How to Join “The Amazing Race” for Regular People


Have you ever wanted to be on The Amazing Race?

I’ve never actually seen the show—I preferred to focus on my own race for ten years—but one time J.D. Roth and I got up early to stand in line for auditions. After waiting for two hours, we were told that the line had closed and there would be no more auditions. Reality star #fail.

Fortunately, I know a guy who helps regular people with their own amazing race, every summer in Europe. Steve in Washington, D.C. is a full-time travel hacker. Competitours is a fun side project for him, and I thought some of you might be interested.

Here’s how he describes it:

“We transform sightseeing into sightDOING. You’ll experience Europe’s diverse history, culture, geography, culinary scene and off-the-radar activities via a daily dose of exciting and unexpected challenges.”


  • What’s Competitours all about?

    With mystery destinations and surprise challenges, these tours are designed to get you off the bench and into the travel game, bat swingin’. Like the TV series, The Amazing Race, activities are scouted and designed for participates, but without the high-stakes stress and aggro-teammates you see on the show. Also, there’s no need to try-out or qualify—you just sign up.

    Trips feature 8 to 9 days of ‘group’ challenges where teams participate in the same activity, and 2 to 3 days feature ‘grab-bag’ challenges where teams choose from a menu of options that best meet their interests. Our challenges are structured to be more like a series of contests, rather than a race.

  • How does it work—what should participants expect?

    There are 12 teams, 11 days of surprise challenges, 7-8 mystery destinations zigzagging across Western Europe, and up to $7200 in prize money at stake among top 3 teams. Yes, you can win actual money!

    And since creativity, resourcefulness, curiosity and spontaneity are the the keys to mastering most challenges, not speed or fitness, every team has fighting chance to win.

    The top three scoring teams are crowned at the awards ceremony on the final day of the tour. They share up to $7200 of a CASH prize pool:

    -1st Place Team: share $3,600 or 50% of prize pool
    -2nd Place Team: share $2,520 or 35% of prize pool
    -3rd Place Team: share $1,080 or 15% of prize pool

  • What’s included in the price?

    The cost covers 11 days of challenge fees, 11 nights lodging, 5 days of intra- and inter-city transport, 8 breakfasts + 2 dinners, 1 dessert reception, and $300 towards the grand prize cash pool—you have the chance to win some of that money back!

Learn more or join the adventure at Competitours.


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