It’s Okay to Schedule “Real Life” Into Your Calendar


While looking for people who have their “Dream Job” or career to to profile as case studies for my upcoming book, I came across a great quote from Kaitlin on one of the initial survey forms:

“I’ve accepted that it’s okay to schedule ‘call parents’ in my calendar so long as it helps me actually do it. It doesn’t make me a bad person for scheduling real life into my calendar.”

I completely agree with this. You shouldn’t feel bad about “scheduling real life.” If you thrive on business goals and struggle with relational ones (that was me all last year), try being intentional about the relational goals.

One of my relational goals this year is to write or call one friend every day. So far I’m well on track—and having it written down as a stated goal is what makes it happen.

Hat tip: Kaitlin

Image: Christopher


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