Back to Basics

I began this site five years ago to help bring the childhood message up to adulthood application. Ignore those people jumping off the bridge. Make your own decisions. Live your own life.

Asking why? to everything like a three-year-old is helpful in making sure you don’t jump off the bridge. Whenever confronted by a request or obligation, ask the question:

“Why should I do that?”

When the answer comes back, “Just because,” or “Because that’s what everyone does,” you know you’re looking over the bridge again.

In any given day, you’ll confront this issue at least once. This fact is somewhat unavoidable. Whether you jump or not, however, is up to you.

The counsel you received at a young age was correct, even if the people giving it to you weren’t that great at following it themselves.

Why jump off the bridge just because other people do?

Thankfully, there’s a clear alternative.