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Since June 24, 2008, A Brief Guide to World Domination has been rocking the internet from our home base in Seattle.

**Please download the manifesto and post your feedback over here.**

Reviews from the Blogosphere

So far more than 40 150 400 bloggers have reviewed or cited the manifesto from all over the world. A few of my favorite contributions are:


Video Update

With some help from a videographer friend, we made the first video update to promote the launch. In this video I mention the upcoming trip to Mongolia and talk about the suggestion to get a “real job.”

Censored in Beijing?

I heard from a reader in China that the report has been blocked from download by the Chinese authorities. (Yeah, I was proud of that.) If you are in China and want a copy, let me know and I’ll send it to you via email.

Lost in Translation

A bunch of people have asked about translating the manifesto into their own language. If you want to do it, check with me to make sure no one else is doing it first.

Here is the Turkish version, courtesy of Alper Rozanes.

Here is the Japanese version, courtesy of Etsuko Tsukagoshi and Masafumi Matsumoto.

Here is the Italian version, courtesy of Gianni Davico.

Here is the Spanish version, courtesy of Silvana Cuoghi.

Here is the French version, courtesy of Eric Mérandon.

Here is the Chinese version, courtesy of Yu Si.

Here is the German version, courtesy of Ute Mündlein.

Amazon Kindle Version

While traveling through Thailand, an Amazon Kindle owner created a version that will work on the portable book reading gadget. Download it here. Thanks, Colin!


Not everyone is comfortable with new ideas. I wrote a lot about critics in the manifesto (p. 20-21) because all world-changers need to understand that there are people who will stop at nothing to bring you down.

Here is one of the more angst-ridden responses the manifesto has generated:

“I’d really love to see what Chris’s life is like when he’s too old to work. I hope all his memories of traveling the world and giving his money away comfort him when he’s eating dog food in a shared-living facility for the indigent.”

I have decided to frame that quote here in my home office and use it as a super-testimonial. Thank you, dog food guy, for making my case far better than I could on my own.

Image: John