What Are You Looking Forward To?

What are you looking forward to?

It’s a fairly self-explanatory question: what’s coming up in the near or faraway future that you’re excited about?

I’ll start. In the short-term, I’m looking forward to getting home from another long trip. It’s been fun, beautiful, thrilling, and exhausting. I live on the edges and sometimes they catch up to me. But that’s OK, because I’ll be happy to do it again soon.

In the medium-term, I’m looking forward to completing everything for my book manuscript. I recently wrapped up draft #3 and sent it to my friendly editor in New York. Now I’ll do another draft and some line-edits before wrapping up and moving to the next phase. I’m extremely excited about planning the launch, another book tour, and everything associated with it.

In the long-term, I’m looking forward to continued learning. I feel like I have grown and learned a lot recently, but there’s so much I still want to learn and experience. I believe there is a connection between living and learning: if we fail to learn, we aren’t truly living. Therefore, I want to keep learning and challenging myself whenever possible.

How about youβ€”what are you looking forward to?


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  • Sandra says:

    In the short-term, I am looking forward to having my regular routine back for work & writing during the day now that my children are back to school, attending a couple of fall weddings that require a small amount of relaxing travel and seeing through a summit I am helping to coordinate which will bring young people interested in changing the conversation in our state together in my very own home town. In the medium-term, I’m going to start studying for the GRE and try (again) to complete some more graduate work and continue writing as well. I look forward to continuing to be involved in politics as 2012 nears!

  • Simon says:

    Short term – My sons birthday πŸ™‚ , getting a re-launch of our rooms to rent website launched (been a long but great week), doing a 1/2 marathon this weekend.

    Medium – Learning to swim so i can train for my Quadrathlon, completing the Quadrathlon (and raising as much money as i can for charity), launching a new website with my wife.

    Long term – Doing more big events for charity (e.g running from London to Edinburgh, etc), learning to play guitar , starting to travel the world with my kids and exposing them to the world πŸ™‚ (the long term list is a list of 100’s of things in excel so probably not a good idea to continue).

  • robyn says:

    fun things, chris! for me …

    short term: our little man making his entrance in the next two weeks. so exciting, i can’t believe we’re adding a human to our home so soon!

    medium term: fall! i love fall weather, fall food, how fall makes me want to clean, purge and start over like spring does for most folks. and also? fall brings HAND KNITS!

    long term: learning to be the best momma i can be and continuing my goal of 10,000 knits for charity!

  • Mary says:

    Short term – enjoying promoting my 9/11 birthday campaign. It’s nice seeing people step up to give money to great organizations that are doing good in the world.
    Medium term – Homebuying! Eek! Hoping to be in a new place by Christmas. Huge step for me.
    Long term – A lot of pots on a low simmer. Africa next fall. Adopting a child in a few years. Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  • Sarah Russell says:

    In the short term, I’m looking forward to a couple of dance performances I have coming up in the next month. Nothing gets me more excited than new music, new choreography and new costumes!

    In the medium term, I’m looking forward to going back to being self-employed, which I hope to do in the next 5-11 months (depending on finances).

    And in the long term, I’m looking forward to starting a family, even though just saying that scares the living bejeezus out of me πŸ™‚

  • Brandon says:

    Short Term: I look forward to finding a job soon and achieving moving out of my current living conditions.
    Medium Term: I look forward to putting my adult life together and putting my student loan debt behind me.
    Long Term: Like you, continued learning. I have something of a list of things I want to learn to do, like learn to play a musical instrument and speak a foreign language, and once I achieve self-reliance, I’m going to begin on them.

  • Melissa says:

    In the short term, I’m looking to a visit from a long-distance friend next week. We live 3000km apart so it’s always nice when we can spend some time together.

    In the medium term, I’m looking forward to a trip to Ireland I’m taking with my Dad for his birthday in a couple months. Way back (around the 1650s) our family came from Ireland so it will be great to explore our roots together. I’m also looking forward to visiting two new American cities in the fall (Washington DC for work, Chicago for pleasure).

    In the long term, I’m looking forward to the possibility of challenging my comfort zone and moving to a new city. It could be just what I need, even though it’s scary.

  • Fiona Leonard says:

    This is a really interesting approach – instead of writing goals, write a ‘looking forward to’ list. Seems like it would create a list full of things that you really want, especially if combined with the ‘hell yeah!’ test. It would also shift the energy levels around projects immensely.

    I’m looking forward to my book becoming a best seller…
    I’m looking forward to hitting the road again with my amazing travelling family…
    I’m looking forward to being debt free…

    Nice, nice and nice.

  • Jeff says:

    Great things to think about this morning… and I’m certainly looking forward to your next book!

    Anyway, on to my list.
    Short term: I’m a month away from doing the Braking the Cycle ride from Boston to NYC. It’s my second year to do it and this year I want to complete the entire course and increase the amount of fundraising I’m doing. I’ve still got $2000 I want to raise and I’m going to be aggressive to make sure I can get there.

    Medium term: As soon as the ride is over, the fall is about getting my novel ready to send out in an effort to get it published.

    Long term: The apartment lease is up next May and it’s time to decide if my husband and I are staying there, moving elsewhere in the city or possibly leaving NYC for some new adventures. There’ll be a lot of research and soul searching in the coming months to figure that out.

  • Michelle Barber says:

    I’m looking forward to organizing the Montpelier (VT) Art Walk for the first time, also mapping out two new blog possibilities and taking a visit to see my grandmother in the coming months!

    Thanks for the prompt to think more long-term….hmmm: I’m looking forward to exploring new professional opportunities and increasing my consulting work around digital marketing and community development in the next year.

  • Caanan says:

    I’m going to go with the short term because we start an exciting adventure tomorrow…

    We are heading up to Alaska to explore for a few weeks before the weather turns and leaves start falling. Best of all, we work virtually so – as always – life just comes along where ever we go.

    Once we get back to home-base, we’ll be figuring out how to celebrate 5 YEARS of living life just the way we want to – on our terms.

  • Dave Parradee says:

    Next.. Going to Austria on Sunday to start a 9-day motorcycle tour of the Alps!

    then.. Four more months here (Africa) to finish this job.

    Finally.. Going back to the U.S. debt free to start living!!!!

