676,358 Frequent Flyer Miles


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On November 5th I’ll release my final Unconventional Guide of 2009. The goal of the project is to democratize free travel.

As part of the preparations, I wanted to take you behind the scenes of a few of my own mileage accounts. The screen-capture video below shows my current tally of 676,358 Frequent Flyer miles, complete with screenshots of five accounts.

Before I launch my final product of the year, I want to make sure everyone knows I can speak with authority when it comes to travel hacking.

Check out the video below:

The product will launch on Thursday, November 5… three days from today.

By the way, even if you’re not as travel-crazy as I am, you may want to pay attention to this project. I’ve deliberately designed it to provide info for a range of people, even those who only travel a couple of times a year or don’t know much about Frequent Flyer Miles. As I say in the video, the most important thing about a big mileage balance is the opportunity it offers you to pursue other goals.

Also, all of my products are 100% guaranteed for life, but this guide will have an additional guarantee—more on that with the launch. To make it even more fun, I’ll also include something special for the first 150 buyers.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the video. Have a great Monday!


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  • Patrick Fenneran says:

    WOW. Will your product on Nov 5 let us know your “secrets” to getting the status without actually flying/staying? I am perturbed at Delta at the moment. I have around 2k to go to remain silver (actual miles flown) and had to stop flying for medical reasons for the next year. I asked them if there was anything that can be done so I won’t lose the status but alas no.

    Looking forward to your launch in a few days.

  • Arte says:

    Interesting… would it also work for people from European countries? The miles are not so developed here as in the US.

  • Chris says:


    Yes, I’ll be writing about that – and the Travel Ninja guide also provides info. Also, see this post for info on status matching.


    It’s more challenging in Europe (or elsewhere) than in the U.S. I don’t think I could earn 500,000+ miles on a regular basis without being based in the States – however, it’s still possible for most people to earn a decent amount (25,000-75,000 a year) from almost anywhere.

    I’ll say more about that on Thursday.

  • Oleg Mokhov says:

    More miles = more travel = more opportunities.

    Whether for exploration, to meet up with friends, or attend business events, having a miles “bank account” really opens up the opportunities.

    And to be earning those “dollars” while doing what you’re already doing (ex. paying with a credit card) just maximizes the miles even more.

    This is exactly the type of guide I need to be able to travel more for less. Looking forward to Thursday.

  • Jason Ford says:

    Chris, looking forward to this product. I’ve never purchased one before, but I’m feeling strongly this one will be the first. I acted on your tip regarding the direct ship dollar coins and have already earned some travel using that method.

    If credit cards are a part of your strategy you will be discussing in your new product then will you cover what kind of impact closing a credit card has on your credit score. I read in your credit card experiment that opening multiple credit cards had minimal effect, but what happens when it comes time to close them?

  • Richard Lowe says:

    Do you earn these miles by purchasing or do you have a trick to accumulate miles without having to buy anything?

    Looking forward to the launch!

  • Chris says:

    I earn miles through at least 15 different sources – there’s not really one trick, but the guide covers most if not all of them.

  • Kendra Kinnison says:

    Chris: My husband and I have learned – and used – a ton of the tips from your previous guides. We’ve flown about 20 roundtrips (within the US) in the last few months, all for less than about $500 total. (And the bank tellers don’t even think we’re crazy anymore for carting around boxes of coins.) Needless to say, we’re really looking forward to your next guide. Thanks for all the great info!

  • Patrick Fenneran says:

    Thanks Chris… I look forward to it.

  • Sean says:

    I took a very similar picture this last spring in the SFO clubhouse while waiting for board Upper Class. There’s really no better way to go.


  • Tory says:

    Thank you so much Chris, this is exactly what I want, and perfect timing! You are the best, to have such useful, well-done information and share it with such clarity. I am so on board with this. I am organizing my life around new priorities, and international travel is second on my list. A successful, helpful business is first, and you are a big inspiration for that as well. You walk your talk in a way that few out there in the electronic ethers really manage, and thanks for that. But right now I want the miles! so-
    What time Thursday morning?
    See you then!

