Do You Have a Side Hustle? Tell Us About It!

Side Hustle

Out of everything I wrote about it in Born for This, readers have responded the most to two things:

  1. “Winners never quit” is a lie. Winners actually quit all the time. They aren’t afraid to walk away from something that isn’t working to try something else.
  2. Not everyone should be a full-time entrepreneur, but everyone should learn to think entrepreneurially.

On the second point, one of the best ways to learn entrepreneurial skills is through a side hustle—a money-making project you work on apart from your job.

A side hustle isn’t a part-time job, it’s something you create that you have ownership over. It’s not a hobby; it’s something that produces income.

Since so many people are interested in this, I’ll be writing a lot more about it in the future. But I also know that many of you already have a side hustle … so if you’re in that group, I’d love to learn from you!

From The $100 Startup to World Domination Summit and many other projects, our community is often the source of helpful tools and resources. I want to tap into our existing, collective knowledge, so that we can help many other people.

—> Tell Us About Your Side Hustle 

If you have a side hustle, will you tell me about it? And will you share this link with someone you know who has a side hustle? We’d love to profile as many different kinds of stories as possible!


Image: Santi

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