  • Karen Divine says:

    short term…my morning hike and paying CLOSE attention to be sure I give as much love back to my remaining dogs as they give to me…that’s a tough one
    medium term…watching what new images may come out of my “strange thing” series
    long term…seriously…pay attention

  • Jeremy says:

    For the short-term my fiance coming to visit next weekend after being apart for over a year.
    For the medium finalizing my plans to move to CA and setting our wedding date.
    The long term starting my California career and expanding on my life of learning.

  • Hayley says:

    I am looking forward to learning in all my classes and doing so with the new, fresh perspective that I have been so enjoying this summer. I am looking forward to truly practicing all the words that I preach, and living in the moment.

  • Heather says:

    Great Post! It’s so fun to read about so many amazing things folks are doing out there. It’s a breath of fresh air to read about positive dreams and exciting plans.

    Short Term: Looking forward to heading back to our canal boat in France. She’s in Burgundy right now, and it’s going to be great explore that area of France.

    Medium Term: I have lots of trips lined up for my sabbatical from real life affectionately known as an unexcused absences. After France, it’s the Bahamas, South Africa and then out to Colorado for the ski season.

    Long Term: I’m hoping to learn more about the travel writing and begin to ease the costs of travel.

  • Andrew says:

    Short term: the awesome workout I have planned for this afternoon.

    Medium term: finishing a few of the projects I have on the go right now

    Long term: taking over the world. πŸ˜‰

  • AJ Leon says:

    I’m really looking forward to launching my new project, the Pursuit of Everything, in early September with an epic train ride. πŸ™‚

  • Diego Gonzalez says:

    In the short-term, I am looking forward to marrying my fiancΓ©, who I’ve been dating for the past 6 years. In the mid-term, I’m extremely excited to be quitting my job and going back to school to pursue my MBA. In the long-term, I am excited to see two of my good friends get married in Captiva Island!

  • Jane Doull says:

    Of all the things I have to look forward to, here are a few highlights:

    Short-term- getting through a very busy work week and then spending some time with 2 old high school friends and their partners who I haven’t seen for a year or more- they will be visiting/staying at my house
    Medium-term- spending time developing my blog and my website, and doing some more work on my novel- all this in my spare time from my paid work. Also arranging for a young friend- a classical pianist- to do a recital here [part of a collaboration with the local Arts Council to bring more young classical musicians into our town, for our benefit and theirs]
    long-term- developing more and more ways that I can use my gifts and I hope make some money, so that I don’t have to depend on my current workplace and profession for a livelihood, and can branch out as a writer, spiritual guide and who knows what else.

  • Rachel Moninger says:

    In the very, very near future (next week or so), I will be leaving Cubicleland to officially become a full-time yoga teacher. It is a change that has been a long time coming, and though it’s still scary to leave a “sure thing”, circumstances pointed so clearly in the right direction that I am positive it is the right decision.

  • nicole says:

    next 8 months: Stand up paddleboarding, 1st half marathon in SFO, volleyball coaching season, scuba w/ whale sharks in Honduras, 1st marathon in Big Sur, buying my own kayak.

  • kara rane says:

    hi Chris-
    fun question?,, even though we all know the present now is all we have.
    I look forward to each moment that expands our conscious whole,
    when we respect nature more completely, Love ourselves fully, and find the way to express our true highest being.
    A time when creating peace, beauty, & balance is rewarded with our attention and value.
    Living is Art.
    Artists are our leaders and guides, solving problems with innovative solutions that are already within each person.
    A future when “organic” food is not a choice, it just is,
    and clean water and pure air are a birth right for all.
    Animals are integral to our community, treated as human equals.
    That could be now,, imagine. I am.

  • Dan Miller says:

    Chirs — I’m looking forward to having you back in Franklin, TN as a stop on your next book tour. We had a blast last time – outside under a full moon with lots of people eager to meet you.

  • Nicki says:

    This has been just as fun to read the responses as to answer! What an inspiring post full of good stuff!

    Short term: Surviving the kids’ going back to school craziness and ROCKIN’ the online distance learning school for my oldest. Short list because it requires A LOT OF MY FOCUS.

    Mid-term: Keep working on my own book(s) because when I find the right publisher, it is going to fund my long term goal, which is:

    LONG TERM: Take the husband, all 4 of my children in an RV and leave for a FULL YEAR. We’ll be homeschooling on the road and letting the world show them the beauty and magnificence of our country in a way that mere books never, ever will be able to. πŸ™‚

    Go All Of Us!

  • Liz K Zook says:

    Short term – getting adjusted to a school schedule. It’s my daughter’s first year in school. I can get so much more done during the day now! I still have a toddler at home, but he loves to watch me create and sew. Very shortly, I’ll be able to start on my first clothing line!

    Medium term – Hopefully moving soon. If we can get into a cheaper apartment, we can pay off all of our debts and start TRAVELING! Also I want to finish my first clothing line and home decor line. Opening a boutique…

    Long Term – Sending thousands of women out into the world from my own boutique with more confidence and properly fitted clothes! Also, there is a lot of charity work that I want to get started on. I have a few ideas for charities.

    What a wonderful start to my day. Thanks for the questions. What a great pick-me-up!

  • Joe Amadon says:

    Short term: Running my first marathon (Park City Marathon) this Saturday. This has been a goal of mine for over 13 years.

    Medium term: Going backpacking again. Backpacking and camping were some of the things I had to sacrafice to train for the marathon, and I’m really looking forward to going again. Also really looking forward to my first trip to Seattle in the end of September.

    Long term: Developing relationships via my new blog. I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot launching, but I’m really looking forward to the relationship building that should happen when I start to find my audience.

  • Trumpet Grrrl says:

    Short-term: Getting my album funded through a Kickstarter campaign I’m currently running.

    Mid-term: Finishing my album!

    Long-term: Sharing my music with the world and getting my music licensed. Then living off playing and sharing music for the rest of my life! : D

  • Jenni Bennett says:

    Things I’m looking forward to
    Short term – Eating this new chicken, egg & cheese bagel from Chick-fil-A
    Medium term – Working with a coach to figure out how to get this book out of my head and onto paper
    Long term – Being able to create positive change in the lives of thousands

  • Liv says:

    In the short term I’m looking forward to the weekend! Longer term, I am looking forward to getting started on writing a book, something I haven’t managed to make enough time to do yet.