  • Emma says:

    How many Frequent Flyer points will the information cost?

  • Chris says:

    Great question. 🙂 If I could add an option to pay in miles, I would — but until that’s possible, Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal will work. The price will be less than some of my other products.

  • Nicolai says:

    Chris: Just wanted to thank you — my girlfriend and I have tickets for Taiwan in December. I’ll be able to meet her parents and otherwise have an amazing, important trip. Can’t think of anything I’d trade it for apart from the health of loved ones. Thank you.

  • Alex Murphy says:

    Hey Chris! I can’t wait for Thursday. Will this guide be a part of the I want it all kit?


  • Chris says:


    Yes, whenever a new product comes online, I add it to the ‘I Want it All’ kit and adjust the price accordingly. In this case, the price won’t go up that much since we recently took the Discount Airfare Guide offline.

  • Alex Murphy says:

    Right on. Looking forward to the fifth. Stay merry!

  • Marc says:

    You say you will write more on european miles thursday, does that mean saving with European Airlines is addressed in the product? Sorry English is not my first language so maybe I may have read over this, or misread. But if it is, this would be a very nice product for me!

    sincere greetings


  • Chris says:

    Yes, I will explain more on Thursday – but in short, the product is designed to be worldwide in application (although some things are easier in the U.S.).

  • Colin says:

    Hi Chris, as this is the first informational product I’ve ever considered buying, I’m a bit wary. My biggest concern is what will happen if the airlines get wise to these travel hacking techniques and take steps to ensure that people can’t get frequent flyer miles for nothing? What if the US Treasury stops selling dollar coins because they realize that many of their (highly subsidized) sales are not putting the coins into circulation as intended? Will you offer any assurances to mitigate the risk of this product quickly becoming obsolete?

  • Chris says:

    I try to write as much about strategy as I do about tactics, so that whenever the tactics change there are still things that will work. And yes, I’ll have a special guarantee for this one (in addition to the general fact that everything I make is satisfaction guaranteed for life). Stay tuned!

  • Farnoosh Brock says:

    Oh I am so close to you, sitting on Mileage Balance: 628,440 on American Airlines, and I was not able to even renew my Executive Platinum this year but I will next year. Travel rocks, and knowing the ins and outs of the free perks is a science in itself, one that my husband majors in, even though I am the Exec plat and the Diamond on Hyatt. It’s interesting that you are recommending or doing the combination of airlines. I am pretty loyal to just one, but I surely don’t come close to you in miles. Love to read posts from other travel lovers! Thank you!

  • Jon says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new product. I wish you great success with sales. After having released several digital products the launch day is always exciting.

  • Joel says:

    Wow! That is a heck of a lot of frequent flyer miles. I am personally a fan of using my cash back American Express card rather than an airline rewards card but now I think you have just made me jealous somewhat of how much traveling you do… 🙂

  • Diane says:

    Oh no! It’s 12:10 am… have I stayed up late for nothing??! Hopefully I can still be one of the first 150 at when I get up again at six. I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for this since I discovered your blog the week that the guide to discount airfare was taken down. Fingers crossed!

  • Chris says:

    You definitely win the prize for the most dedicated traveler! I didn’t launch at midnight, but it’s up now. 🙂

  • Hotdoghal says:


    Is this info available now? If so what is the cost?


  • Chris says:

    Yes sir! All the details are at

  • Olia says:

    Hi Chris, is it possible to earn enough miles if I live in Russia? Are there any tricks you tell about in “Frequent Flyer Master” that really work in our country? You say international residents can still earn miles from about half of the strategies and tactics described in the guide, and the amazing guarantee still applies. But not more than 100 000 miles. But do you really can tell how to get miles in Russia?

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