Site Update: November-December 2009


This site update comes to you live from the Costa Del Sol in Southern Spain, where I’m on vacation and planning out the next year.


Each month I look back at what’s happened with AONC in the previous month (or two, in this case). If you’ve missed some articles, you can catch up here.


LIFE – I wrote about Motivations and Mountain Climbing, 676,358 Frequent Flyer Miles, Will People Abandon You If You Share an Opinion?, If They Hadn’t Been Pushed, They Would’ve Never Made the Leap, Nothing Hitler Did Was Illegal, Avoiding False Dichotomies, Why Not Try It All?, Watch and See, Charity Dinner and Auction in Portland

WORK – I wrote about launching the Frequent Flyer Master, Reviews of the Frequent Flyer Master, The Best $1.26 I Ever Made, Washington DC Meetup, 676,358 Frequent Flyer Miles, Disaster and Opportunity Interview with John Unger,

TRAVEL – I wrote about requesting my travel history from the U.S. Government, taking the Midnight Train to Tbilisi, Georgia, Technology and Travel, planning my trip to Azerbajan , Your Own Amazing Race

SITE AND STORE UPDATES – I wrote about Mondo Beyondo, did a giveaway for Unclutter Your Life, and Extreme Gratitude, DC Edition.

(P.S. Thanks to everyone who has been participating in the comments section on the Monday and Thursday articles. You guys are incredibly smart.)


After an extended book-writing time at home, I went back out on the road and headed to the Caucasus region in Eastern Europe. I flew into Azerbaijan, traveled via 15-hour Soviet train to Georgia, and exited the region about 10 days later from Armenia. It was a great trip, if a bit disorienting at times. (My Russian language skills consist of about five words.)

You can see photos and videos of my trips here. Drop in to take a look if you’re so inclined, and add me as a contact if you’re into the Flickr thing.

Small Business

On November 5th we launched the final product of the year, Frequent Flyer Master. This one has done very well, selling out the initial 150 copies the first morning, and continuing to sell multiple copies every day since. Even better than the sales are all the great notes I’ve been receiving from travelers who are super-sizing their mileage plans and booking free trips all over the world.

A few weeks later, we also launched the new site. This new business hub for AONC has been a work in progress for a long time, and I’m really excited that it’s finally up and running.

What’s Coming Next


While I’m away for much of December, I’ve been trying to plan my travel for the first half of 2010. To be honest, though, it’s been a little overwhelming. I know I’ll be in a lot of places as my travel quest continues to get more challenging; I just don’t know exactly when, where, or how I’ll get there. Expect a post about this process soon – for last year’s, go over here.

Small Business

I’m gearing up for several big announcements in the first part of the year. Among other things, the first online community group will begin in early January, followed by another one in March. Like the new business site, these projects have been in the planning stages for a long time, and I’m looking forward to having them out in the world.


This month I’ll write primarily about the Annual Review process, including several articles with my own analysis of what went well and what didn’t in 2009. I’ll publish other content on Twitter and perhaps some trip photos, but the review series will definitely be the highlight for December.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and I always welcome your feedback.

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