  • Lyric says:

    Short Term: enjoying today’s work, exploration, and dancing tonight. . . also much dancing this weekend.

    Medium: Doing a houseswap with a friend in San Luis Obispo. . . the vacation I much need!

    Long Term: Being a New York Times bestselling author and teacher. . . and continuing being a Positivity Artist

  • Oliver says:

    In the short term, I’m looking forward to helping my community of photographers to learn and grow together. I’ve learn so much from community of photographers and I want to give back to them.

    In the Midterm, I am looking forward to doing some more traveling and making personal changes for the better. After reading the Art of Non-Conformity, I’ve taken a more in depth look into my life by seeing what I have done, where I want, and what I want to do.

    In the long term, I am looking forward to owning a studio space to run my and other photographer businesses from. I taken this “maybe one day” idea to let’s make it a reality idea.

  • JimMcRae says:

    I look forward to retirement from everyday work. My wife and I want to travel more. I remember years ago there was a band called Cream. All acomplished musicians and songwriters. Their bass player Jack Bruce wrote quite possibly the most played guitar line in the history of rock music. The line from Sunshine of your Love that Eric Clapton started: dada-da-da. Jack said in an interview in Edmonton if he doesn’t learn something new everyday he feels dead-in-the-water. Life has so much to offer, to learn from. I try to learn something new everyday.

  • B. Meinke says:

    I’m looking forward to one pivital thing right now and that is my new business interest that can help me break away from my 9-5 and two other part time jobs. The idea of having more time with my family makes all this terrible leg work worth it.

  • Jamie matthewman says:

    Great question.

    Short term – taking my son to the skatepark and to see his grandma (my mum :)) tomorrow

    Medium term – launching a new venture helping business ignite the spark of inspiration

    Longer term – Making my blog as successful as yours

  • Umrah says:

    What a great way to start this day! My looking forward to’s include:
    Short term: finally taking that camping trip we bought the tent for this weekend!!;)

    Medium Term: Continue to work on my graduate application for Architecture and turn in a great piece of work this fall

    Long Term: Continue to learn and grow with my partner so that we can continue to make “the plan” everyday life.!

    Thanks Chris!Safe travels

  • Dharmesh says:

    In short term I am looking forward to the weekend to spend time with my visiting aunt who I don’t get to see very often.

    In medium term I am looking forward to writing posts on my latest blog, find ways to promote my photography, and scheduling my vacation to visit my sis in LA

    In long term I am looking forward to having a successful blog, thriving photo business, and well more vacations πŸ™‚

  • Eric A. Gingerich says:

    Everything. Says I, with utmost seriousness and joyful anticipation.

  • Leilani S says:

    Short term: I’m looking forward to my own place. Finally after many years of living with roommates I’m able to get a place of my own starting next month (Sept). Just myself and my dog πŸ™‚
    Mid-term: Going back to school to start on my degree finally. Had to keep putting it off due to personal reasons.
    Long-term: Continuing with school and finishing up. Also more traveling once I’m settled into a routine with school and work.

  • Sue Martin says:

    Short term – completing the renovation of my home studio (flooring, wall paint, storage systems)
    Medium term – wrestling with new themes and levels of meaning in my paintings
    Long term – settling into a creative rhythm that produces satisfying art work at a pace consistent with a “retired” lifestyle πŸ™‚

  • Patricia C. O'Neill says:

    Thanks for your post, Chris. It got me thinking…
    Short term: putting together a box of samples for this new lovely gallery in Colorado Springs
    Medium term: improve my blogging skills, launch an online store and make the time to work at new designs
    Long term: buy an RV, pay for it up front, and travel all over the US.
    Then we’ll see πŸ˜‰

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for asking a question that’s stirred me up this morning, Chris. I agree with Kara Rane’s words, “the present moment now is all we have” and it’s also exciting to consider what lies ahead and what I might create.

    How do we live our lives best RIGHT NOW while also being proactive and mindful of how we want to live in the future? Things to make you go, “Hmmm…” πŸ™‚

    Short Term: I’m looking forward to writing a blog post this morning about desires, dreams and wishes and continuing the process of decluttering, downsizing and simplifying.

    Medium Term: I’m looking forward to moving from the Pacific Northwest to Maui in 34 days.

    Long Term: I’m looking forward to the experience of living on an island, making new connections with like-spirited people, and seeing how my work in the world continues to grow there and (hopefully!) inspires and impacts thousands.

  • Anne Burner says:

    Short-term: The weekend – it’s a tax-free weekend here in Texas for school-related things, and a good time to get new shoes, socks, etc.

    Medium-term: Two things. 1)The launch of a new exhibit on how Japanese art influenced Western art. 2)Visting my parents at Christmastime.

    Long-term: Planning the first family vacation with my parents in two decades. Hoping for a late-spring trip to…somewhere.

  • KK says:

    Short term: submit all my postgrad applications to universities.
    Mid term: Complete my postgrad & start building on my career.
    Long term: Have a good career, good income and good family life =)

  • L. Marie Joseph says:

    Investing in a few startups, buying my dream home, traveling to Monaco and St. Tropez

  • Jill Lena Ford says:

    Short Term…Finishing the painting that I have been working on this week. And also my Mom’s surprise 60th birthday party next weekend.

    Medium Term…A two week trip to Austria in September to meet and travel with my family who is from there.

    Long Term…Moving to Hawaii in October to continue growing my art business from the islands. A long time dream of mine that I am finally making my reality!

  • Peter Paluska says:

    I am honestly not looking forward so much as getting the most out of now.

    OK, that is only partially true! I am looking forward to broadcasting some more great interviews coming up!

    Thanks, Chris!


  • Austin L. Church says:

    I definitely see the connection between learning and living, and between traveling and learning. If you travel and you return home unchanged, then something in your trip, or your heart, was broken and needs to be fixed. Short-term business goals include finishing the transition from project-by-project billing to on-retainer relationships with hotels and resorts and taking the Finally Finish workshop related to my book, Melting Chocolate Kettles, on the road to Atlanta and beyond. Creative goals include releasing a full version of the book by the end of the year, completing the second chapter of my novel, and writing ten new poems for my Urban Hymns series. Midterm goals include guitar and language lessons, probably Spanish. Travel goals include New Zealand, China, and the Holy Lands. Hawaii in September. Every day is a surprise.

