End-of-Year Gratitude, Madeira Edition

Greetings, friends and readers. I still have three posts remaining in the Annual Review series—this week we’ll look at Business Lessons and a 20+ country Travel Roundup… but first! A word of gratitude from our sponsors, or me to be precise.

Here’s a short video message I recorded on the Portuguese island of Madeira this week. Among other things, I discuss the new concept of some bloggers charging readers for the chance to read their posts.

I see it the opposite way: being able to write for so many amazing people is payment enough. I should pay you for reading! (But don’t send me a bill, because that would be a lot of bills.)

Thanks again for being an important part of my world. 2009 has been a crazy, intense year. I have even bigger plans for 2010, and I’m glad to know you’re around.


Two quick Sunday Store Updates –

1) Gift Certificates for the new will be available this time next week. If you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping by the 21st (procrastinators unite!), I’ve got your back. Or at least, I’ll have your back starting next Sunday.

2) Frequent Flyer Master is now in the hands of 500+ high-flying customers, but the update list has only 300 names on it. You don’t need to be on the list, of course, but if you want the free updates, you do. If you missed it, you can go back to the resources page you received after purchase and join the list at the bottom.

All of my products have free updates, actually, so if you’ve bought something from the store but aren’t receiving weekly emails, you may not be on the list. You can always join (or re-join) from the sign-up form at the bottom of any resource page. Let us know if you need help.

That’s all for today, but I’ll back tomorrow with this year’s Business Lessons, and then on Thursday with the Travel Roundup.

Good luck with your 2010 planning. Also… Happy Hanukkah!

Keep rocking the universe,



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