First Videos from #WDS2013

Superman Lives!

The focus of WDS is on creating a strong in-person experience, so we don’t do any live-streaming. However, we also realize that many people who aren’t able to attend in Portland are interested in seeing what it’s about.

With that in mind, we recently released the first two speaker videos from this year’s extravaganza.

Darren Rowse

On the morning of the first day, Darren Rowse from Melbourne, Australia taught us about following a dream… from zero to superhero.

Don’t see the video? Try this link.

Jia Jiang

In the afternoon of the first day, Jia Jiang from Austin, Texas taught us to embrace rejection, not fear it. Can rejection be a love story? Watch and see.

Don’t see the video? Try this link.


We’ll release more videos once a week for the next few weeks, first to the WDS community and then publicly to the world. If you enjoy them, feel free to share!


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