  • John says:

    Short term: Looking forward to seeing lots of my friends on Friday night for a few drinks in London.

    Medium term: Looking foward to beginning my adventure of selling my flat & living in a motorhome for a few months (no more mortgage, no more council tax, no more gas bills, etc, can’t wait!!). Also looking forward to getting away from the dreadful UK winter for a while!

    Long term: Looking forward to learning more languages (Spanish, & hopefully Mandarin at some point), & doing more travelling, especially through South America.

  • Darcy says:

    Short term- My younger son starting preschool and my older son starting kindergarten. I’m excited to be involved with both schools.
    Medium term- Claiming Italian dual citizenship for myself and my family.
    Long term- The yet unknown adventures! And completely agree with you on the learning. What are we here for if not to help others and continuously learn?

  • D says:

    Really short term: double roller derby practice tonight! Woohoo!
    Medium term: traveling to Mexico this winter
    Longer term: Either starting grad school (I’m accepted but I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it yet) in January, or starting a new job, hopefully sooner than January

  • Eddy Azar says:

    Quick mini post that forces us to think deeply. I love it.

    Short Term (3 Months): Were looking at a few dates every week, visible abs, and a regular income of $1000/month through freelance copywriting

    Medium Term (12 Months): By now I’ve got a few serious romantic relationships running, with ongoing dates on the side. I’m building my body’s total muscle mass according to The 4 Hour Body, and I’ve got 3 income streams (one automated).

    Long Term (24 months): It’s beautiful up here. The romance is the same, maybe I’ve found a perfect girl and we’ve gotten exculsive, my body is toned and sexy, and I’m grossing $6000/month. Somewhere between here and medium term, I’ve moved out of my moms house and begun seriously traveling the world.

  • grace says:

    short term: attending a thanksgiving mass and spending time with my class in a victory party!
    medium term: start my training as a resident doctor
    long term: continue learning, help those in need, have a stable job and travel the world!!!

  • Christy says:

    Short term: Launching a product based on our passions! I love that I’m building something that requires me to surf for work. πŸ™‚

    Medium Term: A surf trip to Panama!

    Long Term: Launching a photo ebook, building our architectural photography business and traveling around South America for a year!

  • Sheila says:

    In the short term, I’m looking forward to a Saturday afternoon in the sun and then seeing a band I’m friends with play that night.

    In the medium term, I’m looking forward to getting my ebook up and running on iTunes (it’s already up on Amazon–Kindle publishing is wonderful for the impatient, it seems.)

    In the longer term, I’m looking forward to finishing and publishing the next two books I have planned and using all the mistakes I make with the one I have out now to learn how to improve the process.

  • Sarah Reijonen says:

    16 days until Hawaii! My husband and I are travel addicts and we’ve been around the world, but we’ve never been to Hawaii. We will be there for a week taking in the beach and celebrating love with our friends who are getting married.

    I am also looking forward to finding an editor and beginning the process of publishing my travel memoir about how my husband and I quit our jobs, sold our home and traveled the world for seven months. If you can suggest a good editor I would really appreciate it!

    Lastly, looking forward to and in beginning planning stages of next year’s big trip: A USA-Canada road trip! We do a big 2-3 month trip every year now and we decided to check out our own back yard. Any suggestions of places we must see? We are not really city people, but instead prefer the great outdoors. Happy Trails!

  • Cynthia Morris says:

    I just spent some time reading what everyone else is looking forward to. What thrills await us all! From dating to new babies to exciting travel and business projects – this is one cool bunch of people!

  • Brandy says:

    Short term: Meeting my baby Brooklyn boy and NOT being pregnant anymore. πŸ˜‰

    Medium term: Further exploring what it means to be a digital pastor and simultaneously cultivating a wildly successful copy writing business.

    Long term: My husband getting out of the Army in 5 years – entrepreneuring together – prayerfully I will be able to sustain us financially writing and speaking by then – so we can pursue more dreams: building a safe house for survivors of human trafficking; creating a t-shirt shop/bookstore/cafe with all the latest technology; really diving my dramatic passions. Also, watching our kids grow into fabulously interesting people. πŸ™‚

  • Sandra / Always Well Within says:

    Great question! I’m looking forward to entering more deeply into my writer. And, I’m excited about committing more fully to my meditation practice.

  • Ruth K says:

    Great get-your-juices flowing post.

    Short term- complete 10 week Microsoft Office training program in Oct.

    Mid term- Plan for extended road trip in RV around the perimeter of the U.S. to begin by November 2011 to complete goal of visiting all 48 contiguous states.

    Long term- To continue to travel, learn new skills, enjoy my adult children as friends and make a bucket list of the top 10 things I absolutely, positively hope to accomplish before my time is up.

  • Roberta Beach says:

    Short term: getting pumped and studying for my nursing competencies, preparing for my yearly eval. I have made the DECISION to go all out in pursuing and excelling in medical intensive care nursing, including CNIII and CCRN – no more quibbling.

    Medium term: re-do house via painting and small/large touch ups; better prepping the dogs for adoption; volunteering at Boys/Girls Club. OH, and paying off my debt which runs into LT –
    Long term: I want to RV with just my dogs (not rescues – am I bad?), travel the States (didn’t know that till I just wrote it) and retire on a very frugal income (because I blew the chance for a great retirement at age 30; I don’t have much time left – long story).

    Bottom line: I want to wake up each day with joy and enthusiasm for what lays ahead. I want to echo Kara above – thanks, liked your blog and site – and know my being alive makes a difference in this world. I want to thank God for the wonders and pains of this world and Her continual Love.

    Thanks for this great blog. I am not a world traveler (who will look after 17 dogs for an extended period of time? HA) but you have GREAT points and wonderful responses which help me day to day.

  • Katy says:

    Short term: I’m looking forward to being a mountain bike guide this weekend with some of my good friends in my most favorite places.

    Medium term: I’m looking forward to quitting my job in two weeks and spending the next year traveling and surfing around the world with my husband. I am looking forward to having the “white space” in my life to think about what I want to be doing in my life. We have planned this for the last three years and it is finally coming! Woot!

