Awesome In-Flight Videos from the KLM Cockpit


Ever wonder how dozens of flights can safely cross the Atlantic at the same time, despite the fact that much of the journey includes no radar coverage?

How do the pilots communicate with Air Traffic Control, and what kind of instructions are they given?

Oh, and what’s the deal with autopilot—does it mean the pilots aren’t really in control?

I really enjoyed watching these in-flight cockpit videos from KLM flights from Amsterdam to London and Amsterdam to New York. Even if you’re not an airline geek like me, you may like them, too.



I fly a lot (understatement) and I’m something of an enthusiast. I collect amenity kits, I’m impressed by airline lavatories, I spend entire weeks flying around the world for no good reason other than the fact that I love traveling.

Still, there’s a ton I don’t know about the actual art of flying. A couple years ago I thought about getting some flight training (there’s a school near me that has good reviews), but I decided that it’s not really something I’d actually enjoy. Maybe I’ll change my mind at some point—for now, I’m happy to be an airline geek and a somewhat-informed passenger.

Happy travels!

Hat tip: Ben

Image: Doug


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