Hate Paying Taxes? It Could Be a Lot Worse: You Might Not Have to Pay Them


I do wish it were simpler. I was surprised last year to learn that I agreed with Donald Rumsfeld on something.

Part of it is my own fault: I keep starting new businesses and entities. I have a tax return for my career as an author, another for my entrepreneurial work, another for WDS, and another for the WDS Foundation (a separate organization). Who knows what else I’ll have next year!

Why can’t Amazon or Apple figure this out for the federal government? Imagine the possibilities.

But aside from the complexity and all the time it takes, I don’t object to the notion of paying taxes. I’ve been in too many poor countries that have no infrastructure and little law and order, largely because there is no tax base and no stable government.

If my house catches on fire, I don’t want to shop online for the best available market-driven firefighting company to come running. I don’t want an auction on emergency room services for the poor.

So even though I wish it were simpler, I’m grateful. Bring on those 1040s and Schedule Cs!


Image: J.D.

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