambag says:

      I would LOVE to have a copy of this book to read and share with my friends/followers. I believe in the mission of AONC and love the concepts so much that with the help of the life coach, I made the decision to stop living for others and be remarkable in my own way. So I quit my job and set out on a 37-day limited budget road trip, and now blog about it. Using your goal-setting ideas and tips, I’ve now got a loose plan on how I plan to move in to freelance travel journalism and international community development with a web platform that will help launch it all! So pick me! And even if you don’t, come to Calgary on your book tour. =-))

    • Janice Cartier says:

      Read, review, ripple…would love to be part of the flow that helps you launch your book. All best, Jan

    • Sara says:

      Hello Chris – I am extremely excited for your book! I know there are probably 44,000 other folks out there who could make use of the advance promotion copy, of course. But I’d like to state my case as to why you should chose me as 1 of your 99.

      I already live a non-conformist lifestyle and am completely open to talking with anyone and everyone I meet about it. 4 years ago I moved to Seattle and bought into a low-income artist housing collective – The Apex Belltown Co-op. I’m also an artist who pursues residency travel and I’m currently using your travel hacking tips to rack up my mileage (thanks!)

      I wanted to sign up to help with your Seattle book tour meet up but I’ll be away on a residency at that time.

      I’d be honored to get to help out with the success of your book (and to get my hands on it sooner!)

    • Kelly says:

      I would LOVE to review your book.

      As a work at home mom with goals of world domination, while remaining home with my kids, I think I can bring my own perspective to your book and introduce you to my audience and other women I know who have similar goals to mine.

      I’d love to interview you on my show, or for my blog too, if you have time.

      I hope I get the chance to come out and meet you when you visit Philly!

    • Stephen Williamson says:

      I’d love to be involved!

    • Alicia Castro says:

      A book? Fantastic! Ive been an active observer long enough, time to become a participant. I’ll help.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Chris:

      I would love to receive a copy of your book. I love your blog because of the travel. I have an eight-year-old son who loves to travel. His goal is visit all 50 states…….he is well on his way as he has visited 23 so far. I’m sure that one day his goal will expand to include visiting all countries. I would love to share the book with him, so pick me. Good Luck on your tour!!!!!!

    • Barbara says:

      Hey Chris,

      Even though we may not get the opportunity to host you in Minneapolis, I would love to get a copy and promote a book read of it to our organization, SHiFT, that supports mid-life transitions for those seeking greater meaning in life and work. (= > AONC book sales!) A win-win.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Charlie says:

      I want one because my temp job is ending next week and I’ve got a gig dancing on a tour through China all through September. I need guidance for my next step after that! I want to start an online business (or series of them), but I am not sure how.

      Also, I have over 1,000 Facebook friends and am a Yelp Elite which means I love to write reviews.

      I love your blog. Thank you for all of your work!

    • Meg says:

      Oh, oh, oh, me me me me me!!! *jumps up and down enthusiastically waving*

      But no, seriously…. Haha. 🙂 You have been one of the biggest influences in my life by showing me that you really DON’T have to live the way everyone seems to think you do….

      Not sure I can make the book tour, Seattle in the winter, ehhhh…. (Spokane living here.) This now unemployed student can’t do much at the moment.

      <3 to Libby, she's adorable. (And with the loss of my kitty I'm happy to give my love away to others. Right now, that's mostly the Spokane Humane Society's dogs, who think I'm the best thing in the world sometimes.)

    • Shariq says:

      I would absolutely love a free copy of your book, however, I REALLY benefit from your articles and I’d rather support you by purchasing a copy of my own when it comes out.

      Thanks for the offer!

    • Darlene Seale says:

      Congratulations Chris on your book. How thrilling to be “published”! I love your selflessness in our culture of self-centeredness. Your philosophy of giving more than you receive is inspiring. As a “struggling” artist, I’ve been so inspired by your possiblity blogs and ebooks. You’ve set me on a path to contribute my talents and make a difference. Thanks for taking the time. And by the way, I’D LOVE TO REVIEW YOUR BOOK, because I will receive much more than I could give back to you. Blessing to you, no matter whom you choose.

    • Tianna says:

      Would love a review copy… but only if it’s signed. 😉

    • Stevie Allen says:

      I keep reading your writings online and want to print them, underline them, and re-read them. I need your book, that’s a given. And I will share the joys of your book on my Facebook account anyway. But it would be cool to share it after I’ve read it (I’m a fast reader) and before it’s released.

      My website is in process of major changes — I’m reading through two of your free downloads right now and just found Mad Mimi today (yay!). But I’m on Facebook too, and have another website that is anonymous so you can’t go there, sorry. I’m not brave enough to own up to my true feelings yet. I’m thinking your book will change that. 🙂

    • Laurel Sanders says:

      I would love to have a copy of your book in the hope of building on the inspiration I received from reading your “Art + Money” text and from your regular writings. Concurrent with my work in PR, I’ve been working hard to complete (and eventually make available to the public) a series of musical compositions that reflect my experiences as a musician, traveler, and person who has lived in several countries, rolling all of this into musical expressions about faith and life. I also believe this book would be of great interest to my teen daughter, who is an independent thinker and an avid reader (and teen book reviewer).

      As a result of my experiences living abroad, I am an advocate for living life fully and using the gift bag of talents we receive for the good of others while remaining true to oneself. Whoever receives the copies of your book will learn a lot, I am sure. I know I still have much to learn, and I hope to be among the lucky recipients.

    • Liesl Geneva says:

      I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your blog a year and a half ago. Your passionate commitment to not only live a life less ordinary, but to empower others to do so as well has been a source of strength and inspiration for me as I redefine my life. Shortly after discovering your site and devouring the Guide for World Domination, I left my corporate job and began the process of pursuing my art full-time. Now, I spend my days traveling, creating, and inspiring others to follow their path as well. Is it easy? Hell no. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

      I would be honored to receive a review copy of your book and have the opportunity to contribute to your mission, and help to repay the debt of gratitude that I owe you

    • Karen says:

      I want a copy of the book because I am reinventing my life. Most of the crutches supporting what had become a more-or-less average life have been shattered, and I decided it was not in me to give up or give in. Changing my assumptions and habits, and daring now to dream in vivid colors, it would be my honor to read and recommend your book along the way.

    • Deborah says:

      I would adore a copy of your book in advance! I’ve just started reading your website from a roundabout way (NY Times minimalism article), and I am fascinated and this looks like what I have been searching for.

    • Fernando says:

      Because I live in Chile (south america) and here most people must to know your particular AONC philosophy ; )

      I Really want one.

      Best !

    • Annie says:

      Chris – After finding your blog late last year, I started off this year knowing that there would be some BIG changes ahead for me. I tried to do everything I could ahead of time to minimize the negative impact those changes would have on my family and so far, we’re doing pretty good. Having your book to read and review and share with my soon to be 17 year old (who is already quite non-conformist!!) would be an excellent “manual” for her (and I) in following our dreams.

      See you when you get to Seattle!

    • Bob L says:

      Hi Chris – Sounds like a good book, I’d love to read it an give my thoughts on it to my friends.

    • Lois Hudson says:

      For a man obviously so young, you have amazing talent to inspire contemplation. I particularly resonated with your piece about being–in the full sense of the word–truly living–in the place you are, commemorating places you’ve been and leaving, with appreciation, places behind that you are unlikely to see again. And I think it touched a chord in a lot of people based on the responses. Thanks, Chris.

    • Alexis says:

      I’m really looking forward to reading your book! Getting an advance copy would be great, but more importantly I’m excited by the thought that your message will be given another medium to reach more people.

      Your blog has shown me that there are many other people, like myself, who believe in leading an authentic life – not necessarily one that our family, community or society dictates us to have. The world has so much to offer each one of us and through your writing I’m reminded that it is our duty to explore and live life to it’s fullest.

    • Lean Ni Chuilleanain says:

      Wow, this is so great. I’d love to help promote your book via Twitter and my blog, and somewhat less on Facebook – mainly to textile crafts people, unconventional parents, and Dublin choristers, I think, although it’s kind of hard to categorise.

      Thanks for everything you do!

    • Celeste Parkhurst says:

      This has been on my amazon wishlist since June 18th. I would love to receive an advance copy.

    • Bram Kanstein says:

      If you’re looking for an AONC world domination movement then you’ll have to set foot in Europe aswell.
      And the best place to start dominating Europe is Amsterdam, that’s where I’m from!
      I’ve been reading your blog and emails with alot of interest so it would be awsome if I could spread your vision (through your book) in Europe!

    • Jessica says:

      I would love a copy of your book for my husband. He is really inspired by your blogs and ideas and due to some recent financial and family changes, I won’t be able to afford to buy him the book for his birthday like I had planned. He is constantly educating and inspiring those around him to be different (without knowing it) and I think your book would give him a way to gain more confidence to do the things he wants to do and inspire others to do the same.

      Thank you for hearing my plea! Congrats and good luck with your book tour. If we can make it the 7 hours to Portland, Or we will definitely come see you!

    • tracy says:

      pass on over that book! i’m representin’ canada! i often forward your articles to my peers and lengthy conversations often ensue =) i’m not into twitter or facebook, but i reach out personally, touching hearts one by one. i’ll see you in toronto January 15! i’ll bring cupcakes (baked oatmeal chocolate bars to be precise) if you let me! bon chance and oh happy day!

    • Maryam Webster says:

      Chris, congrats on getting that book out the door & secondary kudos for benefitting one of my favorite causes, Charity Water! Loved it when. You started your Charity Water campaign. I am also an author and know how good getting the book out the door feels. Bravo! I regularly review books that forward freedom and would love to help your new book get even more publicity with the freedom lovers I serve & beyond if that fits for you & Libby. Thanks for putting your brilliance out there & again, congratulations!

    • Cheryl says:

      Tell your assistant that I love cats …. and books!

    • Paul says:

      I’m buying my own copy, but would love to give the free book as a gift to a friend who is in the process of making an important decision.

    • Sascha-Irena says:

      I would love to be one of the 99, because I was already one of the lucky ones who joined EBK! 🙂

      Do you remember the “funny email” you got from Switzerland? It was in July. I don’t have a blog yet, but I’m gonna tell my friends (not only the ones on FB) about you and your book and hopefully they’re gonna buy it when it comes out here or at least on

      And next year you could read out of your book in our “culture room” that we’re openning soon. I’m looking forward to see you in Zürich!

    • Gianni Davico says:

      I just finished my book (in Italian), due out by the end of the year. You and your blog are extensively quoted in it and in my blog.

      So: I will buy your book anyway – you entirely deserve your success.

      And that’s it.

    • Matt bailey says:

      I’d love one chris especially so I can show it off to the group I plan on bringing to meet you January in Calgary. Look forward to it! 🙂

    • Alexis Grant says:

      Hey Chris,

      I’d love to read your book — it’s right up my alley. Would consider sharing it on my blog (The Traveling Writer) and with my Twitter followers.

      Great idea to ask your army to help you. We all want to see you succeed!

      Best of luck to you!

    • ComCo says:

      Chris, greeting from Poland. My Readers would love a review of Your book at my blog (as much as they loved Deliering Happines review).

    • Alex Kim says:

      Vagabond in training… would love to read it through and through!

    • jean says:

      Pass along your book to the Future: my son is leaving for college a week from today; Imagine an 18 year old reading this, who is majoring in environmental science, already joined the Recycling Club and will drive the truck that picks up recyclables from each dorm…he wants to make a mark on the world……..send him off with a perfect guide to what life is really about

    • Steven Midgley says:

      I have bee following your ideas for over a year. They make me stop and think, as well as inspired me to to travel to new and different destinations(on my bike). I would love to give you an object review of your book and get some new ideas. Might also be able to get my students to read it as well.

    • Vic Stachura says:


      I would love to help you out. Here’s a little something for you:



      Take Care

    • Chase says:

      I definitely would love a copy of the book, Chris. I’m looking forward to helping you spread the word, and catching you on the tour!

    • Mike Carlson says:

      Good luck with the tour and book release! As a fellow ADD guy, I’m impressed with what you accomplish.

    • Dusan Vlahovic says:

      I’d love one!

    • Simon Bunker says:

      I must confess that I am a relatively new reader to your blog, if only it had existed 19 years ago when I entered into a world of conformity. Starting with the British Army then corporate life and then self employment. Even during the self employment phase I still followed the path that everyone says you should. So after years of conforming, I broke the cycle and 3 days after that I stumbled onto your blog and ever since your writings have struck a chord with me. So much so that I making some massive changes to my life much to the annoyance of those around me and needless to say have been alienated by those who just don’t get it!. Anyway would love to read the book and of course provide a review on my Book review blog.

      Good luck with the book and to everyone who has posted on this post.

    • Lisa Sonora Beam says:

      Chris: I’d be so honored to be selected to review your book.

      As for help with your book tour, you know I’m in. I’m happy to help with your SF Bay Area stop, arrange Tweet-ups, pick you up at the airport (seriously…and I don’t even have a car! I’d rent one. I consider being picked up at the airport one of life’s true luxuries.) Whatever you need, (good veggie food places?) just ask.

      I think some kind of Art of Non-Conformity gathering where folks are asked to express how they are non-conformist (or want to be), perhaps by writing it on their Hello name badge, would be a very cool way to meet and interact with your tribe.

      Cheers, and congrats on getting that book into your hands. I remember exactly how that felt when I got my preview copy of The Creative Entrepreneur.