    Long term: I’m looking forward to entering a new career, of which I still don’t know. This next year will be a time of reflection, inspiration, and planning.

  • Karen says:

    Short term: Finishing up all the freelance writing projects I have on the go right now and getting organized for…

    Medium term: Taking off one month from now for another six months of travel, ‘road schooling’ my two wonderful kids, having amazing experiences and writing about them.

    Long term: Living, learning, growing, and (eventually) getting round to everything on my (rather long) bucket list πŸ™‚

  • Erica says:

    Short term: Going to Disneyland and my favorite restaurant for my birthday this weekend.

    Medium term: Hopefully, going to a professional belly dance conference that I’m still waiting for details on. Possibly a chance in employment, and the holiday season.

    Long term: Having my own dance studio, producing shows. Actually getting the short stories I’m writing published. Self-employment. Living somewhere other than California.

  • Janet says:

    in the everything term I’m looking forward to KICKING MORE BUTT in my business and KICKING MY BUTT into gear, too πŸ˜‰

    In the short term – I’m looking forward to my boyfriend coming back from Vipassana retreat after 10 days and seeing him again. I’m looking forward to designing an awesome yoga studio website currently in the works..

    Mid term – I’m looking forward to filing my taxes again (I know, it’s weird) because that means my business would have finally made enough to file! I work/live below the poverty line but it’s ok because I live in SE Asia where my money gives me a normal to modest lifestyle.

    Long-term – More learning, growing, traveling and gasp.. building a family? Getting married. BUILDING (not buying) a house?? Having that “home base” to travel travel more!

  • Joe Brachocki says:

    In the short term, I’m looking forward to my move to Barcelona to teach English,expanding my world view, and living in another culture! By January, I will be there and ready to work. In the medium term, I am looking forward to my new business and helping people to spot all the opportunities that are around them. In the long term, I’m excited about the many new jobs I am going to try and to continuing to build my world view and the many new people I’m going to meet and build relationships with!

  • Marissa says:

    Short Term: I’m looking forward to going to my first Hafla in Chattanooga, TN and listening to my partner’s musical vision come to life.

    Mid Term: I’m really looking forward to running in my first half-marathon! Training has become an integral part of my life and has already provided so much positive inspiration.

    Long Term: I’m excited to see my financial goals, fitness goals, and career goals becoming reality this year. Baby steps have been key and always focusing on today. Yet with that focus I continue to lead myself in a direction that is in alignment with my long term ideas.

  • Laurie says:

    Short term: Going on my first trip overseas, to Wales and Ireland, in just 6 more days! “Ecstatic” doesn’t begin to cover how I feel. πŸ™‚

    Mid term: Continuing to build my jewelry business and website; I have so many ideas, and I’m feeling them out one by one, going with the ones that make my heart sing.

    Long term: Getting my house sold, and living in a travel trailer for awhile! Can’t wait to see new places and live a very different lifestyle from my current one.

    Thanks Chris, this was just what I needed to perk up my afternoon. Blessings to you!

  • Michelle D'Avella says:

    Short term: Sad to leave Maui in two weeks, but excited to visit some friends in LA and go back home to see my family in NJ.

    Medium term: Launching my new project, Pushing Beauty, in September.

    Long term: I wholeheartedly agree with what you wrote. I live to learn.

  • Lauren says:

    Short term: I’m looking forward to my end of VISTA service trip to the coast retreat. A nice 4 days of relaxation, early morning walks, and slumber parties.

    Mid-term: I’m looking forward to moving to Santa Monica to start my TOMS internship!

    Long term: I’m looking forward to more traveling, graduate school and the never ending journey of personal growth.

  • Gina Hief says:

    Short Term: Our 2 month road trip across the US starting September 19th! My boyfriend and I will be living simply on the road and taking in all we can in our great big country.

    Medium Term: My solo art exhibition in New York City at the Orchard Windows Gallery in January 2012! Yes…I will be making art will on the road!

    Long Term: No more “real job”. After doing the 9-5 thing for 2 years, I already feel trapped. It’s time to take control of my life in order to save it!


  • Sarah says:

    Short Term: Jazz in the Park in Milwaukee, tonight! Summer’s in Wisconsin are magical. A day doesn’t go by when a festival with music, food, and chilled beverages are not available to our residents, often for free or reasonably priced entrance. An eclectic group of people emerge from the confines of their winter hibernation to socialize and love together. The warm summer sun makes for gorgeous days and the breeze of the lakefront makes for cool nights. Magical.

    Semi-short term: The Start of a New Schoolyear! I’m a teacher and have a new position within the same school district I worked at last year and I am so excited to see the joy, passion, creativity, and academic advancement of today’s youth!

    Ongoing: The advocacy and progress of the most amazing NPO I’ve ever seen: Invisible Children.

  • JT DeBolt says:

    Short term, I’m looking forward to filling the last spots of the next session of my coaching program. This is very fulfilling and rewarding because I serve cool people and we have a lot of fun in the process.

    Medium term, I’m looking forward to taking my family on a Disneyland return vacation. They don’t yet know about it, so it is going to be a blast to surprise them!

    Long-term, I’m looking forward to moving my family back to San Diego. We love it there, and get a lot of inspiration from the people, the surroundings and the energy of the area.

    Overall, I’m pretty psyched and happy to be in the right there, right now!

  • Lauren says:

    Perfect timing to remind me that the stress I’m dealing with today is well worth it for all the things I’m looking forward to. Two weeks ago, I gave my resignation after 14 years at the same company.

    What I’m looking forward to in the short term: Moving to Brussels as soon as my current employer agrees to what my final day on the old job will be

    Medium term: starting French lessons

    Long term: going to China to teach some classes as part of my new job

  • Connie says:

    I’m an 18-year-old from Western Kentucky and I’m moving to college tomorrow. After seeing my mom for the first time in 8 years this summer, I feel like my life revolves around my biological attachment to South Korea (my mom’s Korean). It started out when I got into Kpop and fell in love with South Korean pop culture, but has turned into something more meaningful.
    I’m teaching myself Korean and trying to learn as much about South Korean culture as I can. I plan on studying abroad in South Korea my junior year, which is a huge leap from growing up in Western Kentucky. I’m not only looking forward to experiencing such a different culture, but also meeting my Korean family for the first time.
    I just want to say that this website has really inspired and encouraged me, especially since I haven’t had a lot of experience with traveling or diversity. THANKS!

