Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse: London Heathrow Airport

I love airline lounges and regularly spend four or more hours at a time working from them. This series explores some of my favorites from around the world.

Way back in 2007, one of my very favorite lounges was Virgin Atlantic’s “Clubhouse” at London Heathrow. I’ve been back several times since then, and it hasn’t lost its shine.

Interestingly, flying on Virgin Atlantic is nice but not amazing. A few years ago, they were one of the best Business Class options, but other airlines have since passed them by. The flagship Clubhouse, though, remains a strong contender for the best lounge in the world.

VA Clubhouse_1

The Clubhouse is located in Heathrow’s Terminal 3, also home to American Airlines, a few British Airways flights, and a hodgepodge of other carriers.

VA Clubhouse_2

If you’re eligible to visit the Clubhouse, you probably won’t want to go anywhere else in the terminal. You can easily spend four hours or more right here!

The Clubhouse bar is seriously extensive. You can order your choice of liquors or mixed drinks, including the signature Vesper cocktail. Of course, non-alcoholic options are also available.

VA Clubhouse_3

Seating areas are plentiful in this lounge. You can grab a comfy chair, a couch, a desk, or a seat at a dining table.

VA Clubhouse_4

Head on out to the observation deck for some plane-spotting.

VA Clubhouse_5

The classic British menu features breakfasts, burgers, light snacks, and fancy sweets.

VA Clubhouse_6

When passing through, I always spend some time working in the library.

VA Clubhouse_7

Fancy a game of pool, billiards, or snooker? You can do that.

VA Clubhouse_8

Premium spa treatments are a sign of a top-notch airline lounge… and the Clubhouse doesn’t disappoint. Visit the spa for your choice of free 15-minute treatments, including a haircut, manicure, facial, or massage.

VA Clubhouse_9


How to Get In: Virgin Atlantic Upper Class ticket holders receive complimentary admission, even if on an award ticket. You can transfer miles to Virgin Atlantic from American Express Membership Rewards (my preferred option). In some cases you may be able to pay for a day pass, though not usually at the nicer Clubhouses.


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