The Cure for Writer’s Block: Start With the Last Thing You Learned

Cure for Writer's Block

Wondering what to write about? Someone once told me, “Start with the last thing you learned—then share that.”

They actually gave me this advice in reference to a talk I was terrified to give. I’d love to tell you I took that lesson to heart, thought of something great, and went on to give a perfectly delivered five-minute talk.

But since I’d rather not lie to you, I’ll just tell you what really happened: nothing. It sounded like helpful advice, but I didn’t do anything with it. I backed out of the talk and felt bad about it for weeks.

Back to the point: it’s actually a good lesson! Since then I’ve used it many times when trying to make progress on a writing project.

Think back to the last thing you learned. Was it in a book? From a talk you heard or conversation you had? Whatever it was, share it. Tell that story in your own way.

Even if you don’t end up keeping what you’ve written, this practice can lead you on to the next thing. When you’re not sure what to write, start with the last thing you learned.


Image: Gill

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