  • Laureen Marchand says:

    Short term: Taking summer holidays this weekend. Three whole days! My business (Grasslands Gallery) is seasonal and I’m a one-woman show, so summer holidays are usually theoretical. But a friend has volunteered to mind the shop and other friends are hosting and entertaining me, and I’m away. Yay!

    Medium term: I’ve been working for weeks on the gallery’s new website (speaking of learning!) and it’s just about ready to launch. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sending it into the world. As I do that, I’ll be also be turning more to my own artistic practice with the help of Cairene McDonald’s Incubator and Melissa Dinwoodie’s wonderful Creative Ignition group. More yay!

    Long term: Developing and producing my blog in relation to the gallery and the amazing place I live, ongoing contact with great friends everywhere, and lots of painting over fall and winter with the prospect of possible residencies and exhibitions keeping me tuned in. It’s a beautiful prospect.

    Chris, thanks for all you do.

  • David says:

    Short Term: To get through the asking to leave of house mates, kind of stressful, but a feeling standing up for myself, doing what is right.

    Med Term: To listen to the inner self more, believe what is being told, live like no one else so I can live like no one else (quote by Dave Ramsey), it is so true

    Long Term: To get the hydroponic green house working here in Hartford CT, make a difference in how fresh produce is grown, and continue to respect myself.

  • Tom Ewer says:

    In the short-term, I am looking forward to the continued growth of my online business.

    In the medium-term (Christmas), I am looking forward to a two week holiday in Florida with my family, including my sister, nephews and niece, who I only see 2-3 times a year.

    In the long-term, I am looking forward to quitting my job and setting out on a lifestyle based upon freedom.

    Plenty to look forward to! πŸ™‚

  • connie barrett says:

    Well, I’m not as cheery as most of you but here goes:
    Short term: responding to current life as gracefully and competently as I can. My dog and best friend of 17 years died this week and I learned both of my parents are being sent to a nursing home. It’s my turn to do the right thing and help. I’m closing my 2 year stay in Ecuador. Please God, let me be up to all of this.
    Medium: Travel for 6-9 months mainly in Asia and Europe
    Long Term: Settle down and begin new opportunities based on what happens in the travel. And I really do have that kind of faith.

  • Alex says:

    short term: I moved to a better place in my hometown..
    Medium term: I made ​​a big decision to go to travel to Asia, because I thought that when I go to buy a flat I can not travel, because of mortgages etc. But I can go where I want…
    This is it “traveling and meeting people, cultures,religions” I am excited about and now I know this
    Long term: or continuosly: to improve my English…and develop my company needs to go to the next level..I start to built new thing. Hold me in

  • HogsAteMySister says:

    In the short term I am going to have breakfast, watch wood pigeons battle outside my window for palm berries, and play with the Crack Puppy. Mid-term I will build up the freelance and produce the books that should always have been on my humor blog, and play with the Crack Puppy. Long-term, I will convert my media course into You Tube-based I.P., play with the Crack Puppy and watch Hobbits playing in my backyard. Else, why be in Nu Zillans?

  • Barry says:

    Short Term: Launching a new entrepreneurial venture online.

    Medium Term: Growing my little collection online adventures into a day-gig replacing occupation.

    Long Term: The freedom that the first two will help provide.

  • Anthony StClair says:

    Short term: finish drafting my novel, making improvements around the house, growing my client and assignment base, and prepping a room for our latest work-in-progress… our first child.

    Mid-term: shaping up manuscript for editors and potentially agents, evaluating printers for independently publishing book, and comparing e-book-only with print/e-book combo strategy for my debut urban fantasy novel.

    Long-term: our baby is due in December, looking forward to that the most! After that, looking forward to growing as a person and a professional now that I’m self-employed, and to getting my book to market.

  • Pascal says:

    Love this post. I think exactly the same, live without learning isn’t as enjoyable. Learning is challenge, it’s excitement, it’s seeing the improvement of yourself while “masterizing” something new.

    On the short term: I’m going back home in Quebec for a paid business trip. I’ll also enjoy seeing friend and family I haven’t seen since I moved to Australia last year. I will also stop in Vancouver to see other really close friends which I saw in the Philippines earlier this year for my best friend wedding.

    Mid-term: Looking forward for a new travel, New-Zealand or either Asia and one of the pacific island (fiji, new caledonia).

    Long-term: Since rental price is crazy, I’m thinking of buying a property here in Australia that I will turn later on into an investment property as a second source of revenue sounds.

  • Tristan says:

    Nice one, Chris, and good to see all the comments. For me,

    Short term: 2 weeks of scuba diving in Thailand, followed by two weeks of practicing my Spanish in Spain. I just booked these tickets two days ago, so I’m super excited.

    Medium term: Figuring out how to polish / refine / launch the short book I’ve written, and keeping the ball rolling on a career change to languages.

    Long term: enjoying life, continual learning, travel with my wife, and focusing on the important things in life.

  • Sharon says:

    Short term: Embarking on a new job with apparently better prospect offered at higher pay and moving into a new entitled residential unit

    Intermediate term: Acquiring new skills and knowledge in a pseudo-new industry while stabilizing personal financial status

    Long term: Bringing ground-breaking development and making a difference in mainstream medicine through the use of music in healing

    Thanks heaps, chris, for a great self-actualizing topic, cheers!

  • Peter says:

    Short Term: Helping my son through a difficult time.
    Midterm: Try to help more people.
    Long Term: Saving enough money to get a RV and travel the US Of A.

  • Ann says:

    I tried to come up with my answers quickly so i wouldn’t overthink.
    Short term: Daily cardio, completing the sketch for my next sculpture, talking to my kids, sleeping on clean sheets, attending LSU’s first game of the year in Dallas with w favorite friends.
    Mid-term: adding weights and yoga to my exercise routine, building the sculpture, having my oldest visit for 10 long days, monthly weekends away with my husband, improving my photography skills.
    Long term: feeling healthy, building and selling the sculpture series I have in my head, feeling like my everyday is a life on vacation with my husband, children, family and dear friends on the same trip.
    That’s all.

  • Stephenie Zamora says:

    Short term… a trip to Mexico with my mastermind group!

