Labor, Labour, Laboring Day

Greetings from the home base in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a holiday today, or so I’ve been informed as I’ve gone about the usual business of running World Domination HQ.

Three quick things I’d like to pass on to you –>

1. The Time Paradox

I was fortunate to spend time with my pal Derek Sivers recently, and he recommended this book.

There is also a quiz you can take that claims to reveal your perspective on time. (Spoiler: I am very future-time oriented.)

2. Unbelievable Skateboarding Video (what, really?)

I know what you’re thinking—really, a skateboarding video? But yes—you must watch this.

Is it possible to watch this video and not go away thinking, “OMG! What kind of life am I leading?”

I think it’s impossible, but decide for yourself.

3. A Quote on Boredom and Curiosity

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
–Dorothy Parker


That’s all for Labor / Labour day. Thanks for reading AONC—I’ll be back on Thursday.


Image: Biblioarchives

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