How to Take the Law Into Your Own Hands (and Why Not To)


Two quick items today:

1. For the first time in nearly two years (!) we’re releasing a new Unconventional Guide. It comes out next week.

2. Also next week, we’ll have our only sale of the year. We usually do this during Thanksgiving, but with the new guide coming out, it will begin next week. Stay tuned!

More on both these points below…


UPDATE: The Law & Order Guide is now available!


When I went on tour for The $100 Startup, people asked a lot of questions. I was able to answer most questions about product launches, creating your first website, and how I was able to get my cat to answer email (hint: not very well).

What I didn’t know about were all the questions people had about “legal stuff.”

How do you copyright your work? What if someone steals it? What if a big company comes after you and you get sued?

How can you create a basic, good-faith contract without hiring a lawyer? What if you want to sell internationally—is that different?

All good questions, no doubt.

Please allow me a moment of transparency: most of the time, I said in response, those things don’t matter much. I just create projects! I don’t care about the details. Better to focus on building your business than filing a form any day.

I told you I’d be truthful. But of course, the reality is more complicated … those kinds of things do matter when you’re trying to protect an asset.

The right kind of partnerships can help you. You’ll be stronger if you take the time to build a business properly.

Most importantly, the right kind of legal planning can help your business grow.


I’ve mentioned a few times that we’re upgrading the Unconventional Guides shop. This has been long in the works. Unconventional Guides has served more than 10,000 customers in the past few years… yet we haven’t had any new products for many months. Finally, some new guides are getting ready to come out.

Why start with a legal guide? Because a lot of people are as clueless as me. The Unconventional Guide to Law and Order (written by Elizabeth Potts-Weinstein) will help them… and me.

This guide is worth a consultation with a lawyer, and you can keep it with you forever. That’s coming out next Monday, along with the only sale of the year that we do over here.

Also, A Note on Items for Sale

If you’ve joined AONC in the past few months, you probably haven’t noticed many pitches. That’s because we don’t have many pitches! Most content is free.

I’m thrilled to write for an amazing community all over the world. I don’t even ask readers to buy something to “support the site”—no need for that. If you want to support the site, you can tell other people about it. That’s far more important.

But if something can help you—like this upcoming guide—that’s when you should consider investing in it.

I’ll tell you more about it next week. This is a holiday week in the U.S., so I’ll wish you well and come back to you… soon.


*Also! We’re planning an all-new event specifically for small business owners and other independent entrepreneurs. More news on that will arrive next week as well.

Image: Thomas Hawk!

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