    Medium term… a trip to NYC for Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy Hot Live, where I’ll also get to see my best friend!

    Long term… relaunching the design business I co-founded to be a more educational, product/program based model so that I’m not totally dependent on the service based model while also being able to support more entrepreneurs that wouldn’t be able to afford us otherwise. πŸ™‚

    Lots of love to you! xo

  • Stephanie says:

    Great post Chris. Funny, I just asked a friend this the other day.

  • Lori Winter says:

    Short term: The arrival of Spring in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup match that we have tickets to, & spending 4 more days in Fiji.

    Medium term: Seeing friends & family from home after traveling for 9 months. Eating at my favorite Nashville restaurants again.

    Long term: The cross country camper van trip we are planning to take in a couple years to the Grand Canyon then up the Pacific Coast Highway!

  • Catherine says:

    In the very short term. I am looking forward to the rest of my holiday sailing round the Greek Islands with my family and friends.

    In the medium term: I set up my new internet marketing company to start on 1st September so I am as excited as I possible can be about this. Last summer I aimed to do this by this summer and I have achieved it πŸ™‚

    In the long term: I am looking forward to providing for my family which will enable my husband to have more free time as he will have less pressure to work all hours.

    Thanks Chris…excellent post and focus.

  • Becky P. says:

    Short term: Trip to Bulgaria for a week with my dd and another lady. Hope to hop over to Istanbul for a day to at least see it.

    Med. term: Trip to the states and see loved ones, including my three oldest college-aged kids that I’ve not seen for a while.

    Long term: Maybe working on an advanced degree in TESOL. Not so sure though with college-aged kids needing help. Would love for them to finish college with no debt as my DH and I were able to do. That’s priority for me.

  • Martin says:

    Short term: Live in the moment. But I have already planned to launch the election campain, fronting necessary visionary ideas in the local newspapers. Looking forward, and I am excited about the results in september!

    Medium term: Live in the moment. But in some kind of way I want to re-organize my current life situation from being 25 %, to becoming 100 % self-employed. I will move to a bigger city and surround myself with even more awesome people. I will find travel company and go to far edges of this planet, on adventures. Dream. Explore. Discover! πŸ™‚

    Long term: Still live in the moment! πŸ™‚ But also here, I’m looking forward to meet the woman of my dreams, buy a tiny, cosy house with beehives and a vegetable garden, working as a visionary life coach in a private school, and going seriously into national politics and making a difference, especially regarding the school system and green politics.

    I’m sure everything will “come to me”, and even if it wouldn’t it is all right, because I will still be as happy as I’m today. πŸ™‚

  • Ole Ditlev Nielsen says:

    Good question, it’s good to think about these things from time to time.

    Short term: Enjoying my paternity leave with our 10 month-old son Mikkel for the next ten weeks πŸ™‚ Watching him grow, going for long walks, him sitting in the stroller, me with a cup of coffee in my hand, seeing the trees grow red and golden as fall comes.

    Medium term: Moving to our brand new house in Copenhagen in december, 12 minutes by metro to the city centre yet with a rooftop terrace with a view over open fields, sheep, water and fresh air to breathe. I hope it will be a great place for Mikkel and his two and a half year old sister Cecilie to grow up.

    Long term: Developing and making an English version of my website and book (in danish called “On teaching – 20 steps to becoming a better teacher”) and in time turning it into a full time profession so I can help other teachers creating better, more effective and satisfying teaching and happier students. Also: going back to South Asia with my wife and the two little kids some time in 2012. Showing them the wolrd, travel, be inspired, help others.

  • Blue says:

    I’m looking forward to the release of Mink Car Cover on Tuesday. It’s a full cover of TMBG’s album Mink Car (originally released 9/11/01) to benefit the FDNY Foundation.

    It’s also the biggest “we had an idea and then we made that idea HAPPEN” project that I’ve ever been involved with.

    So amazing.

  • Shellb says:

    Short term….starting a new semester and meeting my new students and learning from them

    Long term…traveling, learning, and using ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’ in a Spring class

  • Jennifer Campbell says:

    Short term: My oldest son’s wedding next Saturday. I’m also taking all the pictures so it’ll be a busy and exciting day! I think they will build a great life together.

    Medium: Two things – my trip to NY. I’ve never had the chance to “see” the city so I’ll be taking LOTS of photos and it’ll be great to visit my friends there. And in December – my first grandchild will be arriving! So excited for that!!!!

    Long term: building my photography business to be able to support myself .

  • Abigail Rogers says:

    What a great idea!

    Short term: Looking forward to having dessert with a bunch of DAR junior members tomorrow.

    Medium-term: I’m so excited about the possibility of attending Bible school in England next spring!

    Long-term: I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for my life. I know it’s going to be amazing!

  • Beatriz says:

    WOW, these comments, although could not read ALL of them are so inspiring people!

    Short-term: Get back to Traithlon training after 2 knee surgeries and 1 back disc surgery

    Mid-Term: Beat my time in the Chicago Triathlon 2012

    Long-Term: Finish my Autobiography and get it published

    All these things, I hand over to God to help me, for His Glory, and my betterment+++

  • Eileen says:

    I like the idea of breaking it up to what you are looking forward to short-term, medium-term, and long-term. It seems to make the path you are taking in life a little more clear.

    Short-term: Visiting a college friend who recently had a baby girl this weekend

    Medium-term: Moving across the country (from Boston to California) for my first permanent job! And living close to the beach!

    Long-term: Traveling. Not sure where yet, but probably somewhere in Europe.

  • Katherine Burks says:

    Next year’s World Domination Summit!!!

  • Katrina says:

    Short term: Looking forward to finals being done in two weeks and finding income.
    Medium term: Traveling and possibly teaching English in Thailand and volunteering with UNICEF.
    Long term: Looking forward to being financially and location independent while applying my Forensic Psychology in the Community Settings degree with those who have witnessed trauma.

  • Jim Johnson says:

    I’ve been focusing on this of late, so thanks for asking in this post. I’m on sabbatical this fall, so this summer has been a big travel adventure along with research leading to this fall’s work:

    Short-term: Complete dialect work on the materials I gathered this summer, redo/re-envision my website, prep for the expansion of what I offer, major health switch: organic non-hormone galore along with workouts and making my bike my main form of transportation, eliminate our debt.

