The 7-Hour In-Flight Movie on British Airways


Last year I traveled to Norway with a small group of friends, family, and readers. We took the train from Oslo to Bergen, a long trip that winds through the heart of the country. The sightseeing was spectacular—outside the window we could see snow-capped mountains and icy streams of water.

I’m not sure I’d want to watch a 7-hour video of that train ride… but now I have the option to, thanks to the phenomenon of “slow TV” that is now making its way to in-flight screens.

Footage of a rail trip from Bergen to Oslo was a breakout hit in Norway, where about 1 million people have viewed it, according to British Airways, which will screen the journey on hundreds of flights from next month. The marathon film has a similar appeal to that of moving plane maps watched by passengers for “endless hours,” it said.

Next time you’re flying long-haul British Airways, you could watch Transformers, or you could watch footage from a 7-hour train ride. Hmmmm.

Link: Bloomberg


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