      I know what it’s like to work hard at promoting your own book, and I applaud your approach. You’ve come up with a great strategy, and I look forward to following the stories of your tour.

    • Gabriel says:

      I would love a copy! I’ve never won anything that depends of luck, so it’s just to confirm my theory =)
      Anyway, if I win I will love to share this experience with my friends in my city (Buenos Aires – Argentina)
      I’m crossing my fingers!

    • Joel S says:

      I would love to review your book on my site. I’ve traveled about a tenth as much as you have (12 countries), but I love to read about structuring life to enable travel. I have a number of people who read my blog who are interested in travel, so it’d be a great opportunity to promote it.

      Also, I speak Arabic (random fact that should let me get a copy).

    • Mike Ziarko says:

      I’d love to have a copy of your book for review, simply put, because I’m a believer in you and the work that you do and I’d happy to spread the word even further about your book on my blog.

      When Tony Hsieh’s ‘Delivering Happiness’ came out in June, I received an advanced copy and did a whole series of posts about the book and gave away a second copy of the book to one lucky reader. I received a ton of subscribers to my blog and its my hope my writeup had an impact on those who considering getting the book! I’d like to do a similar writeup on my blog about the message in the book, and who knows maybe do some kind of contest again.

    • David says:

      Chris I’ll help spread the word!

    • Mark Christensen says:

      I’d be honored to review your book! You’re making a difference in the world and would like to help out in some small way. Looking forward to reading it (whether I get a freebie or end up buying it).


    • Jen Mueller says:

      I’d like to be among your 99.

    • Jordy says:

      Let’s see, what have I done for you lately…

      I did revive that thread on FlyerTalk. Worth a free book? Probably not, but a guy can ask.

    • Marie-France Roy says:

      I love books! And I would really love a copy of your AONC book. I’ve been reading your blog for almost two years now, but it’s a lot nicer to cosy up on the sofa with a book than to read sitting at the computer. 🙂 I might even be able to take it with me on my trip to Malta (country #49 out of my goal of 100 countries) in late September. I need to keep reading your motivational philosophy so that one day I can get myself “unstuck”. I can promote it to my contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as to a bunch of people in my office, many of whom I’m sure are looking for a change!

    • Greg Robleto says:

      I would like a copy of the book because I’m in my 30s and a few years I’m expecting my mid-life crisis. When it hits I don’t want to be at a loss for how to recapture my youth and do something dumb like splurge on a flashy car or have marital issues. No, I want to have a game plan for seeing the world, and I just know your book will be my roadmap.

    • Thinkingtoohard says:

      More than 300 requests for 99 books. I’m not surprised. You’re pretty amazing at assembling armies.
      I don’t want an army, though. I want to inspire people. I want to make them think. I’d like to believe I’m doing that now, but on a much smaller scale than what you have mustered.
      Yes, I would love to read your book, and review it. I’m a retired journalist for one of New England’s best small dailies, now an author. (First book due out shortly.) And I’ll see you in New Hampshire during your tour.
      Warm wishes,

    • Cheryl Richards says:

      Chris, Ever since I found you I have been spreading the word about your non-conformity philosophies. I can’t wait for your meet up in Cincinnati! I was going to buy the book anyway, but will definitely accept a free copy. Then I can give to someone else to spread the word!

    • Jann says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’d love a free copy bec. I’m applying “I now willing to accept all the good the universe is giving me”

      Thanks greatly!!

    • Benjamin jenks says:

      I spent the last year Hitchhiking the USA for many reasons
      but primarily to show in some small way
      that people are better to each other than they get
      credit for. I blogged about it.
      When I read your blog, you put into words what I had been
      feeling my whole life. We/I/You can change the
      world and be happy as heck as we do it.

      I’m on to other projects with a similar theme.
      Let’s rock this world!

    • Jann says:

      Hi Chris,
      I’d love a free copy bec. I’m applying “I now willing to accept all the good the universe is giving me”
      Thanks greatly!!

    • Barbara Holmes says:

      Hi, Chris:

      I’d love to get a free book! Shameless promotion is fine with me.


    • Courtney says:

      My sister walked into the kitchen this morning holding a cognitive psychology book and said “wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just eat books and have their knowledge automatically be transferred to you?”

      Haha. In the spirit of that conversation, if I could eat your blog and gain its contents, I would. However, I will settle for a free book.

    • Justin says:

      I would love an advance copy of the book! I am a college student and know that the message of the book (which I would happily spread) is one that many of us struggling through school could really use, especially with the job market going the way it is. Thanks for the offer!



    • Anna says:

      Hi! I’m a fresh graduate, eager to learn as much about life and living as possible and you’ve been a great inspiration. Somehow almost all your articles hit the nail for me and I’d love to read your book and share it with my community, friends from the Czech Republic as well as the UK where I’m currently living, and also students at StudentBranding(dot)com where I contribute.

      Hope the launch goes brilliantly! Well done on the publishing and the prepared tour. Too bad it can’t be cross-Atlantic.

    • Del says:

      Would love to have a review copy to read and pass on to friends. Got a lot of people to buy Ramit Sethi’s “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” by having it in my backpack while I was reading it.

    • Jena says:

      Would LOVE to get a copy of your book! Love reading your blog and am excited for your book to come out.
      I don’t have millions of friends on facebook, just revamping my life and love to read. Although, when I find a book I love (like the last book I read) , I buy it for everyone I think would benefit from it.

    • Kirsten Olson Malinee says:

      Please bring your tour to Columbia, MO (less than two short hours West of St. Louis on Hwy70) where lots of unconventional non-conforming creative people are doing their thing. We’ll throw a party!

    • Irina says:

      I’d love a copy, Libby. I work with the media.. 🙂

    • Kristen Kellogg says:

      Hi Chris! I have a great network to share your book with as I write for a local newsletter on Nantucket. A friend of mine Yael told me to check out your site about a month ago and I just love reading what you write! I have similar interests in mind as I travel the world. I spent the last winter in New Zealand and I will be in SouthEast Asia this year for 3 months. Reading what you write keeps me inspired and reminds me that so many people out there need to see what goes on around the world. I would LOVE to help you promote your book and I am sure it is going to be very successful!

    • Javier says:

      I´d love to read your book!

    • Betsey says:

      Anyone who considers non-conformity and art is someone I admire. I am a non-conformer myself having created a 365 Days of Cocktails project this year. Therefore, mixing, drinking and reviewing a cocktail everyday of the year makes be better qualified to review your book. I will now let you get back to dominating the world.

    • MiamiDawg says:

      Well done, Chris. As a recent college graduate I think Universities and Colleges are the places to go. Graduating college is a challenging time and requires quite a bit of soul searching to see what you want to do. Trust me, it is much easier to take a leap and do something in the truest of AONC form right when you graduate college. If you wait even a 12 months you may have a job and it becomes that much more difficult for someone to drop what they have begun and change the way they live. There is no greater time than when someone is in college or a recent graduate. I really wish I had come across this blog and your story while I was a Freshman or Sophomore in college. If you can get to people then or shortly thereafter, your impact will be tremendous and your “army” will grow unbelievably.

    • Vicente says:

      It would be nice to spread the word in Mexico!

    • Christine Myers says:

      How do I say this without kissing up? Or is kissing up okay? Let’s see. . .Lady Myers’ Wordsmithing and this book would be a good match because:

      1) I love words and your words are some of the best I’ve ever read.

      2) I may not have a huge following but that doesn’t stop me from talking up a storm about people and products that I think are wonderful and make the world a better place in any way.

      3) I want to introduce the AONC world to as many people as possible, and having a physical book to share with those who aren’t into blogging yet would be a great way to do that.

      Go Chris and the Small Army!

    • Barb McMahon says:

      Hi Chris! Congratulations on the book! I’m so excited to read it.

      I’d love to be one of your 99 (it feels a bit like entering a lottery at this point…) especially since you’re donating the royalties to Charity:Water. They’re one of my favourites and I’ll do everything I can to see that they get more exposure and money.

      By the way, Stratford, Ontario has four independent bookstores. It would make a great stop on your tour.


    • Jenipher says:

      Oh my!!

      It’s rather intimidating adding my name to this massive list, but it was my goal to make sure I added regardless of how many names were on it!! Looking forward to seeing you in (Orlando?) Florida!

      😉 crossing my fingers,

    • Elizabeth Williamson says:

      I have a travel blog that was started partly because I was inspired by your blog and your story. Now I’m travelling the world (just got back from Kenya last month) and I’m encouraging others to do the same. It would be an honor to get a copy of the book from you, and I would write a blog post about it.

      But even if I don’t get a copy, I can’t wait to see you when you stop in Tampa as part of your tour. It would be an honor to meet you there.

    • Mark Marrocco says:

      I love what you do and hope to do something similar in the not-too-distant future, I cant take the idea of being a time-slave my whole life (Im 21), so I think your book would give me some inspiration and I could help you a little bit too.

    • Amy Zastrow says:

      the universe connected me with you just as I was leaving a 20 year run in corporate america. Your blog is stretching me to move from working for me to working for the benefit of others. While traveling. Keep it coming and let me know if I can help with the book exposure. See you in MSN 10/2. Ame

    • John Craig says:

      I can shamelessly promote with the best of ’em!!!!!!!

    • MiamiDawg says:

      Oh and of course I’d love to be apart of this campaign, I think what you are doing is terrific. Even with my recent college graduate friends I know a large majority of them still have questions about what they want to do with their lives. I think all they (and thousands more just like them) all just need a little kick start.

    • Jayde says:

      I have loved being a part of your community and think you have an excellent message to share. I’d gladly accept a free book and help you promote!

    • claire says:

      Hey Chris,
      I love your non-conformity message here. Not only does your blog show me more ways to travel, it models a life I admire as it’s one of your own choosing. I’m sure your book is full of useful information that I could apply to my own life, so I’d love to have a copy.

      I’ll happily read and review it on my blog and GoodReads and share it on Twitter and FaceBook.

      Best of luck with the book tour!

    • Monica O'Brien says:

      I want a book because we’re huge fans of yours at Untemplater and we always write about your products when they launch, but also because I’m a fan myself. I probably get about 10 emails from you each week (from the AONC newsletter, and from the EBK automated series) and unlike most newsletters which go straight to the Archive folder, I always read yours. I like that you’ve crafted a compelling story that you could personally own and be the best at. It has helped differentiate your business, which is what the Art of Non-Conformity is all about.

      If I got a book I’d do a review on Untemplater and my personal blog and also send out the book to the Untemplater mailing list and my personal mailing list.

    • Anne-Marie says:

      I would certainly love to be part of your book reviewers!! I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I already talked about you around and I’m collecting ideas on how I could receive you here, in this half-english, half-french city, where books have a central place in the culture and where people love to talk about new ideas. Let me help you spread the word in the north!

      I love what you do, you are inspiring, I’m proud to be in this army 🙂

    • Steve Piegan says:

      Libby is really smart and pretty. Can I have a book please?

    • Tammy says:

      I would love to read the book and help pass on the message!

    • Kevin says:

      Hey Chris,

      I’d love to have the book. I’ve already signed up for your stop in Phoenix, and am interested to co-host and make cupcakes! If you do choose to allow me to co-host, I think we’ll have a great time on some horse property in Scottsdale.

      Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you 12/12.


    • Andy Gingrich says:

      Finding AONC has been awesome. As a professional in the non-profit world, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and chatting with people about the concepts and ideas I’ve found. There’s a serious amount of correlation between what I do with small groups in the church and the art of non-conformity. You continue to be a breath of fresh air. Would love to give away the pre-ordered copy I bought when it arrives and be 1 of the 99.

      See you in Virginia on the book tour!

    • I'm Miz says:

      I pre-ordered your book on amazon already awhile back. I don’t have a vast social network of friends to help promote it, but I do have one friend that needs some serious inspiration to make some positive changes in his life. If you pick me I’ll make sure he gets the free copy. And, if not, he’ll get my copy when i’m done reading it. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!

    • Will says:

      I would be more then happy to help you out with a book review, and with the tour. Currently I’m here in NYC. I will be relaunching a blog so I would also review your book there.

    • Katana Barnett says:

      Pretty pretty please?


      Can’t wait to read it by hook or by crook!

      Katana 😀

    • Heather says:

      I love your blog and I would love a copy of your book! I would share it with as many people as possible.

    • Umair says:

      I live in Pakistan and I need your book to overthrow the government.

    • Joe says:

      Hey Chris, I’ve turned a number of friends on to your website, and truthfully will probably do the same with your book whether or not I get a free copy. But it’d sure help to have one early so that I’d be recommending something I’ve actually read. Really excited about the book one way or the other and sure wish you were coming to Austin on the tour (boo Dallas and Houston).

    • Jessi Grey says:

      I read your blog daily. I take it to heart. I would love to help out!

    • Antonella says:

      I’d love to have a copy of your book, if it can be sent to barcelona, where I’m living a more unconventional life than I ever dreamed I would. I also like your charity and cause: water! I believe that is a crucial issue that will have a great impact in the future as well as alleviate many problems now. Everyone should have the right to clean water. I’ll be looking at charity: water to see how I can participate/donate as well. As for your book, I’m already thinking of people I would like to buy it for XMAS! It would be great to have a copy first. I also am on Facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc. and will promote it. Thanks for your inspiring posts!

