Do you feel anxious about time? Take this survey!

Do you often feel anxious about time? (I do.) If so, take this quick survey!

–> 5-minute survey on Time Anxiety

I received a flurry of responses to my initial post on time anxiety, and it’s been interesting to hear lots of stories from readers. To recap:

Time anxiety is the fear of running out of time. You feel like there’s something you should be doing, but you’re not sure what it is.

I believe that time anxiety is the most pressing problem of the modern world. Once you work your way through Maslow’s hierarchy and your basic needs are taken care of, you start worrying about time—and you never stop.

  • You worry that time is passing you by
  • You worry you’re too late or you missed your chance for something important
  • You worry there’s something you should be doing right now, but you’re not sure what it is

If you don’t relate to this feeling, consider yourself fortunate. Many people feel this way all the time. And it’s not just a conceptual idea, it’s truly a felt sense. You can experience physical symptoms, even real distress, from time anxiety.

I’d like to get some more systematic input on this topic, so I’ve made a short survey. If there’s enough interest, I’ll report back and let you know what I’ve learned.


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