Life on a Little Wooden Boat

David Welsford restored an old, 28-feet boat from a scrap heap and took it around the world:   “I think I understand money in my way, which is once you figure out how to make enough, then go and do the things that make you happy.” More about David and Lizzie Bell, his boat. ###

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How I Deal with Anxiety

Update: New post, two years later *** On any given day I’m anxious about any number of things. I don’t relax very well. I feel tense and unsettled at least a couple of times throughout the day. And I worry, because generally I think worry is good. Of course, not all worry is good, and…

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You Should Do What Makes You happy

I liked Seth Miller’s post about flying JetBlue on his birthday for no particular reason other than the fact that it made him happy. He boarded a plane, flew for an hour, and then turned around and went back. “It was a cheap flight. My round-trip fare was about $60 plus $10 for the MTA…

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Pessimism Is an Indulgence

Interviewer: “When it comes to human nature and human behavior, would you describe yourself as a pessimist?” “Pessimism has no function. It’s an indulgence of people who have little stamina to confront the challenges of modern life. And it’s a good way to rationalize their withdrawal from the great work of human beings, which is,…

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What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Anyone feeling overwhelmed? It happens. The worst thing about feeling overwhelmed is the anxiety. The second worst thing is not knowing what to do next. You can resolve both symptoms through a simple exercise. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure what action to take, the very best thing you can do is to go…

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Running In Your Mind

“They say there’s no harm in daydreaming, but there is.” -Charlaine Harris When I run, I wish I could say I was fully focused on my surroundings. I live within running distance of a waterfront with half a dozen bridges, a beautiful (although steep) inactive volcano, and if I go a bit further, several nice…

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Your Goals Are Too Small

1. I want you to think about something. Maybe you’re like me: coasting along, doing okay, not lacking for anything material. You have a good life. What else is there? Oh, that’s right: everything. At a certain point you have you ask yourself, am I playing a small game or a big one? Am I…

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Life Is for Spending

Someone wrote in to say he had earned more than 400,000 Frequent Flyer Miles from learning about travel hacking in the past few months.

"That's amazing!" I said. "Great work!"

He had a question on how to earn even more miles and points.

Well, we can talk about that, I told him. There are always new strategies to practice, new opportunities to pursue.

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What to Do About Those People Who Sidetracked Your Life

This article doesn’t have much to do with travel hacking or unconventional work. And in fact, it will only apply to a minority of the people who read it. If you’ve always had a great life and nothing truly unfair has ever happened to you, feel free to skip this one. There’s lots of other great reading out there elsewhere. But for the rest of you—this one goes out to everyone who has had terrible things happen to them that weren’t their fault.

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