    • Cari says:

      Thanks, Chris, in advance for being voice for all of us non-conformists out there! I am in Montana and would be honored to accept a copy of your book to spread the word out here in the west…

      Cari 🙂

    • marie-francoise says:

      Hi Chris! I traveled a lot when younger then had a relationship, kids, etc. Now I’m on the other side of that and starting over! Hopefully, if I’m chosen to receive a free book, my review could give the perspective of not only what can happen on the side of the hill but smashing that hill to smithereens! I also have about 450 facebook friends (of all ages) that I could recommend it to. Hope to hear from you. Ciao for now! ~MF

    • Susan says:

      I loved reading A Brief Guide to World Domination, and I’ve found several of your blog posts helpful. Getting your book free would be amazing! My friends and I pass on books we enjoy, and this could be mine to pass on. It might not travel as far as you have, but it’ll be read by many.

    • Sarah Lewis says:

      I don’t need a copy of the book (I can afford to buy it and I will… and review it on my blog!), but I love what you’re doing with Ethiopia, and if there’s any way I can help, let me know. 🙂

      See you in Boise!

    • Tim says:

      I would love to check out your new book. Although I can honestly say I am very far behind on reading your posts (I just found your site about 2-3 months ago and have been working on going through your archive to read your past adventures), I find nearly all of your posts very inspiring. I’ve always had the desire to travel the world myself and until I came across the AONC site, everyone (including myself sometimes) thought I was a little bit crazy. This may be true but through your writings, I’ve learned that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. 😛 I’ve read your manifestos and they have really hit home on lots of things I’ve been feeling for a long time but never knew how to really express.

      I know I’m probably not as qualified as most people here at reviewing books but I know that the subjects that you write about I can really take to heart and because of that, I will give you my honest opinion if chosen.

    • Sacha says:

      As another person from a decidedly conformist area of the world, I would absolutely love to be part of this adventure!!

      The redhead from Chicago 😉

    • Jared says:

      Hey Chris! Would love to read your book and I can’t order it here in Santiago, Chile! Please send me a free copy, I’m exploring and living unconventionally and would like to share your wisdom with family & friends. Best, Jared

    • Sarah says:

      How lovely! I would love a copy, but won’t mind paying for it when the time comes either. I feel like I’ve been spending all day, every day trying to come up with actual/reasonable ways in which to go on my own adventures, and the more I read the more pressure and inspiration I get.

      I live in Seattle and write for the Seattlest, I’ll certainly be on the look out for when you’re nearby so I can alert our ready. Good luck!


    • Ilyas says:

      It’s evident that I am way too late here. But for what it’s worth, I’m willing to engage in a handstand pushup contest (I’ll have to learn how to do them first, though) in order to win a review copy. Looking forward to it either way.

    • Pandie Suicide says:

      I would love to read your book, I’m a writer, blogger, music journalist/host, model, tattooed raw vegan from New Zealand who lives in LA, and has been travelling the States, touring with a band (let me tell you it’s difficult to find vegan food in the middle of nowhere, Missouri, but hey if it were too easy, would it really be worth it??), MCing a show, and all kinds of other crazy things. I do not lead a conventional life – one of my blogs is called The Adventures of Pandie, because that’s what my life is, one great big series of adventures. I love your blog, it’s very inspiring, please send me a copy of your book! Maybe I can pass it on to all the people who ask me how to make their life more extraordinary like mine and yours!

    • Nona Leigh says:

      Please send me a book–I will happily read it and encourage all my graduate students to do the same. I teach in a counselor education program and think all my students ought to be applying your philosophy to their work in the world!

    • Andy says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’d love to review your book. Your blog has been a huge inspiration to me and I’ve been trying to pay it forward to friends who say I’ve been an inspiration to them the last few months. A lot has changed for me in the past year and in December I plan to quit my main job and put my other one on hiatus while I travel to Thailand for 3 months to focus on myself and what I want out of life. My blog is set up to document the adventure and while I haven’t started posting yet, I will be posting all the time while there and linking it to my facebook/twitter. I’ve always had a non-conformist lifestyle and don’t want to change. It’s blogs like yours that keep motivating to do what I want, not what others think I should do.

      Once I get back, I plan to just tear into my own entrepreneurial goals while holding on to a part time job to keep my head above water. It’s all a calculated risk, but worth it in the end.

      P.S. I’m already signed up for the Chicago meet up! See u there

    • Noelia says:

      HI Chris! I would love to have a copy of you book. I already have a list of people i would like to introduce to this idea of conquering the world. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we are most likely to live the life you “can” rather than the one you like..but i am convinced this can be changed one person at a time! Thanks for all the help. You have the ability to put into the right words things i can´t even begin to express myself.

    • Andrew McGregor says:

      I love your blog and would love to win a copy of your book. I have some pretty unconventional business plans and your work helps remind me to plow ahead with them.

    • Dale says:

      Yes, great. Add me to your list of stellar creatives. My soul is branded with AONC so having the book would be a great match.

    • Kane says:

      Congratulations on the book release, the cover looks great. I’d love to review one of the advance copies!

    • Cecelia says:

      Your concept is interesting and I’m new to the AONC Army. Last year, I was one of many in Portland who were laid off and questioning what in the world I am supposed to be, and do with this life.

      Right about that time, I downloaded your AONC PDF guide (coincidence? no, not at all)…it really struck a chord inside of my soul and I have a general sense of knowing my purpose, but it’s always nice to read and or be a part of something that feeds my “alternate/Plan B” fire.

      When I read your emails, blogs and musings–I think to myself “This guy is on to something, and he is going to help thousands, hell…millions” during this time of re-positioning that our world is going through! Thanks for being you…and for picking me to receive one of your books! 😉

    • Lorraine Warner says:

      Chris —
      I would love to have one of your books….my father was an author, and I’m currently starting the research for my own book. I live on the Big Island, Hawaii; travel a lot, and have been fascinated following your various escapades and accompanying thoughts. I do believe life is to be lived to its’ fullest! Thank you so much!

    • Alan Baubonis says:

      I’d love to help you, Chris.

    • Phil Smy says:

      I’d love a copy of the book (which I would probably buy anyway!). I doubt this offer is open to people who don’t live in the US but I thought I’d throw my name into the pot anyway.
      You’re an inspiration to those of us out of our native environments and trying to carve out a life.


    • Nome, AK says:

      I love your site and would be psyched to review your book. I’m a grad student going to school for the love of it – maybe your book can help me figure out what’s next?!
      Julie in Nome, Alaska

    • Grace Mendez says:

      99 copies of books on the wall, 99 copies of books, take one down, pass it around, 98 copies of books on the wall….

      Congratulations Chris, on the birth of your book.


    • Christine says:

      I would love to be one of the 99 too!

    • Joannie says:

      Loved reading you since I heard of you in La Presse here in Quebec, even if I don’t get the free book, I WILL make it a priority to come meet you at the book tour, wherever you decide to go around here. I’ll spread the word, the book is sure to be legend….wait for it… dary!!! Keep rocking it!

    • David (aka @threedot on twitter) says:

      I would love to be number 98 on the list 🙂

      I am happy to help promote it, I love what Chris has to say and what he represents.

      I am a middle-aged, middle-manager, with a middle-class income. I can’t imagine a more appropriate person to speak to the masses about how fantabulous this book is…

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Maryse Coziol says:

      I discovered your “279 days” manifesto recently and I was blown away. It was not only inspiring, there was actually good genuine information I hadn’t read a zillion time elsewhere. It certainly helped focus my plan for my brand new blog (and I was relieved to know I wasn’t entirely crazy to plan for world domination).

      Admittedly, I don’t have much readers yet, but it would mean a lot to me to receive your book to review. It would be one of the many fabulous things that happened recently that makes me believe in synchronicity and in the fact that when you act on your dreams, good stuff happen.

      Your manifesto played a part in the transformation I’ve been going through. I wonder what effect a whole book could have.

      Thanks for the opportunity and keep on the great work 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      I would love to review your book for Spain Expat.

    • Roxanne McHenry says:

      Hey Chris,

      I’m doing alot of book reviews lately on Amazon (reviewer rank 30,874 and moving up rapidly) and am a Blog Critics’ writer. My last Blog Critics book review made it into the Seattle PI book section online (see link).

      I’ve pre-ordered a copy of your book via Amazon already, but a preview copy would be great to do early reviews for you in several places.

      I’ll be happy to forward my fresh copy from Amazon to someone who needs a free copy as well.

      Let me know!

    • Alfredo says:

      I want a copy of this book because the message is too important to ignore. We live in a world where material goods have replace the need to live. We are trapped in a cage made from plastic toys and we need a way to escape. We need to find freedom because the boredom has become overwhelming and asphyxiating.

    • Rachel says:

      My husband and I make life choices that are not normal. We confuse our friends and scare our mothers. We strike awe into the heart of acquaintances reading about our adventures from a seemingly safe cubicle in small town USA.

      I would be thrilled if you shipped a copy of your book of Art to our 364 square foot house made of upcycled materials.

    • Iain Lettice says:

      Hi, I’m in my final year of studying for a BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture having worked in IT for 18 years. My partner is carrying out training to be both a Yoga teacher and a school teacher (separate courses !) having worked as an educational advisor for the RSPCA. We could both learn a lot from your book as we are aiming to take an Unconventional path to using these skills in the UK and around the world to make a difference. Any messages we spread about your book would be based on real life steps we are taking to following the Unconventional path.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Chris. For the past 8-years I’ve spread the message of “Living life to the fullest” to whatever that means specifically for each individual person. I’ve won a grant to hold an event in Rhode Island called: Engage and Transform based on this mission. I found you this year and really clicked with the messages you were sending out and love that you have a small army of followers. I am relaunching my blog this month to my small army and would love to review your book to my readers. It’s part independent travel, part following your dreams/life philosophy, part digital nomad/location independent. I don’t want people living vicariously through me as they read about my travels around the world, I want them living their dreams lives themselves. I want to inspire them to take action and quit accepting the social norms. I hope you choose me to be one of your reviewers! I promise to read it as soon as it gets in my hands and write an honest review the day I finish it. Happy Travels! 🙂

    • Jonathan Frei says:

      I want one! and I know a few people i can pass it along to when I’m done…

    • Lora Terry says:

      I would love a copy of your book! I want people to know that you are giving to Charity-Water! I had to hike a short distance for clean drinking water in Congo and it is something we take for granted in the States. I want to support your cause. Pick me…Pick me!!

    • Jason Burnett says:

      I’d love to help with this!

    • Lori says:

      I am a non-conformist. Your work inspires me and encourges me to leave my life open to what happens. I quit my job 2 months ago and would love to read and review your book to not only inspire myself but inspire others to make their life unforgettable. BTW I had a government job and co-workers faces of disbelief when I said I was leaving made it seem like I was jumping off a cliff. Life is so sweet when you jump off the cliff.

    • CP Nabb says:

      Only found you via John Williams ‘Screw Work Lets Play’ book about a month ago and am rather new to all of this. What I have seen has changed my world though and I would be very proud to be one of the first to read you book. Either way keep up the fab work.

    • Kj says:

      I’d love a copy! I’ll stick a big long juicy review/recommendation on my blog and tweet everyone about it. Shameless promotion is fun. 😀

    • Shari says:

      I’m sure your new book is great ….
      Would love to receive it!

    • Krisi says:

      I’d love an early copy to read and share with my friends in Oxford, Mississippi in advance of your tour stop here in October!! 🙂

    • Brenda says:

      I love your site and your whole outlook on life. I too am a non-conformist and I have been since 1970. I am excited to read your book and I’d be thrilled review it. I am planning to buy a few copies to include in care packages for my son and other soldiers but it’d be great to have a copy for myself. Whether I am chosen to be one of the lucky 99 or not, I wish you much success!

      P.S.- Can’t wait to see you when you hit up the Carolinas!

    • Adam Barber says:

      In 106 days (and counting), I’m handing in my notice and taking six months out in South America before setting up shop on my own.

      While I’m away, the original plan was just to sit on the beach and drink beer. This has now changed…

      And you, Chris, have a lot to answer for. Exact plans still very much underwraps but I’ll keep you posted.

      Book launch wise – how’s about you arm me with a copy to spread the love in sunny Blighty (UK, for you uneducated folk)?

      I’m quite the ambassador.

    • Jeanette says:

      Dear Chris, Libby, and other unbiased judges,
      Thanks so much for your work on this project so far. My boyfriend and I moved across the country for no good reason other than adventure and exploration a year ago. Not long after I arrived, I was looking for sources of inspiration on other directions to explore – this time, workwise. I found your site, I believe through NYTimes, and your writing and notes inspired me more than anything else I’d been reading. Thanks again, so much.

      While I keep several of your articles bookmarked, and have done my best to take advantage of your travel ninja advice in 2010, I’m also now inspired to start my own blog, and certainly to encourage others to live a bit unconventionally. With this, of course I would love a copy of your book, though I’ll be following your example and heading to Hungary, Croatia, and Montenegro starting on Sep. 3 (as you said, why visit one country when you can explore thee?). Would that timing get in the way? Many thanks, JM

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Chris – I’d love to get one. I tell people about your blog all the time and am an information junkie (bookworm) so I love reviewing books.

    • Jill Fellman says:

      Hi Chris!!!

      It’s Jill from MD who bakes some seriously fantastic cookies!! I can help you promote your book and feed anyone and everyone who comes to the MD event!! Sign me up – I have two FB pages, Twitter, and I have no problem talking to anyone, everyone, and even complete strangers to promote the “arrival” of your book!!! 🙂

      When I have something that people need to know, THEY WILL KNOW!!!