    Medium-term: Mental refocus as I prepare to return to work – Doing what I love. Eliminate debt. Focus on Fitness and enjoying Healthy Living.

    Long-term: Debt Free living. Sustainable Fitness & Health. Doing what I love 80%+ of the time.

    Some of this is still open ended because I genuinely don’t know the answers yet. This summer, I created the space to be able to not know what I’m doing next. That was an essential step one!

  • Stephen says:

    Good one, Chris. Thanks.

    Short Term: Wrapping up my seemingly never ending project of tying up loose ends at my home in Los Angeles and shipping a crate of personal belongings by slow boat to China. Boarding a plane on 9/11 at LAX at returning home to my wife and friends in Beijing.

    Medium Term: Getting back to work on my recently relocated art business in Beijing, meeting and hosting old clients who are flying over from the WestWorld, establishing new relationships with local artists and clients. Going to the next level and starting the first draft on my new book. Supporting my wife in any way necessary for her upcoming art exhibition in Beijing. Travel back to LA with my wife for the holidays.

    Long Term: Building my outdoor monumental sculpture business in China. Make even greater strides in learning the Chinese language. Coordinating the translation of my book into Chinese. Continuing my own personal learning, growth and development. Teaching others in any way I can. Develop and refine the technology to get my “water making machine” into the lives of as many people who need clean water as possible. Going to deeper levels with my meditation. Continually strengthening and deepening my connection with the Mystic Law in my Buddhist practice.

    And… ALWAYS, everyday feeling and expressing my gratitude.

  • Geoff Rushton says:

    Thanks Chris, I’ve been feeling a bit bummed and burnt out after my last exhibition, exhibiting sculpture is a lot of stress and hard work, I got a huge amount of interest but I’m trying to make a living out of art, on the business things didn’t go so well and the lack of sales has left me kinda disillusioned.


    In the short term, I’m looking forward to getting some of my work in a couple of galleries,

    In the medium term, exhibiting again next year & getting more great reactions to my work,

    In the long term, like you say, learning! To be more precise, creating more abstract works, creating things without a plan to just see what happens and learning more about my materials and mind from the results!

    There’s no knowing what the future holds but I believe the more energy you throw at it, the more interesting the results are going to be!

  • Lois says:

    short term: our travel photo exhibit in Manila to encourage more Filipinos to travel and see the world. a series of travel talk to reinforce that goal. the best part is the finale which will be ‘What’s Your Travel Story?’ night which focuses on the travelers who attend and what their journey has been like.

    medium term: working my way to finally be certified as a passion test facilitator. I want to work with people in helping them find their deepest passions and finding a way to make a living doing exactly that.

    long term: to eventually be location independent, continue my travels and become financially sufficient.

    Thanks for allowing us to put these goals into words Chris. I believe there’s power in that!

  • Dave says:

    In the short to medium term, I’m looking forward to making good on my promise to myself from WDS about what would be different one year from now. I’m ditching the cubicle, hopefully for good, to travel and earn a living online within the next three months. Scary but possible, and I can’t wait…..

  • camila says:

    I am looking forward to going off the rails and totally expressing myself.

  • Mark says:

    Short Term: Enjoying the rest of my vacation and the opportunity it gives me to spend some quality time with my family.

    Medium Term: I’m looking forward to starting a blog and really taking action to make the changes in my life that i need to.

    Long Term: I’m looking forward to continuing to develop and seeing the effects of my hard work.

    I think always having plenty of things to look forward to is essential to a positive and productive life.

  • Kellie Brooks says:

    ST: I’m looking forward to spending my birthday weekend with my BFF who’ll be visiting from out of town. Beach, kayak, hike, swim, relax, cook at home, gabba-gabba, dream, play, spark!

    MT: Going to Rich, Happy, & Hot with Marie Forleo in October in NYC!!!! Gettin’ my spark on! Gettin’ the money rollin’! Gettin’ on the entrepreneurial dance floor!

    LT: Financial & Artistic Freedom! More love, more life, more imagination, more gratitude, more creative expression, more truth & beauty πŸ™‚

  • Brandon says:

    Excellent topic, Chris.

    Short term: Working on an initiative to stop the Keystone XL pipeline permit, and will be going up to DC to participate in that process.

    Short-medium term: Moving out of Atlanta to your fair city. πŸ™‚ Three potential buyers are all in serious discussions about my loft, and one of them wants to move in within 3 weeks and will pay cash. Hell yeah! That puts things on a fast track for sure.

    Long term: looking forward to learning how to sail and eventually buy my own sailboat to live on.

    Bonus item: looking forward to WDS 2012 πŸ™‚

    So yeah, pretty big changes in the works, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  • John Sherry says:

    Along the lines of your travel Chris, I’m looking forwards to finding somewhere new to live. I’m out of the suitcase at the moment having sold my property and in London but really looking for a place, a community, a country even that has the energy and vibe like mine. I’m bohemian hunting and loving the spirit of adventure and open mind it requires. Wonder where that will be?

  • Catherine says:

    In the short term, I’m looking forwards to making significant progress on writing today – writing the manuscript of my novel, editing the manuscript of my next book, and writing the posts for my blog for the next week.

    In the medium term, I’m looking forwards to publishing my next book within the next two months

    In the long term, I’m loving looking forwards to establishing myself as widely known and sucessful author of books that are practical, fun and eagerly desired by a wide range of people


  • Kernut the Blond says:

    Short-term: Dinner at home and reading my book tonight.

    Mid-term: Leaving on my “Great Roll-about”… a trip around the country for the next year in my RV. With my cat. (I’m certainly not one to conform. And probably more brave than I am bright. πŸ™‚

    Long-term: Seeing the results of my trip on TV, or at least my blog πŸ™‚

  • guineveruca says:

    Short-Term: going to visit a friend in Vancouver this weekend

    Mid-Term: my first solo intercontinental trip later this year!

    Long Term: being debt-free by early next year, and thus able to go back to a career that is more personally rewarding…and figuring out what that will look like.

  • Purav says:

    Short term:complete the semester and a possible trip to Gold Coast.

    Medium term: Striving to acheive the dream of an every graduate uni student.

    Long term: Working on removing my “fear”,helping children who have a speech disorder,learning to meditate effectively,work on my fitness.

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