Evening Rituals

I have one or two drinks with dinner, rarely any more.

Before bed I make a cup of herbal tea and take magnesium. Sometimes I have a square of dark chocolate.

I sit with my thoughts and my calendar. I look at my tasks. I do this in digital and analogue form. There is pen and paper and phone and MacBook Air.

I determine the priorities for the next day, with the knowledge that there can only be so many. There may be thirty things to do, but only two to three are truly critical.

In fact, it’s hard to do three. Often it’s just a maximum of two. Choosing more is a recipe for procrastination, if not outright failure.

I think about what matters.

I write some notes. Perhaps I draft a short entry like this one.

I drink the tea and stretch. I try not to do too many emails during this time, but I’ll usually take a quick look for one final inbox triage session (I’ve long since given up on inbox zero).

Then I set the alarm on my phone and go to bed. It’s only 9:30pm in my time zone, but already past midnight on the east coast. I like to be up as early as I can, and I know I’ll probably be up for an hour at some point in the middle of the night.

So I try to use the time before then well and get as much rest as I can.


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