      When it comes to your book – PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU CAN LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE!!!

      Seriously, I do live a Life I LOVE!!! Anytime I can share the “how do you do that?” I am game- count me IN!!!!

      So fantastic cookies, organic milk, and your book – it’s a done deal!!!!! 🙂

      Thanks and Great Luck to Everyone!!!!!! 🙂 Woo Hoo Hoo!!!!

    • Lisa Ekstrom says:

      Chris, congratulations on your new book! I’ve only recently found & subscribed to your site, but I’m already tremendously inspired. I would love to receive “The Art of Non-Conformity” to read and review. I’ve already been so encouraged, stimulated, & thought-provoked by your blog and “Los Manifestos” that I’m talking with other folks about what I’m reading and looking at more ways to live my life differently … as a life of purpose & gratefulness & changing the world. Thank you for all the incitement!

    • Chief Restoration Officer says:

      It’s mainly because of your articles that have kept me in the game to pursue the daunting task of trying to restore expressions of beauty to kids rescued from sex trafficking. I’ve wanted to just throw in the towel many times but your articles and wisdom is spot on and keeps me fighting “the fear” of being able to take on this challenge. I’d love a copy of the book.

    • wolkenlotse says:

      That sounds like an interesting book. I would love to get a copy and spread the word in germany.

    • Etsuko says:

      I’m super excited and thrilled about this whole thing! I’ll promote your book like crazy and I’ll see you in December in LA!

    • Chris Pautler says:

      Promise to share it with dozens of people throughout the country (traveling consultant), busy building a second location independent business. Emperor as well. Keep up the great work – all of you make it look easy 🙂 Congratulations on your impending success 🙂 Will see you in Oklahoma City.

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Chris! I’d love to help you promote your book. I’ve been following your blog/site since the spring when Barbara Sher referred me to your work; Barbara has been one of my biggest mentors in living my own “life of non-conformity” which is currently in what I’d call “active development mode”. (I’m happy to share more info about that with you, and more about my work with Barbara, if you like). I’d be glad to assist you as well in this way; your message is so valuable. I’m in Ontario, Canada – about an hour West of Toronto. Let me know; and congratulations on your book! ~ Kelly

    • Karen says:

      Hey, I would love a chance to read your book. Already been checking it out… Count me in!

    • debra krassner says:

      Got my glasses on and I’m ready. As a writer myself (Know SpongeBob? Then you know my writing since I do the off-air writing for Nickelodeon and Mr. SquarePants). I love reading and since yours is the only blog I follow, I’d appreciate the opportunity to help!

    • Carolyn says:

      If I’m not #100 or after, I’d love a copy too. Been blogging about this kind of thing on and off for the past year. Also have 300+ Facebook friends who trust my taste in books!

    • Jax says:

      I’m in. You’re living the life I would love to live, but I have other priorities these days. Really keen on helping you out though. Have a blog I use, and a much ignored travel blog that could do with a revamp. That revamp could start with your book. 🙂

    • Lisa Nigro says:

      I would love a book Chris so I can read and review for my blog. You have inspired me to follow through on many promises I have made to myself and I think the book would be the cherry on top! I work with the homeless here in Chicago and founded an organization called Inspiration Corporation which is 20 years old. Would love to share with my community.

      enjoy the day!

    • Mikeachim says:

      I’d be deeply honored to have a read and to spread the word. I’m new to your small army (Nora “The Professional Hobo” Dunn just recruited me in person) but I’m catching up fast.

      I reckon most of your book tour is going to be involve shaking the hands of people who can’t thank you enough for helping them get the lives they’ve always craved. Hope you’re ready for that. 🙂

      (I won’t be one of them, sadly – I’m over in the UK).

      Also – I challenge you do do all of Europe on your new book tour. 😉

    • Sloan says:

      Your blog has inspired me to recover the notion that I am able to dictate the way that I want my life to unfold–I don’t have to live by anyone else’s timeline, or bound by society’s perceptions of success.

      I’m working hard on making small changes and building up the guts to take a giant leap into the beautiful unknown. You’ve helped gently nudge me in the right direction…I’d love to read more and share your message with friends worldwide. Everyone deserves to believe that there is more out there if they’re willing to look for it.

    • Eric says:

      Chris, I will share the book with my mother. Please may I have one of the free copies.



    • Suzanne says:

      I am a new recruit for AONC and asking “would I like the book” is a little bit like asking me “would I like the red pill, or the blue pill” (red please). Every day is a mission for me to try and wake up from the drowning sleep of Mother Culture. Thanks to you and a few others to getting the message out, it is not only possible but doable. Therefore, I would love a copy of your book, but please know, even if you don’t send a freebie my way, I will go out and purchase one, so its all good.

      Good luck with the launch, and keep rocking it!


    • Henry says:

      I’m looking to begin my own nomadic journey around the world and a free copy would be great to read on my upcoming plane trips.

    • Amy C says:

      Congratulations Chris. Thank you for supporting the small army. One of my core beliefs is when we, as individuals, live passionately and true to ourselves, we empower others to do the same, thus changing the world one by one. Your message and teachings resonate and I would be honored to review and offer support.



    • Don Prichard says:

      I would love to get the book and spread the word! Thanks for doing all that you do.

    • Barbara Rachelson says:

      What better place for your book to be previewed than in Vermont- the most nonconformist state in the US.

      I am sure your book would be well received here.

    • Jenny Miller says:

      Count me in, too! I’ve been spreading the world domination message to all my friends and family. I’ll be happy to share the book with all, too. Love your blog here in NC!

    • Jodi Womack says:

      Would LOVE to review your book. I’m a fan and think my community of Women in Business would benefit from a dose of “can-do” that you so generously give out in your newsletters & products. I know I look forward to see where in the world Chris is!

    • Marcin W. D?browski says:

      Well, who wouldn’t want a freebie… I’d love to have one — but I think I’ll pass it to someone special.

      There’s this girl here who recently made her M.Sc. in English Philology, loves writing (book reviews included) and helping people — and I think she would use it wisely. Already gave her the «Brief Guide to World Domination» and «279 Days to Overnight Success» (printed, of course) — but the real book would have stronger impact.

      Well, I think I’m already on a way to World Domination (and it’ll take a li’l more than 279 days, I don’t mind) — and while I might take a peek at the book to tilt my path towards the better road — I’m pretty sure my love will benefit more from reading this book. As will her students (yup!), ’cause she loves to share brilliant ideas with other people.

      So, there you have me — I’d love to have this book, as it’d be wonderful gift for my love, helping her shape her life with greater self–confidence.

      Marcin [PL]

    • Rob Begg says:

      Hi chris, I’m a big fan of AONC……… so much so that I’ve just exited my own successful business in pursuit of an authentic but non conforming new career. You’re the inspiration so I’d love a copy of the book. Good Luck and keep up the great work, Rob

    • Tracy says:

      Congrats on the launch of your new book!!! I would love to have a copy of your book to add to my library. Your articles have been so interesting to read and I can not wait to read your book!

    • Olly D says:

      Hi – my reasons? Easy –
      1) LOVE the lateral and diverse thinking involved with the whole AONC mentality
      2) In fact I’m Passionate about it
      3) I am a dentist, so talk to thousands of people a year directly…. and yes, mainly about this sort of stuff lol
      4) I’m UK based so could maybe help your overseas campaign?
      5) I don’t have ANYTHING to personally promote, just love the whole concept (Did I mention that?)
      6) I ADORE a new book which has the potential to educate, stimulate, fascinate, and inspire me.
      7) I like your calm, genuine, and altruistic approach.
      8) I’m not a suck up 😉
      Good luck with the launch either way.

    • Rick Todd says:

      Website isn’t up yet but it will be. A man’s got to have his dream, right?

      I have been reading your blog since its beginning; have never commented but have done my share of spreading your links around to my 3 kids, ages 28, 23, and 19, and encouraging them to dare to be different than the crowd they hang out with and to think outside their box. I think I’m actually making some headway. My oldest is writing and publishing music in Nashville, my daughter just finished her year-long reign as Miss Florida, and my youngest is a year out of high school and eagerly pursuing his musical talents and trying to find his way.

      I would love to have a copy of your book so I can devour it and recommend yet another fine example of the intellectual freedom we are afforded as Americans, to my kids.

      Keep up the great work, Chris, and you have a faithful follower in Orlando.

    • Cindy says:

      Hi! I’d love to review your book and share it with my “old media” listeners. I’ve got several music radio shows with websites, and everyday we update new things of interest to our listeners. I’ve quit work several times to sail Central America with my husband, and to build a little casita in Costa Rica, and I need to figure out how to subsidize that lifestyle a little more efficiently and give back to the community. Anyway, good luck with your launch! Cheers.

    • Pryor says:

      I’m new to your blog, I’m 55 years old, and I’m a bit jaded when it comes to claims of non-conformity, but I’m willing to give it one more try–as the guy in that movie almost said, show me the non-conformity!

    • Rebecca Stees says:

      Good luck! Love your launch so far…..

    • Jodi Womack says:

      Hey Chris & team,

      I’d LOVE to review your book and share it with the women in business communities that I hang in… I think they (and I) can always use a dose of your “Can-Do” attitude for building a business & seeing the world, and everything else in between.

      Happy trails.

      xoxo Jodi

    • JNY says:

      Hey–I live a mildly nonconformist life, but I’m always looking for ways to be more successfully nonconformist! If your book will help, I’d like to check it out!

    • Dee Nielsen says:

      I would love a free copy of your book! I’ve already sent your “279 Days To Overnight Success” to several of my friends, and would be happy to keep promoting your ideas. Even without the freebie.

      And when I’m done reading it I’ll donate it to my local library, then purchase a signed copy when your book tour hits Portland (Powell’s bookstore??) 🙂

    • kate reis says:

      chris: i hope to meet you on your tour to discuss your book. i wish i could go to the library now and check it out. when you send me your book i’ll donate it to the Des Moines Public Library collection and spread your inspiration rather than keep it bottled up in my home. best wishes.

    • Sean Canton says:

      Hey, it would be awesome for me and everyone I know to get a book, and spread the word.

    • Tzaddi says:

      Congrats on your book, Chris! I’m looking forward to having you sign a copy for me when the tour hits Vancouver.

    • Anna says:

      I would love to get a copy of your book – not exactly for myself, I would like to give it to my sister that is currently on crossroads with her life trying to find answers how to move forward, what steps to make. I think that your book will help her to gain some unconventional and inspirational view on life.


      P.S. An of course besides constantly promoting your site to my friends I would also promote your book on facebook!

    • wade black says:

      Per my email, I have shared your information and website with my own blog and on facebook. I have also brought some of your articles into the school where I teach adults to give them a different perspective on the world.

    • Adam Martin says:

      I have made it to six continents and have started asking the question why do I travel. Is it compulsion at this point? Am I doing good for the world by traveling? Maybe your book can help me with this question?

    • Christienne Graziano says:

      I will read your book and share it with as many as possible!

    • Will Carpenter says:

      Yes, I’d love a copy of the book. And I’m an Amazon Vine reviewer, so I’ll promise to review it there too.

    • Bruce Serven says:

      Ok Chris, I’ll bite. I would like to review a copy and whatnot.
      Let me know how I can help with the launch.

    • Robb Farago says:

      Ive been enjoying your site for the past few months and have shared it with many of my friends and connections throughout my networks. A lot of your work has inspired me to improve on my own. I would love for the opportunity to review your new book. I am an active member of GoodReads and have reviewed several books for publishers/distributors already. I hope you pick me!

    • John Rollow says:

      I’m already a nonconformist. And, of course, I live in Southern California, which is pretty nonconformist on a global scale — especially in the wine country part where I am. But I can always use some additional ideas and insights. Please send me a copy.


    • LauraC says:

      HI Chris,
      Found your website through a facebook friend. I love reading all your posts, and would love to a have a copy of your new book. Going through a divorce now, so big changes are headed my way, and I am revamping my life, with positive and ofcourse, non conformity! Would love to have a copy of your book, to enjoy and share with my son. Thank you for sharing all the articles, on your website and emails! They are great thing to read when I come home!
      Again, thank you, and best of luck. Planning to read the book either way!!

    • Win says:

      C A N A D A
      Please pick me as one of your 9.9 (10) from Canada (10% of the number 99 as Canada has 10% of the US population)

      Yes I know for those of you outside the US Canada has less than 10% of the world’s population

    • Nessie says:

      Please, may I have a copy? I have just discovered your website recently, and what I’ve read has contained something to keep my spirits up every day and let me know that I’m not insane for wanting a more fulfilling and alive existence!

      I am a current student @ Goddard College in Vermont, majoring in Disability Studies through their Individualized BA program. In my studies, I have seen how vital social change is for the world, not just for those of us with disabilities. Your website contains so much that is of help to me to break out of the mold. (And as a 37 year old woman with Cerebral Palsy, I don’t fit the mold anyway…so why should I spend my time fitting in when I’d rather stand out?)

      I’d love to help you get the word out, and pass the word along to my fellow Goddard-ites.

    • Chris says:

      I want one book so I have another way of spreading your inspiration, enthusiasm, and knowledge with family, friends, and strangers. Although I live in Alaska, my work takes me all over the country meeting students who are curious about life after high school. Your blog, guides, and outlook on life have had positive impacts on my life and I want the next generation to have that experience as well. Until then, safe travels and see on the road at one of your book tour stops the fall.

