“Working From the Road” Class Now Available


Last month’s low-cost travel hacking class filled up quickly, and I’ve had a lot of requests for another. This time, I’d like to do something different—the topic is: “Working from the Road: How to Make a Living While Seeing the World.”

If you’re interested, you can sign up here:

NOW SOLD OUT — Thanks for your interest.

–>“Working from the Road” Class

This class is for the hundreds of people who write in every week asking how they can get started with a career that allows them to travel.

For the past ten years, I’ve made my living while working from the road. The past five years have been even more nomadic: more than twenty countries a year, and now 163 out of 193 countries in the world.

The reality doesn’t always match the fantasy. I don’t work from the beach—most beaches do not provide WiFi, and it’s awkward when sand gets in your MacBook.

Yet, if you are determined and committed, you can make this happen. It’s not a fad or new craze… I’ve done it for ten years, and so have thousands of other people. You’ve probably heard some of their stories, but how does it actually work? That’s what this one-hour class is all about.

Everywhere I go, I work and I travel—the two are completely linked. Can you do it too? Maybe… but some careers are much easier than others. You have to make the right decisions in the beginning.

Our time together will include:

  • The truth on passive income (almost everything you’ve heard is wrong, one way or another)
  • Your 5-step plan to hit the road while still getting paid
  • Is it better to provide a service or create a product?
  • Different forms of work + different travel styles
  • What do you do about taxes, mail, and health insurance?
  • Non-Profit and For-Profit business building
  • How to volunteer around the world
  • To freelance or not to freelance
  • Answers to 40+ frequently asked questions (I talk fast)


Until it sells out, the price is just $29 and you’ll get a recording afterwards if you can’t make the live version. Join us?

NOW SOLD OUT — Thanks for your interest.

–>“Working from the Road” Class

– Chris

P.S. The service I use to host the class limits the number of attendees. Once we reach the cap, I’ll update this post and the offer will no longer be available. My apologies in advance if we can’t fit you in!


Image: Stephanie

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