Ending Soon: Earn $200 or 20,000 Points with No-Fee Offer Before June 24


Update: This post contains outdated offers and should only be used for reference. Click the following link for the most up-to-date offers on the Chase Freedom card. -cg

Link: Double Signup Bonus for Chase Freedom

While I’ve been writing a book and preparing to welcome a few people to town, I’ve been greatly neglectful in mentioning several great travel hacking offers as of late.

At any rate, there’s still time for this one: for the next few days, you can earn TWICE the usual signup bonus for one of the best no-fee offers out there, the Chase Freedom card.

Technically, it’s described as $200 cash back after a low $500 minimum spend, and you can certainly get the card and put $200 in your pocket. There’s no annual fee, ever.

However, the better use of the card for many people is to convert the $200 into 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Those points can then be used to transfer to any number of airline and hotel partners directly, and in many cases you’ll get a much better valuation than $200.

This card isn’t the best for your main mileage-earning card (there are better ones) but if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred or another Ultimate Rewards-earning card from Chase, you’re allowed to convert that cash bonus into the more valuable points.

Oh, and here’s the other benefit: every quarter, the Freedom Card has “category bonuses” that provide 5x points on everything you spend in those categories, up to $1,500 per quarter. As of right now, the category is Restaurants—so if you’ve been using it this quarter, you could have earned 7,500 points for $1,500 spent while dining.


As you can see, pretty soon the category bonus will switch over to gas stations (and presumably some other things), and then this fall the category bonus will be, which is especially good since you can pretty much order anything on Amazon.

This is essentially an easy way to earn more points.

So basically, it’s 20,000 free points for everyone who accrues Ultimate Rewards points. Not a bad deal!

The offer goes away for another year on Wednesday, June 24. I’m sorry I didn’t get around to publishing it until now—it’s a legit offer and there’s no reason not to get it if you qualify.

Link: Double Signup Bonus for Chase Freedom


Image: Jonathan

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