    • Lou says:

      Chris! I have been following your blog for years & have gotten my friends & family hooked on it too. I’m an unconventional twenty something living in NYC (like you, I’ve never had a “real job” as people like to put it, & I have traveled quite a bit). I have many young friends (artists, entrepreneurs, corporate job holders, baristas, students etc.) interested in travel & living their lives to the fullest who would get a lot out of reading your book. I’ve actually already begun telling my friends & acquaintances you are coming to New York & I’ll let them know the date. Would love to receive a copy so I could tell everyone about it even sooner. Either way, I’ll be spreading the word & buying your book!

    • bobby says:

      Life. Over the edge. Need a floatie!


    • Hannah says:

      Chris, I would love to read – and write about – the book. I’m a regular blogger (4-6x/ month) and Twitter is slowly becoming another great tool.
      You inspired me to give up something I worked hard to create, just so I had the guts to start all over again. It’s hella scary some days but I’d never go back!

      *thanks for the continued inspiration*

    • LIbby Villavicencio says:

      Chris, please, please – pick me! For a copy of your book. I would love to read it and review it. Thanks!

    • Andi says:

      I would love and be totally honored to review your book on my blog. Plus I’ll FB & Tweet till my fingers turn blue for you! 😛

    • tamara says:

      Anyone who buys the 4 room vip pass to Tiger Kingdom, sends a personal 30th happy birthday video to some girl in LA at her boyfriends request, and gives his heart away so fearlessly to brothers of another mother and sisters of a different mister has me perpetually perked to loyal ground.

      Many a cloudy day your words have brought me back into the fray of my own life- thank you for being a comrade. I would love to help promote the book and get a free copy of your genius material so I can save my boyfriend’s brothers production company years of tears! I can’t wait to read it!

    • Kerry Dexter says:

      Chris (and Libby),
      I’m thinking that rather than request one of the 99 books avaialble for the Small Army, you might want to connect me with your publicist at Penguin as a media contact…happy to speak about that through email if you’d like.
      in any case, best wishes for success with the book, and the tour. I’d enjoy writing about both.

    • Sébastien Martel says:

      Hi Chris! I’d love to help you to spread the word about your book. I wish to be part of the lucky 99, but if I am not I will still spread the word for you. My current job allow me to meet hundred of travellers from all over the world every month and I have already talked about your website countless times.

      I wish you a fantastic book tour and I hope to meet you in Montreal!


    • Sue says:

      I enjoy reading most everything you write – I also value your opinion on other people. You’ve led me to some great ideas. I would be so excited to receive an advance copy of your book! – – Thanks!

    • Angel says:

      Chris, you’ll probably get some many more comments asking for one of the books. I know I’ll get to reading it whether I get a free copy or not.
      If I do, though, I’ll do what I normally do when I’m exposed to fantastic content: I’ll tell everyone I care about, and anyone else who will be receptive to the message.
      Hell, I know so many people on here will be left out that I’ll even send someone else on here the book when I’m done. I’m not a mathematician, but if the lucky recipients do this once, then that will have been 198 people that got to read the book.
      Advice: If you do this, then you owe Chris by buying this book in TRIPLICATE.

    • Vidhi says:

      My day begins by visiting your website. And I want to end it by reading your book. So, please send me me a copy !!

    • charlie grosso says:

      You should have Penguin send me a copy of the book because:
      a) I need your play book so I could re-adopt it for my own world domination play book. What good is knowledge if we can’t pass it on? We should be smart enough to know of the shoulders of the giants we stand upon and then take it a little further.
      b) I love tangible objects that are made from Trees.
      c) any additional reasons as to why I should have a copy of the book is simply of a higher code clearance.

    • Tiago says:

      Pick me! I will read it and once I’m done, aside from reviewing it and telling everyone around me about it, I’m sending it out Bookcrossing, travelling around the world inspiring people, just the way you do 🙂

    • Todd Roach says:

      I think this is amazing! I would love to help out in any way possible and getting a preview of this book would be great! Honestly, I will end up buying it anyway, but I think this is a great cause and I want to help.

    • Julie Dale says:

      Hi Chris! Not only would I like to review the book, but I’d like to put it on my website in my book suggestions page. The goal of my site, along with helping people make great change happen in their lives, is to promote new artists, musicians, and authors. Check it out and see what you think! I’d love to help in any way I can.


    • Oliver says:

      Chris, Libby, please pick me. Why should you do so? First, because I’m qualified: I have advanced reading abilities and make strong use of superior brain powers to even comprehend my readings. Second, because I live and work and blog and muse in Germany, which is one of the easier countries you have been to. Thus, you will certainly have fond memories about this trip. I promise to blog about your book in german language. Third, because I’m a customer of yours. And, as I know, you treat customers like kings. Have a great book tour!

    • Brooke says:

      I would love to have a copy of the book, not only because I am really excited to read it but also because I work on a college campus as a career counselor and see students everyday who want to do something unconventional with their lives. Many students of the “newer” generations are open to stretching outside of the traditional areas of work and your blog has given me insight and ideas of ways to direct them. I am guessing that your book will give me and them even more opportunities. Plus once I am done I can recommend it to other counselors like myself.

    • David says:

      Great luck with the book… I want to see it on the NYT best seller list. Just to share I’m 24 years old have been to almost 30 countries and own a voluntourism company. Not trying to make it to all of them but love your goal.

    • Matt says:

      Okay, how’s this for an Art of Non-Conformity Unconventional Math Formula:

      279 (Days to Overnight Success)
      – 192 (Countries in the world)= 87
      + 43 (Countries remaining for Chris to visit)= 130
      + 19 (days until Chris’ new book launches)= 149
      – 50 (states that Chris will tour this year)= 99
      99 is the exact number of books Chris has to give away. Coincidence?!? I don’t think so!

      So now that I’ve successfully cracked your AONC double-secret code (don’t ask how long that took!), do I get a book?

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Chris (and the rest of the gig),

      Hope you are enjoying Belarus 🙂
      I’d love to read your book and spread the word. I started a project at the beginning of the year and you were one of my inspirations.

      Thanks a lot for that!

    • Lea says:

      Hi, Chris —

      I do social marketing/media for people and have been in journalism/marketing for a very long time. Love your mission, and your writing!

      Would be happy to help post it on my various blogs, etc.

      All best to you,

    • Paul Horton says:

      I bill myself as a: Social Entrepreneur – Championing Creative Ways.

      I started a blog last year but put it on hold while I focused on a creative project. I treat Facebook as an information gathering & sharing resource and post links to a variety of subjects and create notes as well as a media-art-form I call:
      Quote-a-Graphics, in which I pair quotes with a cool a graphic reflective of the quote.

      I appreciate all who share their reflections on Creativity, Society and the meaning of life.

    • Isabel says:

      Hi Chris!

      I would be honored to read your book.
      Your website is a valuable resource for me. I quit my job to pursue my passion, photography. However, sometimes the doubts creep in when things are hard or i when i dont think I’m making any progress. Your work reinforces the belief that I did the right thing and that I can make a difference and make a living doing what I love.

      Göttingen, Germany

    • Rachael says:

      I’m raising an army of eight kids, each of whom will become generals themselves someday. In doing so I’m challenging the status quo of education, and eventually want to mobilise an army to support non-institutionalised education in the poorest places on earth. Non-conformity is a major key!

    • Joshua says:

      I would love a copy! I can help you spread the word down here in New Zealand 🙂

    • Jen Brockman says:

      chris, I live through you. with a daughter on the autism spectrum and being a single parent, I may not get to ever travel outside the country. I may, but I’m being hones with myself.
      I’d love to read the book and review it on my blogs and promote it on y netwrks.

    • BootsnAll Travel says:

      Looking forward to it!

    • Scott Johnson says:

      Hey Chris

      Love your blog, is really helping me transit from my conformist life to non conformist life that I am right in the middle of. Your blog and written work have helped greatly and I have used some of the wisdom to create the difference. Am now expanding on Non Conforming and creating the space in my day to non conform more and tell people how I’m non conforming more by introducing them to your blog. Am also subtly teaching my 3 kids under 10 to live a non conformist life and if you send me your book, among other things, I will read it to them as their bedtime story 🙂

      If your tour came to London I have the perfect space to host too……

      Warmest regards, Scott

    • Alan says:

      Long time fan, and excited to read this! Would be excited to receive an advanced copy, but will be buying one regardless. Best of luck with the tour!

    • Brandon says:

      First of all, thank you Chris for all the valuable information and ideas you have already raised my awareness to! Many of your articles I have passed along to my clients, family and friends so they would be able to benefit from them the same as I have. That being said, I would love to return the favor to you directly by helping you out with your book launch. Regardless of weather I am chosen, I am looking forward to reading your book and learning even more! The best of luck to you with your book release and tour and safe travels!


    • Lana says:

      I’ve already pre-ordered on Amazon but if I get a free book I’ll pass it on to one of my Tweeps. Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle! 😀

    • Erika says:

      Pick me because I have been a faithful follower for over a year and half and have told many people about you!

    • Jennette says:

      I want to conform to becoming a non-conformist! Not really, love your site and would love to review your book!

    • cristi says:

      you know, from reading your blog and site i’m not surprised you want to give some of the books away to your small army. I’m new to the army and slowly making my way toward a career change that will take my life to a new level that allows me to create change and improve life on my own terms. that’s how i ended up at your site. so if you want to send a book my way, great. If you don’t, i’ll end up buying one anyway. either is fine. I’ve already bought the art + money ebook. anyway, glad to see things are going well for you. and nice to be part of a small army of change. will you be in the san diego area? if so, i’ll come by and chat. best of luck with the book.

    • Stephanie M says:

      I would absolutely love the opportunity to review and promote this book! This is the perfect supplement to my breakfast reading material, and I know a lot of people to promote this to as well. Plus, I live in Bend, OR, so hello neighbor!

    • Victor Yiiu says:

      As an avid traveler from Austin, TX I missed you while you were in SXSW last. However, I did take note that the next time around, I’d love to help and spread the word.

      While I do travel a bit (7 countries this year) I’m also well connected with the Austin scene. Even if I don’t get a copy I’ll be glad to purchase one, as I find your adventures refreshing and inspirational.


    • Steffen Itterheim says:

      Wow, this must be the blog post with the most number of comments on all of the Internet (which is quite large, I hear).

      How is your book NOT going to be a success??? 🙂

      Still, I want a copy. Preferably free but I’ll probably buy it anyway. Although, if you send me a free copy, I’ll buy it for someone else as a gift so you’ll make two people very happy with just one copy!

    • Jen says:

      Your blog was one of the first I started reading when I began to learn that maybe I didn’t have to live life according some prescribed set of rules. I’ve been a fan every since. If one way I can give back is spreading the AONC message, I’m glad to. I’ll buy a book regardless, but free books are nice.

    • italmama says:

      I not only am using your information for myself, but trying to instill this spirit in my four young sons. We unschool and this is exactly what I want them to understand. That life is only as limiting as we choose it to be. Can you imagine if you would have practiced this information at age 8? Anyway, that’s what I will do with a free copy of your book here in Houston! 😉

    • Christy Z. says:

      Just returned from Zambia and it changed who I am and how I view the world. I refuse to take my life forgranted.

      Would love to be part of the crew to promote the book.

      My story of our trip is at my blog.

    • Beth Bellor says:

      Your guidance is so immensely practical, and in such engaging style, that I would be happy to help promote your latest work. A free book would be a bonus. Best to you regardless!

    • Kathy Magrino says:

      I admire all that you do, Chris, and I want to help promote your book!

    • Constantin says:

      Hi Chris,

      last weekend I wrote you that I’ll start that small artist project in Germany with my friends when I’m back from New York City.

      I think they will be really interested in your new book and in adapting some of your thoughts for our manifesto. :))

      My promise is that I will recommend your book/blog to the 15 most unconventional people I know (If I had not already done) or I’ll meet within the next weeks.

      Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

      Best wishes from New York City

    • Heather says:

      Hi! Thank you (and Penguin) for offering up free preview copies of your book!
      This is why I’d love a copy to review:
      1- I have a lot of time on my hands.
      2- My family says I’m critical – I like to think I’m critic-able.
      3- I’m a huge fan of the website and newsletters – something that has made my work weeks brighter and more hopeful for almost a year now!
      4- I can read.
      5- I have friends (to pass the message of AONC to).

      Thank you for your consideration!

    • Lori says:

      Yes, please, definitely! I live in Alberta, Canada and would love to help promote the Western half of your Canadian tour however I can. I’ve been a fan for ages of your e-letters from a life, travel and business perspective and have sent your link to most of my contacts. Though it has little to do with your book, thought you might also like to know that learning about the Waffle Window through you was a highlight of our holiday in Portland last summer! Maybe I can direct you to somewhere as unique and special when you tour through my province..

    • CatB says:

      Yes please

    • Melanie Fuller says:

      Would love to win one! Thanks!

    • Anita says:

      I would LOVE to have a free copy because I am a huge fan, devout reader of your newsletter and several ebooks, and also making cupcakes for when you come to Winter-peg! Yum

    • Bobbi Benson says:

      I would love a copy of your book because you inspire me to keep moving forward in my own unconventional life, and I want to tell other that they to can be a non-conformist!

    • Tiffany says:

      I am so grateful for the AONC!! It’s nice to know that there are so many others who feel the same way, especially when you live in an area that has “drank the conformity kool-aid”! I’m spreading the word to all who will listen… and being a fellow traveler, I need something to read on the plane, while waiting in the airport, etc…. and of course to shamelessly promote!

