Can You Get More Than One Chase Ink Card?


Link: 70,000 Point Bonus for Ink Plus

Update: The 70,000 point offer has now ended. The card still offers 50,000 points and has gone back to having no annual fee in the first year.

After a false alarm last week when we thought the latest mega-bonus would end, we learned that it was actually extended for at least another few days. There’s still time to take advantage of 20,000 extra points!

A number of aspiring travel hackers asked if they could get this small business card if they didn’t own a business. The answer is yes, probably—and I wrote a whole post on it last week.

Since that post I received a couple of other questions, specifically about how to best use the points and whether you can get more than one card.

Answers below…

What are 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points worth?

For me, likely at least $2,000-3,000 in travel, and probably more. I’ll use them for stays at the luxury Park Hyatt brand, a one-way Business Class ticket on Singapore Airlines, or something else high-value.

However, there’s an alternative. If you don’t want to master the art of travel hacking and put the points to their more optimal use, you can also just cash them in at the Ultimate Rewards travel mall. By doing this, you essentially “pay” for any airline reservation you’d like, using the points instead of actual money.

70,000 points are eligible for an $875 credit toward any travel reservation that you book through the system. There’s a $90 fee for the card, so to be fair let’s subtract that amount—now you’re looking at an $785 credit to be used however you’d like simply for getting the card.

This brief (and to be honest, pretty boring and corporate) video shows how the Ultimate Rewards travel portal works:


If you qualify and are responsible enough to pay off the balance (remember: avoid debt whenever possible!), I think this is a no-brainer offer.

Can You Get a Second Card?

I was initially bummed about not being able to get the offer myself, since I already have the card. Obviously, if you have a spouse or partner (a willing one!), you can double up and essentially earn 140,000 points or $1,570. But you may actually be able to get more than one yourself.

Because it’s a business card, six days ago I decided to apply again, using a different business name. Between all the projects I work on, I have several different tax IDs and legal business names. Obviously my social security number is the same, and I didn’t list any incorrect information in the application.

I had applied while on the road for my new book tour, and expected to find a letter with the application results when I came home for a couple of days last weekend. There was no letter in the mail, so I just called up Chase and asked for a status update.

The rep reviewed the account, asked a few questions about the business, and then said she would recommend it for approval. I still have to wait for the final results, but it sounds like I’m good for another bonus. Whoo hoo!

As they say in the world of travel, your mileage may vary. My results may be different from yours, and regardless of what happens, you should always be honest in any applications you make.

We’re not entirely sure when the offer will end, but it will end at some point. If you’re eligible to apply and haven’t done so already, consider getting the card while you still can.

Link: 70,000 Point Bonus for Ink Plus


Image: Steve

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