5,000 Word Travel Hacking Resources Page Now Available


Over the past ten years I’ve used millions of Frequent Flyer Miles & Points to go everywhere—literally, everywhere.

I write a lot about travel hacking in the archives and also through our paid service, the Travel Hacking Cartel, which has served more than 16,000 members and counting.

I’m also co-teaching a brand-new bootcamp called Make Your Dream Trip a Reality, which you can watch for free every weekday morning for six weeks starting on April 26.

If that’s not enough, we recently published a new page on the blog that includes 100+ links and a general overview of getting started in this world.

Come on over and take a look!

Among other things, you’ll learn about:

  • The best ways to earn miles & points right away
  • How to best use your hard-earned miles and points (remember, miles are for spending!)
  • How to stay for nearly-free all over the world
  • Tips and tricks for Round-the-World airfare
  • How to manage your credit so you can continue to receive big card bonuses

This resources page is free and will be updated frequently. Have fun!


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