Woman Completes Mission to SCUBA Dive in All 50 States

Congratulations to Jennifer Idol, who just accomplished a huge mission: becoming the first woman to SCUBA dive in all 50 states.

Jen spoke briefly in the lightning round at WDS 2014 and we profiled her back when she was well on her way to accomplishing her quest.

Photos © Jennifer Idol

Here’s what she said in an email:

“I did it! It’s a relief, and I am tired. In a way, the journey is ongoing with articles, the book, news, and social media. I won’t be diving all 7 continents, the U.S. territories, or all countries as a new quest. Instead, I’ll be undertaking assignments, still working on sharing the meaning behind this current journey, and working on something new.

As I suspect you also know, journeys are long, cost more than we plan in more ways than we can anticipate, and yet help us define who we want to be, where we want to go, and what we want to do. They can be platforms from which we launch our true aspirations, or just end when they’re completed.”


Photos © Jennifer Idol

“I took a trip that spurred my quest to dive 50 states. I felt the need to make a difference by using my talents as a designer, photographer, and diver to share the importance of protecting our underwater world.”

“Every choice I made to develop my skills set me on the path for my journey. I worked hard and built a firm foundation.”


Photos © Jennifer Idol

“We are all talented and have built resources that are unique to our circumstances. Finding and following my passion was a matter of identifying my talents and how I could use them to affect something I deeply loved.”


Photos © Jennifer Idol

You can see more photos from Jennifer at The Underwater Designer.


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