Happy Thanksgiving from the Homeland


Greetings from my corner of the world in Portland, Oregon.

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., a time when the internet shuts down and we all eat pie. Everyone else, feel free to enjoy the internet to yourself and eat pie along with us.

Earlier this week I was in Cuba, my 174th country and final country in all of the Americas. I’ll have more to say about my adventure there next week, but in short, I had a fantastic visit.

I’m now home in 97214 and looking forward to a long run this morning, then a Thanksgiving lunch with Jolie. I try to live with gratitude every day, so I don’t have anything special to say on the fourth Thursday of November.

Otherwise, our only-once-a-year sale at continues today and through Monday. Use discount code “CRANBERRY” to save 15% on all orders.

I’ll see you again after the weekend!

– Chris


Image: Sarah

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