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Attention, everyone! My travel hacking colleague Stephanie Zito and I will be teaching an all-new online course starting later this month, and I’d love for you to join us.

We previously taught a one-day workshop that was watched live by more than 12,000 of you. The feedback we got after that one was: “Whoa, this is great—but there’s so much info!”

For this one, we’re teaching everything through 30 short, action-packed lessons (a new one unveiled each weekday once we begin on April 28) and focusing on something more specific. It’s not just “earn a ton of miles and points,” although we’ll certainly show you how to do that. More importantly, it’s about taking a dream trip, going somewhere you’ve always wanted to but haven’t planned for or thought was too expensive.

Here’s the promo video:


We want to help people have a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or adventure—without waiting twenty years to make it happen. In fact, we’re promising that everyone who participates in the course will be able to make their dream trip a reality very soon.

Both Stephanie and I have done this many times ourselves, and the blog archives are filled with stories of readers who’ve also put these strategies to use.

You’ll be able to watch for free every day simply by registering. Creative Live has a great business model, where you can purchase the course and have access to it anytime, but you can also preview everything (not just a teaser) by signing up and watching as the lessons go out.

Also: Want To Join Us in Person?

We’ll be filming in Seattle from April 27-30, and we need 8-10 brave happy people to join us. If you’re able to be there, we’ll be coaching you in person and you’ll be part of the live audience, which essentially serves as a proxy for everyone else who watches online.

If you’d like to be there with us LIVE, fill out this application.


This is going to be a fun adventure. I’ll be sharing a lot more about it as we get closer, and if you sign up now, you’ll automatically be notified once the course starts.


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