    • Steve Hicks says:

      Hey Chris, I’d love to review and help get the word out about your book! Love what you’re doing with Charity Water as well. Looking foward to seeing you in Phoenix for the book tour.

    • Francois Lamonde says:

      J’aimerais beaucoup recevoir une copie de ce livre. J’adore le site !

    • Polly says:

      I’m going to try this again since my first attempt to comment seemed to get bogged down with everyone else leaving comments at the same time.

      Congratulations on your new book. I’m looking forward to when you make your NYC stop. I would love to be one of the lucky 99 who get a sneak peek at the book.

      I march to the beat of my own drummer, but certainly need the wisdom and guidance who’s been doing it for years and is quite successful at it.

    • Nancee says:

      Have also pre-ordered from Amazon and looking forward to meeting you on tour. And I’d love to get a copy a week early, read it and pass it on (since I’ll have another coming!) Either way really looking forward to it!

    • Brusca says:

      I am living your AONC message by example. I would love to have a copy to give to people and inspire them through your message and actions that have equally inspired me to do the same.

    • Jenna says:

      As a member of the arts media and a big follower of yours, my boyfriend told me about your site a few months ago and I can’t get enough of your writing. You’ve inspired me to start making gradual changes in my own life to a more unconventional lifestyle, but more on that another time. I’d love to help spread the word about your new book and I’d love to read it for free! Keep up the excellent work —

    • Minda Magero says:

      I’d like your book. I’ve been living unconventionally for almost a year now. I know people who’re dying to live unconventionally, but need a little encouragement. I will bog about it.

    • Arjun says:

      I’ve been following you for years, and have often commented on your blog and facebook. Would love to have a copy of the book to share with soo many of your friends here in India. Would love love love to!

    • Francoise says:

      I’ve already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon too but I’d be happy to pass the book you’d send me to one of my contacts in France. It’d spread your word to this older part of the universe… Pretty unconventional, that, isn’t it ?

    • Amanda says:

      Congratulations Chris! Hopefully Penguin will stump up to send me one in Australia! Will review it on my site and promote in my Newsletter for you.

    • Daniél Minton says:

      I would love to help spread the message. I believe in your mission, and admire what you are doing. I’ve been a non-conformist my whole life, so much of your message is “preaching to the choir” for me, but I have many friends who have a harder time going against the norm. I belong to a large, local and national secular homeschooling group, and regular a gym. I’m also in a book club that would love to use your book. Good luck!

    • Sage Cohen says:

      There is no feeling in the world like holding that book and seeing your own name on the cover. Congratulations!! I’d be honored to be in the front lines with a review copy of the book, should Libby see me as a fit candidate!

    • Mike says:

      Life gives us options
      Freedom or conformity
      Your choice is an art

    • Francoise says:

      Hi Chris, that’s courageous to the 40.000 to come on in here 🙂
      I’m number 491 – still a few to go!
      Yes sure I’d like to have your book and read it, that would be a great pleasure .. not sure that my location is the best but well it is the one you have seen on all airports in Europe: Schengen in Luxembourg. A small little town yet well known – if they succeeded to become so well known it should work for your book too – no?
      Good luck for your tour !! when are you doing it in Europe?

    • Rick A. Griffith says:

      Would love a copy! Excited to have a look at the book.


    • Sam says:

      Hey Chris, I’m a fan from Sydney, Australia who would love a copy of your book!

    • Ana Luisa Ocañas says:

      Well, I’ve been following Chris for some months now and I just think this industry is brilliant! I WILL LOVE TO GET THE BOOK IN ADVANCE, so I will try to impress you: I’m the Chief Editor of a new online news monitor called CCI News to be launched soon, and I will gladly spread the word on the AONC on the website. Also, I manage and consult different public people and organizations blogs and websites [this is why I’m into Chris] so IT IS FOR SURE WE WILL ALL MAKE THE BOOK FLY to all our viewers! so, AM I GETTING THE COPY? =)

    • Giulietta Nardone says:

      Hey Chris,

      Nothing like having an inspirational rebel review and promote your book on a blog called “Take back your life.”

      If you send it, I’ll recommend it, lend it, defend it, and, perhaps, even bend it …

      Giulietta, Inspirational Rebel

    • Don says:

      I don’t know if you will be in Orlando. So as an unemployed person who needs some adventure, I want to read your book for free to get some ideas and encouragement. Where are you going to be in Florida?

    • Pattie says:

      I’d love to preview the book. I teach sociology at the College of Southern Nevada. Most of my students are there because they believe that “education” will ensure them “a good job.” As part of my 101 courses I challenge them to think about where they learned the Protestant work ethic and their belief that education and a good job are somehow the source of happiness. I try to help them see that a different paradigm might be in order and I try to show them that what they think is right might be serving big business interests and not necessarily their own. For those who “get it” and ask me for more information, your website is one of the places I send them. If you have not got a place in Vegas on the book tour, let me know. I’d love to organize something on campus.

    • Erica says:

      Would love to help out with reviewing the book to my meager social circle. It’s something I will end up doing anyway, and I think I have a copy pre-ordered on Amazon already. If I have two copies, that means I can happily lend out the second without worrying about losing it!

    • Patricia says:

      Please? I conform every day. I would like to stop. Thanks.

    • moonduster (Becky) says:

      I would love to review your book! I’ve been striving to reach for my dreams and go after the life I want and with every step I take, I am closer to where I want to be and I am enjoying the journey. I love your message. 🙂

    • Sandra says:

      Love to have a copy! Why? Well I love to read 🙂 I enjoy your blog, and I have never been involved in birthin’ a book! Gotta be a great experience! You pick me and I’ll do my best to give it a great send off!

    • Trixie Rioux says:

      This book is worth reading. This i know. Especially since the Tiger pic.
      I will read this book. I know this too.
      When i’m done, if i get this feeling of happiness in my heart, the unbearable one from the excitement of having found something really special….well…i can be really enoying when i believe and love something…this i know too…
      Well Chris…you are a man of wisdom, vision, sensibility and tenacity……do i know this too?
      There is so much to learn…i enjoy.
      Wish you a wonderful tour…

    • Lynn White says:

      I would love to have a book. I follow Chris all around the world now virtually on his travels because I am stuck at home now due to a medical condition. Thank goodness for the internet or I think I would curl up and disappear, lol.

    • Michele Bottorff says:

      I would love to have a copy of your book to review and place in the library where I work. Am impressed by all you do at your young age and am still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up (hopefully never even at 58)! Michele

    • Sal Vasquez says:

      Yes 1000% I want your book.. I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come out! I’m sooo excited to read it you have no idea =]

    • amit says:

      i would really love to read ur book…since that might give me some kind of direction to take in my life….

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Chris (and Libby!) I am so excited about your book, I would love a copy not just to review but also to use. I woke up this morning and realised I am way off the mark in where I thought I wanted to be and I really hope your book could give me a nudge in the write direction.

      Your blog has been an inspiration for ages now – fingers crossed its my lucky day and I get picked. Then you can rest assured your army will be growing down in OZ and NZ!

      Cheers Elaine

    • Roseanne Campagna says:


      Ask again and see if they will let you give away ‘495’ – would love to have one!!

    • Elaine says:

      opps that should have said right direction – a Freudian slip maybe 🙂

    • Robin Jakobssonon says:

      We’re hitchhiking from Poland to India, starting september 13th. If your book will inspire us, we’ll tell people about it!
      Good luck with your tour!
      All the best,

    • Steve Collins says:

      I’m a new follower and cant believe there are so many others that think like me! Would be an honor to read your book and comment on it.

    • Rob says:

      I have been working abroad (but none of my clients have known) for over 2 years now but have had difficulty finding enough work and hence I can’t afford your book but if I read it maybe I would be able to learn enough from it to be able to afford your 2nd edition of it?

      – Rob

    • Sean M Kelly says:

      Certainly be a pleasure to review your book should it come my way.

      Congrats on its publishing!

      Carpe Diem!

    • Tracy says:

      If you send a copy to me here down under (Christchurch New Zealand) I’ll happily tweet and facebook, and pass it on to all my contacts. 🙂

    • Kristyn says:

      Hi Chris! I recently graduated college with a degree I will probably never use and am now working my ass off at a dead-end job to pay off the mounds of debt I acquired in the process. I was ready to give up my dreams of traveling the world because of family and societal pressures, but then I came across your blog a few months ago. It is SO refreshing to realize there are other people out there who want the kind of lifestyle I want – and actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      I would obtain your book even if I had to choose between it and eating, but it’s always nice to get something for free. 😉

      Either way, I plan to spread the word to my 450+ fb friends, a majority of whom are members of, a community of like-minded individuals (aka a bunch of passionate but broke world travelers).

      I’ll be driving 2.5 hours from Austin to Houston to see you on tour, and I can’t wait!

    • G says:

      Hi Chris, I would like a copy of your book for the following reasons:
      1. I want to convert as many people to our philosophy of “work” as possible. I say “our” because I have had the same philosophy as you for probably longer (I’m a bit older than you…)

      2. I would shamelessly pimp you on my own blog (already done but I’d do it more)

      3. I need more friends that think like you

      4. I am completely bald-headed. That’s right, fully shiny. And that’s a great reason in itself to be picked for almost anything, so make me number 99!

    • Ben Richey says:

      Hello Chris, I am fairly new to your site and I really enjoy what you have to say, and what you’ve done. I work with a small army of remarkable people myself, as part of AmeriCorps, so I know what such a group is capable of. I am interested in helping out when your book is available.

    • Paulina Buczulinska says:

      Why wouldn’t I want the book? 🙂

      And don’t worry I’ll be promoting your book even if I don’t get a free copy.

      Have fun on your book tour!

    • Jeremy McCarthy says:

      Hi Chris, I’m a big fan and I would be happy to do a write up on my blog if you can spare a copy. Tony Hsieh sent me his book and I wrote it up. Congratulations on the book and I realize I’m the 518th commenter and you only have 99 copies so no worries if I don’t get one. I’m sure I’ll mention it on my blog eventually either way!

    • Georgia Cavalcante says:

      Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!Pick me! Pick me!


    • Sam says:

      About to be changing jobs and would love to read your book to get some ideas about which direction to take next!

    • Cate says:

      Chris, I will be your assistant du jour when you are in Raleigh, NC, so I would love an advance copy of the book to further promote you. Thanks, and see you in October!

    • Sarah says:

      So excited for the book release and looking forward to seeing you in the DC area. Congrats!!

    • Cameron says:

      Wow – look what happens when you say “FREE” Dan Ariely would be non nonplussed. I too would love a copy. I want to know two things and I hope I’ll learn them in the book:

      1) Are you helping or hurting (the world that is), your intentions seem grand, but I would love to know how much you are achieving beyond living your own dreams…

      2) Can you help me to help the world (and myself)

      If you have confidence in your book, if you believe you could inspire me to my number 2 potential then send me a copy and you won’t regret it – I’ll bring you New Zealand! (with all due respect to Tracy, I’m not sure twitter has made it to Christchurch;) but its all over Auckland)

    • Barak Rosenbloom says:

      Congratulations on the book! I’m looking forward to meeting you when you come to Seattle, and helping out here however I can.

      I’ve already been tweeting about you, and share your posts with my Facebook friends. And, I have a newsletter list of 1000 subscribers–I’m way overdue for an email (yes, I know I’m violating the publish on schedule rule, but I’m shifting what I’m doing and fell off the bandwagon), and I’d be very happy to write a review for you there.

      And if a book doesn’t appear in the mailbox from you, I’ll do the same for you anyway with the copy Amazon will be sending me.

      Have a great day, and again, congratulations!

    • Mark Lynch says:

      I need to get my five teenagers to read the book, so an extra copy would be cool. They have an influential rock band, so we can get the youngsters promoting too…. they are the future right?

      I travel with one at a time, so the book can fill in for me with the others! (Riker and I were going to meet up with you in Portland last summer, but we never got connected).

    • Ann Payne says:

      I want one because conforming is sooooo not working for me! And I need this guidebook so I, too, can practice this form of art! Haha! And I know it will be very inspiring!

    • Ajmal says:

      One representative from Malaysia here pleaseee (perhaps your next destination for travel!)

    • Christine McDougall says:

      You are one of the only bloggers I read every time. Why? Because of who you are, not what you do. (although that is very inspirational) To me you personify integrity, right down to the act of giving most of the proceeds to charity. You are such a beacon of light for integrity in a world that so desperately needs role models in this domain. I know from experience that the path of integrity does require making choices that go against the grain and can be the ‘road less traveled’. For these reasons I think your work is critical to the health of the world.

    • jenniferneille says:

      You need your book reviewed by an Aussie! Cheers and good luck

    • Angela says:

      Hey Chris!

      Please put my name in the hat or hopper or whatever method you are using to select the lucky 99! (The dart/map method, perhaps?) As you say, keep rocking the universe!

    • Jeremy Ryan Judd says:

      Inspired AONC follower looking for more, with a whole batch of hungry young friends! We would love just one of those sweet little copies.
      This site hooked me from day one, initiating journeys into wild land fire fighting to get travel ninja funds, traveling as a carpenter, becoming a small time natural builder, and hosting a restaurant in my backyard. Always looking for a deeper understanding of the AONC ways though, plant one of those seeds with us!

