“Dream Trip” Course Starts Tomorrow: Join Us Live Online at 9am Pacific!

Hey everyone, just a quick reminder: tomorrow morning we kick off our new “Make Your Dream Trip a Reality” course on Creative Live. You can watch for free starting at 9am Pacific time.

Link: RSVP (It’s Free) and Join In Here

Yesterday we went to the studio for a production meeting with the whole team. This is a big undertaking, and a bunch of people have been working on it for weeks (okay, months).


Oh, and we even got a sneak-peek of our awesome set featuring a “travel hacking hot seat” with First Class seats borrowed from the Seattle Museum of Flight. Seriously, isn’t this pretty cool?


Every weekday for the next six weeks (!), we’ll release a short, action-packed lesson. We’ll be joined by a live audience here in Seattle for the whole filming process. The audience consists of people from a variety of backgrounds, including some who’ve been traveling for a long time and others who are totally new.

What It’s All About

Our goal is to help thousands of people turn their dream trip into a reality. In fact, we’re promising that everyone who participates in the course will be able to make their dream trip a reality very soon.

Stephanie, the course co-teacher, and I have done this many times ourselves, and the blog archives are filled with stories of readers who’ve also put these strategies to use.

OK, that’s it—hope to see you throughout the course! Watch live tomorrow!


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