“On the Road” Travel Interview

The goal of our “On the Road” series is to inspire readers to travel by learning from others in the community. Short answers for some of the questions are fine, but please approach it from the perspective of a reader who’s never met you: what would you most want to know about someone else’s experiences? Tell us those things about you. Give us the details!

Feel free to skip any questions that seem difficult, or answer some in a different way if you prefer. Don’t worry about promoting yourself—we’ll make sure that readers know where to find you. Note that we may lightly edit or shorten some of your responses to improve readability.

Lastly, please send us 3-4 high-res photos of you through Dropbox or email. “Active” or on-location shots are best, and if there’s a photo credit that should be included, let us know.

That’s it! Here are the questions. –>

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