    • Britta Wein says:

      Hi Chris, I have so been waiting for your book to come out! I’m glad it’s happening now! I have ( I’m in Germany) reordered your book via Amazon already. And I would love to review it and tell the world about it and how much of an inspiration you have been for me. You give me the strength and confidence to do what I’m dying for and I’m very grateful for what you do! If you’d consider me for a free copy, I will make sure that 2 books will be handed on to interested people. Please keep on rocking the universe!

    • Jess says:

      Hehe, to be honest, I just want a free book so that I can read it NOW! I’ll probably end up buying another later and gifting it off. And another couple when I drag my friends when you come up to Montreal. January 14th 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you IRL muchly!

    • Tom Owens says:

      Yea, Chris!

      I’m a full-time freelancer. Upon receiving the advance copy, I’ll review you on my blog, then display AONC Army moxie by singing your praises on Amazon and other book review websites NOW, not later. I’m a published children’s author who’ll lobby my network of teachers and librarians to embrace your title. A BRIEF GUIDE and 279 DAYS convinced me that you were the real deal. Sure enough, you’re bringing Charity Water to the party with you. I will freely give and freely receive, for you — and for them. Looking forward to the day I can shake your hand.


    • Tessa Zeng says:

      Hi Chris!

      Incredible news, and what a turnout already! You’re going to have your hands full just choosing the “messengers” 🙂

      I’d love to take part, myself. I run a website called Rethinking Style, and while it’s still in the beginning stages (about three weeks, though it’s had over 600 visitors in that time!), my message is all about unconventional ways to rethink personal style and the fashion industry, and I would love to shamelessly plug your book on it. Especially since you inspired me to start the blog in the first place!

      I’m also going to be a residence assistant at RISD this fall, and will make your book tour stop in Providence a FLOOR EVENT!! There are so many incredibly creative and bright thinkers at our school, and I’ve already been spreading the word among my closest friends and sending out links to your manifestos. We can take this a step further with the AoNC book!

      I’m also devoting my life, essentially, to the inspiration of individuals. Let’s rock it together 😀

    • Lena says:

      Would love the opportunity to review your book.

    • Lex Garey says:

      Chris, I would absolutely love a copy of your book. I’d love the opportunity to read it, review it, and pass it on to people I know would benefit from it. Isn’t that what books are for? To spread a message to as many people as possible.

      See you in Portland!

    • Benoit Ferland says:

      See ya in Montreal!

    • Kaye Lyssy says:

      I would be happy to share your book with my network here in Denver and beyond! I love your style and have many friends who arre “this close” to world domination and many of them are travel ninjas as well! Pick me please! And then I’ll have you sign it when we see you in Denver in November!

      Best of luck!


    • Courtney says:

      For the book and the Charity: Water cause, I’m in.

    • Kelly Mullaney says:

      How exciting getting your new book published! Congratulations!

      I have been following your website since I first learned about you from your “279 days to overnight success”, I think recommended by Chris Brogan over a year ago. I liked it so much that I recommend your blog and send the link to that manifesto to everyone I know who is working on a personal project or tells me they want to start their own business, for inspiration.

      I think it’s very generous of you to give most of your profits to charity, right there there is a great incentive, but I also like the message you share on your website. I’d love to read your new book and help you get the word out to my network and anyone else who wants to listen 🙂

      Good luck on your book tour and enjoy Belarus!


    • Vanessa says:

      Hey Chris,

      It think it be wonderful to have a copy of this book so I can spread the knowledge and pure awesomeness to my friends and family. I remember finding your site for the first time last year and I was just so excited and astounded that someone was doing what they love and rockin’ it. I’ve been (and continue) forwarding your emails to people close to me. Some resonate, others not so much. I feel that part of my life’s purpose is to spread the word of living life the way you want, not the way of the status quo. And walking lightly on our planet.

      Reading your manifesto was what gave me the motivation to start living the life I wanted. I’m proud of where I’ve gotten thus far but I know there is much more work to be done!

      In saying that, I’d love to have a hand in spreading your message through this book. Free or not 🙂

    • Chatty Kathryn says:

      I am a new addict of this site and your ideas in general, but I would love to be considered for a free copy of the book. I am in the middle of some extremely life-changing processes (Read: becoming a minimalist, moving to Seattle, delving deep into my own mind). If I were chosen to preview the book, I would happily talk it up and use it as a tool to move forward in my life…

      Even if I don’t receive a free copy, I love that you are giving them out.

    • KD says:

      As a “non-conformist” police officer and writer who regularly reviews books in peer related journals and on-line law enforcement portals, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I already ordered mine on Amazon but I’ll take an autographed copy and pass the other to another officer… Best of luck and although most of my travels are stateside I enjoy your foreign excursions and writings!


    • Carol says:

      I’d love to read your book and share it with my friends. As many have already said, you’re very inspirational. I’m happy to be a part of this movement of non-conformity!

    • Carl Schanz says:

      Ever since I stumbled upon AONC a few months ago, I have spent countless hours reading and rereading articles about breaking out of the daily rut and do what would make me happy. Now I am still doing the daily “job” while pursuing a freelance illustration career. Anymore incite would help, so that’s why I would like a free copy of your book. Thanks

    • Martha says:

      Oh please pick me. I live in the easternmost part of Canada. Your army would reach from sea to sea to sea! Martha

    • Tim Kuiper says:

      I’m just an Australian university student that loves receiving your e-mails twice a week and dreaming of my EPIC future. Would love to be part of the launch and get a free book, however I will just buy one when it gets released here!

      Keep up the great writing and adventures and especially the water stuff you are doing, I would love to get involved in this side of things when i graduate with my engineering degree.

      Cheers TIM

    • Jan M. Erickson says:

      Hi Chris,
      I’m an artist, life coach and administrator who loves your work. I’d be happy to assist and read the book! Cheers to you! Jan

    • David says:

      Trying to make non-conformity work while serving in the very conformist U.S. Navy…would love a copy.

    • Livingstone says:

      Hey Chris,

      I’d love an advance copy! Maybe you can sign it when we hook up in NH! 🙂


    • ROy says:

      Ooh, pick me! Cheers 😀

      BTW, have you ever been to Manila?

    • shantilia says:

      I love all your free advice and everything in between! I ‘d like the book!

    • Bob Czaplicki says:

      Being in the software industry, I know tons of people that are stuck in a rut and I’ve shared a lot of the information on this site with them in order to encourage them to think about what’s really important and how they can make a difference. I’d love the book!

    • Emma says:

      Will spread the good news in Sydney as well as all the friends and connections in Australia – just need a copy to read.

      Well done with publishing the book and good luck with getting to all those persky countries.

    • Imraan says:

      Sent me a book all the way to Singapore and I will give you my Asian views on it.
      Great job by the way. Like your writing.

    • schismarch says:

      count me in!

    • Dale Toweill says:

      As a soon-to-be (weeks, not months) early retiree set on changing the world and as author of a dozen books myself (some technical/scientific, some popular) I’d love to review your book from the perspective of both an author and a fledgling world-changer! Maybe I have some worthwhile insights as both an author AND a member of your intended audience.

    • Blue says:

      Regardless of whether or not I get the book for free, my book review is going to come in the form of an original song, performed by me on my kitchen table for the people of the internet. 🙂

      Thanks for the great work. Look forward to reading the book!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Chris,

      I thought I should try for one of the 99 review copies. I’ve had a link to your website ever since I found your site – in fact, it inspired me to start the links page on the site. And, coincidentally, I also have a link to Charity Water there too and really like what they are doing.

      For some reason, today I found your affiliate application and will be adding those links as well (pending approval).


    • Moises Soto says:

      I’ve done what I can to spread the word, by printing out the Guide to World Domination, changing the way some of my closest friends and colleagues see life. The way I see it, in the very instant I was able to significantly change one of them, I became part of the small army. In my country there’s a currency exchange control and law (Venezuela), so we get to spend a max of 400$ online per year. I already spent mine, so this is the only chance I can get to be able to reach your book. After more than 500 comments below your post, I think that 20% of probability doesn’t sound too bad, so here I am. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Chris Smith says:

      Chris (and Friends),

      You’re all Walking The Walk and have my respect. I was turned out for Perpetual Travels two years ago so when I saw AONC I knew right away you had a Way to Conquer The World. Kicking and screaming, we can’t look away. Just a note of Thx for thiis cognitive blast!

      Happy Trails,

      – Chris Smith

    • Lisa says:

      All my life I’ve been a conformer, probably most other people here too. I need help!

      I’d like a copy of your book because I think it will be entertaining, interesting and give me some ideas of what I can do differently to get myself out of my box.

    • Dan says:

      Congrats on the book, I’d love one! As the host for Pushing Beyond’s interview series on people following their passions, I’m eager to read more about how you’ve continued to pursue your passions, and help spread the word about your amazing journey!

    • Daniel Mick says:

      I want an Art of Non-Conformity book because although I have recommended your site to countless friends and brought your ideas up in countless conversations, placing your ideas in a tangible form directly into their hands ensures they see them, and then they too will then pass on the wonder of AONC by word of mouth AND word of book.

    • Monica says:

      Though i would love the opportunity to get a free book and review an author who knows what the TRUE message of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” REALLY is, I would like to put in a vote for RANDI the literature teacher – in my day job, i work for an after-school program with a great disadvantaged youth program (that will be closing at the end of December due to bizzare CEO decisions!) and I know EXACTLY what Randi is talking about. The teens of the program are SO intelligent and the thought of these teens being steered toward a conventional college education that will no longer guarantee decent job prospects thus putting them deeper into the poverty they currently live in is MORE than i can stand!!
      PLEASE put this book into the hands of someone who can spread the message to a NEW GENERATION of truly independent thinkers who will revolutionize the world-Thank you!

    • Angela Feeser says:

      I’ve always marched to the beat of a different drummer. I look forward to finding many more ways to do so upon reading your book. Thanks for sharing your incites and travels.

    • Jon Dyer says:

      I would love to have your book Chris. I am constantly trying to open the minds of the people around me, and get them to break from the mold. If I have a book that I’ve read and can reference them to, my job gets that much easier. AONC is incredible, as I’m sure your book is. Thanks for everything, whether I get it or not 🙂

    • James Clark says:

      Yes please! I would be happy to review it before the official launch.

    • Sara says:

      You know that moment, when you know you’ll just click with someone? Usually, if it’s in person, you make lots of eye contact. Or if you’re me, you and the other person end up trying to talk over the other, but stop often to laugh and say, “oh, I’m sorry! No, please finish,” and you’re smiling the entire time. The latter is how I feel about “The Art of Non-Conformity” blog, email series and even Mr. Chris Guillebeau himself.

      Since signing up to receive these emails, I have often had this moment between myself and well, Chris’s words. There are many blogs and articles on how to be true, happy and unique, but you know, none of them get me feeling passionate the way that these posts/emails/articles do. That is something that is truly unique about this blog and about Chris. I would love a copy of this book for that reason–the message resonates in a way that many others don’t. Even if I don’t win a copy, I’ll buy it because supporting someone with passion is what matters.

    • Marie Scott says:

      I’d love to be one of the 99 who get a copy of your… I’d be happy to put it on my blog too!

    • Helen Kemp says:

      Hi Chris,

      I’d love to receive a copy of your book to review. I’m an avid reader and writer in Sydney (Aus), have a modest Twitter following (120) and brand new spanking fresh-outta-the-box blog 🙂 I work in the environmental field, and with inspiration from you and others I’m branching out into Aboriginal reconciliation.
      I’m also a yoga and meditation dork.

      I’ll buy your book regardless, but would love to help if I could.

    • Ted Kusio says:

      If thouest pickest me, I will take your tome with me ACROSS The BIG pond and share it with people in London (the REAL one in the UK!), Edinurgh (the “gh” are pronounced “ah” in this instance), and the Orkney Islands! Yes, Orkney Islands, so far up north I may look over to the other side of the planet and gasp at China! (I ain’t never been that far north before, so perhaps your ideas will keep me warm, and I’ll generate enough heat to fuel my empire!)

      Oh, that, and I’d be honored. 🙂
      GO TEAM!

    • Sherri Chekal says:

      Oh me! Me!!! I love your site and your message and I even love your graphics and color combos of the website! (I’m a graphic artist, so that really is important to me…) Love all you talk about and would just love to be one of the 99 solders in your army!!!

    • Annabel Candy says:


    • Wendy says:

      I love your emails Chris, you are opening my mind to infinite possibilities! As a ‘Mum’ caught up in the world of domesticity, and being around others wanting to escape the mundane and somehow make a difference, I would love our bookclub to read your book…what else is possible?

    • Rebecca says:

      I am an independent book reviewer and love your blog and would love to not only read this book for you and share it with people I know, but since I have a book blog with a pretty decent following, I can also get the word out to more people. You can decide for yourself by taking a look at my blog address I’ve left here. Whether you choose me or not, I wish you much success with your book and its launch!

    • Jen says:

      I’ve been a dedicated reader for a while and am signed up for the local book tour stop. I’d love to get to read the book early and be involved in the launch!

    • Megan says:

      I’m living the dream already of working overseas. I’d love to share the book with my loved ones to inspire them!

    • Joseph says:

      Good luck Chris! Will see you in NYC!

    • Clinton Schaff says:

      I’d love to be one of the chosen 99. Love the blog. Love the products. Love the perspective and the mission. Would be happy to help, and lucky to be selected.

    • Anthony StClair says:

      Chris, reviewing your book would be awesome and an honor. I’m stoked for its release and glad to be part of getting the word out to those who need your example, inspiration and motivation.

