A Few Things We Made

Travel Hacking Cartel

In 2010 I founded the Travel Hacking Cartel, a service that helps users earn at least 100,000 Frequent Flyer miles a year. If the complexities of travel hacking still seem overwhelming after reading this 5,000 word page, the Cartel will help by telling you exactly what to do each month.

More than 12,000 15,000 people have joined the Cartel in the past few years. Some have remained lifelong members and others have stayed for a year or two before moving on. [Get a 14-day trial for just $1.]

Upgrade Unlocked

Our new travel hacking guide, Upgrade Unlocked teaches you to use miles, points, and other unconventional strategies to see the world—no matter your budget.

With its different tiers of actions steps, Upgrade Unlocked can be a beginner travel hacker’s best friend, or a veteran hacker’s long-term companion. All the guess work has been taken out for you and boiled down into clear steps that help you turn your travel dreams into reality. [Get it here]

Frequent Flyer Master

If you don’t want to pay for an ongoing service (even as affordable as it is!), you could also pick up a detailed, comprehensive resource that goes into all of these topics in much more detail.

Regularly updated and serving thousands of readers since 2010, Frequent Flyer Master is a one-stop companion for becoming immersed in the world of travel hacking. [Get it here.]

Lastly, if applying for cards I appreciate you using my links on Cards for Travel. You certainly don’t have to, however. If you prefer to apply directly, just visit the main website for the issuer (Chase, AmEx, etc.) and search for the card from there.

Most Important Point

Don’t get lost in all these details.

The details will help you, but travel is about much more than miles. Travel can change your life for the better. It certainly did for me!

Travel is for adventure and discovery, and miles are for spending. I’ve been fortunate to visit every country in the world. Though I often fall short, I try to live with gratitude wherever I go.

I hope you’re able to have your own life-changing experiences through venturing beyond your comfort zone.

Happy travels!