    • Rachel McRoberts says:

      I would love a copy of your book! I am self-employed, and I am trying to craft my life into something that fulfills me rather than fulfills other people’s expectations. My ideal life involves adventures in translation (my main source of income), travel, dancing, learning about the challenges that other people face, and helping other people overcome those challenges. I get the sense that your book will help guide me. Or at least give me some great ideas!

    • Ciara Kay Barsotti says:

      I deserve a book and here is why:

      I’m 19 years old, I’m celebrating my wedding anniversary on Saturday (two whole weeks!), I currently work as an administrative assistant/under-the-table graphic designer and artist, and I have a secret goal to start my own freelance business in two years when my husband and I move out of this itty-bitty California town so he can keep studying mathematics. My husband and I also have a bit of wanderlust (although I have him beat: he’s never left the continent and I’ve already been to Ireland, Israel and India, although Ireland doesn’t really count because I was born there). Therefore, your blog is right up my alley and I have enjoyed every post that I’ve read thus far.

      If I’m to complete my goal of quitting my job and launching my own business in less than two years AND be able to do my share of bill-paying (and travel-fund replenishing), I’m going to need all of the tools I can get! Which is why I totally deserve a free copy of your book. Thank you!

    • Mariela De Marchi says:

      Hello Chris,
      I’d like to read your book on paper. I’m a bolivian woman living in Italy and rethinking life. I don’t know how could I help to spread the word, but I’m sure I’ll spread the thought.
      Ti auguro tante buone cose!

    • Brad says:

      I am you, only 20 years older.Travel hacker from way back(100+ countries,lots of Africa).I’ve hitchhiked on private aircraft and hopped freight trains. Self employed.I value my free time more than a big bank account,but I do very well :-).

      I would like to help set you up for your book tour stop in San Diego.Let me know.Hopefully the surf won’t be up, which might cause a conflict. 🙂

      Good to see young blood goin’ for it.

    • Kara says:

      I will read and review your book and bug all the people I know about it, even if it has no zombie pirates in it at all.

      If you send your book to me, there’ll be a copy all the way down here in lil ole New Zealand to begin your domination of the Antipodes ahead of schedule. Yay!

      By the way, you and the tiger! Awwwwwww! I’m so glad Sticky Rice liked your book and didn’t, you know, EAT the only copy currently in existence. Seriously, who calls a tiger Sticky Rice? That’s non-conformism right there. 🙂

    • Kathy Quinn says:

      I would love to review your book. Teach in a School of Business where they try to make me conform. I am a non-conformist to the core. Need to teach students about being a non-conformist to offset the conforming message taught by other faculty members. Students need to know not to lose their souls to conformity but instead be non-conforming and live a life of adventure.

    • Angela says:

      Would you send a copy down to New Zealand? I’d love to read and review the book. I’ve recently got back from travelling and am trying to achieve the freedom of making a living by being self employed.

    • DAVID says:

      I’d love a copy and do my best to spread the word. Good luck with the tour and to try to eat healthy! I just came back from a road trip myself and am baffled by the amount of money I spent on coffee… Will your book include tips on how to drive without it (just kidding)?

    • Siobhan says:

      Hey, why me? Well, for a start I’m a poor grad student, hoping to finish my thesis soon and use my PhD to start my own mini revolution!

      I am creating a career in learning & teaching using creative & contemplative approaches. I want to create radical change in the way we educate folks in universities to help foster a free thinking and original next generation (after all, these will be the folks who are in control of the finances & health care when I’m an old lady!). I want to establish an unconventional career – walls are for prisons, not life! There is not set path for this, I have to make my own, and your book could help me (and my students). I’ve been looking around the web for inspiration and your site is the best I’ve found, and I would love to read your book!

      Best wishes, S. 🙂

    • Russ Tidwell says:

      If it’s not too late, I’d like to throw my name in the hat, too. I’ve just stumbled across your blog, and I’m enjoying learning about your travels and what you’ve been up to.


    • Miro says:

      Yeas please, I’d love to add to my own non-conventionality. And I love reading.

      Cheers to you from Melbourne Australia

    • Cathy Brown says:

      So, yes, I want a free book. But may I entice you with my offer to write a review of it and put it on not one, but two websites that I am the editor of for travelers and expats? I will also post a link to it through Amazon to hopefully help sell you a bunch of them. And Facebook. And Twitter. I am a good “small army’ woman (in this army respect…probably not to many others, hahaha)
      Regardless of whether I get picked or not, I am proud of you for getting this published, and appreciate everything you do to inspire the rest of us. 🙂

    • Debra says:

      <<>> Chris, I’d love to have your book to share! I often point to you as another nonconformist, albeit one who has made it a self-sufficient lifestyle as opposed to me traipsing thru or living in MI, OH, IN, IL, MO, WY, CO, NM, NV, UT, AZ, TX, FL, GA, NE, IA, WI, MN, AK, TN, KY, NC, SC, SD + Costa Rica the past 4 years getting broker. Yeah, I got EBK for a reason! Wish you were coming to Austin on your book tour!!!

    • Lorraine says:

      I would be happy to help if you think the comments of a middle-aged resource teacher from rural Nova Scotia would be useful. (If you haven’t been to the east coast of Canada you need to) I work with marginalized kids and try to facilitate their belief in the power within. This can be a challenge when most things they experience in school reinforces their beliefs that they are somehow less than the “good kids”. My kids don’t or can’t conform and it would be great to demonstrate that this isn’t a bad thing.

    • Nita says:

      Hi Chris

      I have been a long time follower of your blog and would be more than happy to spread the word and expand the AONC network.

      Look forward to reading your awesome book, and writing a review.

      Hope you are having a good time in Belarus – 3rd time lucky! 😉

    • Teresa Lubovich says:

      Wow… so many already asking I’m not sure if you’ll have any left! Would love to read it early and spread the news in my sphere of influence 🙂 Would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
      Thanks, Chris

    • Anthony K. says:

      I’ve loved the blog and would love a copy of the book.

      I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, so I am unable to make the book tour, so getting a chance to read the book BEFORE the release is as close as I can get to meeting you.

      Thanks, either way.

    • IRENE JAAN says:

      We just sold our brick and mortar businesses and are taking off next month to travel the world in our quest for a more creative and sustainable life. Reviewing your book on my blog, thetravelcreatives, would be such an honor since your site/project has been instrumental in influencing our newly evolving empire. 🙂 Your book is relevant to our project since part of our passion is documenting awesome creatives in the world that are living their truth.

      There are also plans to integrate your affiliate program in our site to promote your other kick-ass programs.

    • Ricky Law says:


    • mary darling says:

      Congratualtions Chris! I am happy to wait & pay for the book ~ however if you still have some books, my brother lives in Denver, teaches part time ( Economics at Univ of Den), and plays a good tennis game while being stay at home dad. He could use a spirit lifter but he is good, really good at chatting people up:)
      Happy trails,

    • chelle says:

      I’m on the look out for a new book to bury my nose in! I want your book!!! =) Pick Me!!!

      Hope to catch you on your book tour and have you sign it! =)

    • Alexia says:

      I’m in!

    • David says:

      I bet this will have 2000 comments by it’s end.

      Consider this me throwing my hat into the ring, and see you in NY Chris.

    • Gabi says:

      It looks like right now there is about a 1 in 6 change of getting the book. Does it help that I just submitted your not even released book to MoneySmart Life’s list of Top Blogger Books?

    • Lauree says:

      I’d love a copy of your book!

      Now more than ever in my life I feel it’s most important to be passionate about all one does in this world. As someone who’s suffering from ongoing health issues, I’m constantly challenging myself to push further on to new heights & horizons.

      Despite being terribly introverted as a child, I learned a long time ago, it never hurts to ask. The worst possible outcome is the answer will be no, but more often than not, it’s yes!

      I wish you well in your travels! Hope to see you on the East Coast

    • kim klassen says:

      fantastic pic Chris… i would do flips to review your book!! flips i tell ya… flips!!

    • Alison says:

      Here in Australia I won’t get to see you on the tour, but I’ve been suscribing to the newsletter for a while and avidly reading everything of yours I can find. The trick (not really a trick, it’s more a shift in thinking, so the task) for me is to make your words fit in my extremely conformist yet still complicated life. My friends, family, small Facebook and Twitter worlds and possibly even professional colleagues may all be receptive to your message as well.

    • Kjersten Hayes says:

      I would love a copy! I’m in Malaysia, so I can’t participate in the book tour, but it looks like the most fun book tour ever. I look forward to following virtually.

    • tami says:

      I’d would love to be part of the club!

    • Darlene Chrissley says:

      Hi Chris. I’d be happy to write a thoughtful review and promote your new book to my blog subscribers (approx 300) and network in the coaching world.

      My blogging and coaching focus is living with creativity and imagination, and I walk the talk on non-conformity, having at different times quit my job, started a lifestyle business, traveled and worked around the world, produced an original stage play etc. – your book is a good fit for my audience.

      Personally I just have to say how much you inspire me and how wonderful and affirming it is that you are in the world, so fearless and constant in your quest. You are an anti-gravity force against all the forces that would pin me down.

      Let me know how I can help and I hope to see you in Toronto.


    • Cosmin Remetea says:

      The amount of help I can give you is limited due to my limited communication possibility (small blog, about 900 Facebook friends etc), but I can assure you of my commitment to help you in this campaign. As you will give to a big percentage of the royalties you will earn to good causes (like fresh water for people in need) I realize that if I will help you sell only 10 books, indirectly I will contribute in helping those people, as you can’t reach to the people I am interacting with. You can count on me on being a good online and offline “evangeliser” of your book and your ideas. Further more I would really enjoy reading your ideas in a good paper format book and at this moment I have limited means, as I just finished my last internship … 🙂
      Wish you all the best with this and other future projects,

    • Tangerine says:

      Hi Chris! I love reading your blog.

      Please, pretty please pick me as one of the people who’ll get the book! Your blog surely is an inspiration for me especially for people who has a vision but needs a little more nudge, if not a gentle poke. I myself is a non-conformist which drives my better half crazy. All I need now is a little more guide or direction. Surely, your book will offer a lot of tips and insight for this.

    • Alison says:


      I’d love to have a copy to inspire the recent micro-business I’ve started (inspired by you no less!)



    • Christine says:

      I am six months away from leaving my government job in Wellington, New Zealand to travel the world.

      I am socially networked to the max and promise an honest and heartfelt impression of your book through my networks who are ripe for the non-conformist picking and inspiring!

    • Haishuo Lee says:

      Congratulations! I can help you promote the book in Chinese (though it’s in English). If I am luckily selected, may I have the honor to have the book signed?

    • Stephen Codrington says:

      Chris, I would love to review your book – presuming it is as good as you say it is and I think it will be!

    • Paul Noonan says:

      What better way to promote your book than with a success story of someone who is just starting to learn how to achieve Non-Conformity?

    • cynthia scarborough says:

      Hey Chris:
      I’m new to the game. I’m a newbie freelancer. Just started reading your articles and like what I’ve seen. A book format would be great! 🙂

    • Andrea Colman says:

      OK Chris, so I’m like #627 on the ‘ME, ME, ME’ list and I’m not only a MAJOR non-conformist, artist, globe-trotter, entrepreneur and ‘book reviewer’ for published friends, but I am also an OFFICIAL CURIOSITY OF NEW YORK. No shit, check out Cindy Perman’s book if you don’t believe it.

      I’m currently an innkeeper and funeral celebrant looking to constantly reinvent myself. I can’t wait to read your book and I’ll be happy to promote it via my Facebook networks and my Amazon reviews. I recently posted one for my friend, Joan Ball. Her Simon & Schuster release, Flirting with Faith, is really taking off even outside it’s Christian genre due to viral FB marketing and the efforts of friends and family.

      Hope to help you as well.

    • Dale Uno says:

      I’m a happily married wife and mother of three (22, 15, 7 years) who, 2.5 years ago, defied conventional sensibilities and left a bureaucracy-ridden state job to enter the private sector (worked for a farm, and later for a plant nursery). Earlier this year, I established a company of my own, The Serendipitous Gardener, and as of July 31, 2010, I’ve been totally on my own.

      It’s been more than a little scary (but exciting as well), and I have found inspiration and comfort in your posts. I am requesting an advanced copy of your book because it would be an honor to help you in any way I can. I’ve already posted your Hawaii meet-up on my calendar, so even if I don’t get an advanced copy, I’m looking forward meeting you in December. Thanks for considering me!

    • Andrea Colman says:

      Just to follow up on that last post. I think it’s imperative that you take the initiative to self-promote. Your agents can only do so much. It is the daily ‘bazaar’ found at social media sites like Facebook that are leading the way in new marketing. I have a friend, Chris Locke, who’s books, The Cluetrain Manefesto an Gonzo Marketing were a decade before their time in predicting this new consumer review driving marketing venue.

      Use it often and use it well and keep it real.

    • Shanghai Tim says:

      In the spirit of the book title, and in reading all these much-quicker-than-me-yet-a-little-samey comments, PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SEND ME A BOOK!!!
      I’ll just buy one.
      Btw, nice one Chris ; )

    • Erik DeVriendt says:

      Chris & AONC maestroes,

      I’d love to plug your book, and have have a wealth of great, like-minded, non-conforming career conquistadors who would be eager to help this thing go (even more) viral. We’ll go Twitter, Facebook, Sandwich boards, Urban Dictionary, you name it…it would be an honor!

    • Jean says:

      can i have a copy of the book pleaaassseeee

    • Marilia says: